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The Block – A Bit Of A Filler Episode

The Block looks pretty tough at anytime, but having a father seriously ill and dying must compound the stress. At time he must have felt like quitting. I felt very sorry for him.

Tonight was an episode where we saw the contestants go back to their normal life. Katrina was back in Wagga Wagga looking after the kids. She also revealed that during her time on the show her Crohns Disease was making her ill. The sisters implied no one knew she had it. I don’t know whether that included the producers of the show. She must have been in quite a lot of pain at times. She talks to on how it affected her.

Polly and Waz continued with their quest for sainthood with going back down to Melbourne to help out their builder Shiran and his wife Cheree who was ill. They also went and visited sick kids in hospital. I don’t think they performed any miracles…..yet.

The only couple not surrounded by tragedy were Josh and Jenna who continue to be mega focused and are renovating their own house. Clearly Josh and Keith have broken bread and they have hired Keith to help them.

Tomorrow night another challenge – but what will be the prize? $10,000 off their reserve price might get them motivated, but I doubt it will be that. Maybe a Corolla?



1 Carmen { 08.16.11 at 9:39 pm }

How adorable were josh and jenna’s dogs! They were so little!

2 AngelSN86 { 08.16.11 at 11:05 pm }

The challenge prize could be to pick the order of auctions on auction day. As in whether their place is 1st, 2nd, 3rd or last. Or another advertising prize.

So, I’m guessing Thursday night’s episode will be all about showing the open inspections then. I could not work out how they were going to fill another 3 eps before the auction on Sunday but if Wednesday night is a challenge and Friday has the usual block unlocked thing, then Thursday might be open inspections. I’m assuming the Block Unlocked eps will have the comments on the gardens and maybe some overall comments from the judges about the houses and which one they think will win.

I honestly believe that any of the houses has the potential to win, depending on the buyers. But I’m leaning towards Josh & Jenna or Rod & Tania. I think Josh and Jenna will get the highest sale price, but it will depend on how high their reserve price is as to whether they will get the win. They were the smarter ones to pick that house though, so hopefully they don’t get penalised too much for that. And the other houses have features that theirs doesn’t, like the fireplaces and city views etc so hopefully their reserve price isn’t too much higher. I think Katrina & Amie have over-customised their house and they’ve made too many structural changes that reduce flexibility. The backyard pit and the second room (the office set-up) are prime examples. Yes, they may appeal to some buyers, but I think they are more likely to turn off a lot of buyers. So they have really narrowed their market. Rod & Tania’s house has some elements that aren’t really functional for actually living in them. Like the shag carpet that will be hell to keep clean, the lack of storage in the bathroom along with the weird sink and the couch that is more for looks rather than comfort. Its not really a couch that you can lay back and watch telly on, or snuggle with your partner or kids.

3 sue { 08.17.11 at 6:56 am }

I think Josh & Jenna did the no storage thing in the bathrooms too- I seem to recall they had free standing style basins etc. Very unpractical, and that basin/sink Rod & Tania put in their bathroom was revolting- colour and function!! well, for me at least :)

4 some random { 08.17.11 at 10:55 am }

I found last nights ep quite heartwarming, rod talking about his dad, polly and waz going down to melbourne to help shiran and heartkids, and josh and jenna NOT, i repeat, NOT arguing! I actually didn’t like josh and jennas facade, i thought it was bland, imagine on a cloudy day, it would just fade right in to the skyline. Rod and Tanias was a little too dark maybe, and i just didn’t like Kat and Amie’s whole house (apart from living room). Now, polly and waz are my faves, and i am honestly not being biased by saying i thought their facade was the best, tiny house, but the front of their house looked really nice, not too dark, i liked the cream. Anyway, i do not believe J&J have a chance, their reserve price is about 150K more than all the rest, a bit much for only a couple more square metres and no city views. I’m bidding R&T for the win and P&W a close second, K&A will be last.