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The Block Finale – What An Anticlimax – Viewers Feel Ripped Off As Do The Couples

The people that are happy with the finale of The Block are Polly and Waz, because they won, and the real estate agents who are being investigated by Consumer Affair Victoria for underquoting, as that investigation has just come to a screeching halt.

There is a part of me that wishes none of the houses had met reserve as that would have really shown what a farce the finale was. However Polly and Waz will be popular winners. They won $100,000 after their property managed to get $15,000 above their $840,000 reserve.

Josh and Jenna only had one bid at $901,000 well below their $950,000 reserve.

Amie was right when she said “Well that was a waste of time” when their house was passed in $40,000 below reserve. Their property has now sold for $860,000 which means they don’t even make a dollar on the house.

Tania and Rod were all class when their house also failed to sell and was passed in for $832,000. They were genuinely pleased for Polly and Waz.

The Channel Nine press release said:

Nine Network Managing Director Jeffrey Browne, said: “I am not surprised at the auction results given the recent decline in the Melbourne property market.

But, these properties represent excellent value and I expect them all to be sold very soon. This is reality television at its most real.”

If the market has lowered, the reserve should have reflected that. Also how many genuine bidders were in the room? There was that girl with the spiv in the fuschia suit who was pretending they had over a million to spend, however they did not bid on any of them.

Do people who want to buy in the area get scared off by the crowds at the open houses or do they think the houses will go for too much?

Do two bedroom homes in Richmond go for over $800,000?

Viewers are feeling ripped off.

Congratulations to Polly and Waz, they are a nice couple, but really their house was probably the worst on The Block.

The whole finale was an anti-climax and I hope the producers learn a few lessons from it. However will they care they made a good profit for themselves from it, and the ratings were great. In fact Channel 9 and the producers are the winners of The Block.

Oh and I should add Josh and Jenna’s engagement was a farce as well. Josh proposes Jenna gasps “it is a Tiffany” which is a yes to the ring, but then in a later advertisement break, there is a a commercial for Woman’s Day with the couple on the cover announcing their engagement.

Considering the auction was last night, and the magazine had already gone to print….. very suspicious. Props to Jenna looking very surprised and managing a few tears.


1 rock2casbah { 08.23.11 at 5:51 am }

The proposal may not have been a fake surprise for Jenna, but it was staged for buyer and viewer empathy. It didn’t work.

J&J constantly plotted everything they said or did for maximum sell price on their home. Example;. giving retail prices on the objects they bought (if something is so rich we should be able to tell just by looking- not by you quoting the retail price of it). Or constantly quoting their size difference in terms of their property being the most valuable etc.,

So the proposal was another ploy that didn’t work. They are the last couple in the world who need to get married.

2 nittywitty { 08.23.11 at 10:28 am }

@ rock2casbah – re: valuations. The best improvement was not done by any of the couples. It was done by channel 9 when they gave house number 2 city views. The sisters had first choice but were they made aware of the second storey additions and the potential for house no.2 ?