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Germaine Greer To Be On Celebrity Apprentice

Germaine Greer, writer and feminist, will be on the Australian version of Celebrity Apprentice. Some people may think it is strange a ’70’s feminist icon would be on a reality TV show, but if the Dalai Lama goes on one why shouldn’t she?

Actually I think she is going to raise the issue of how women retire with much lower superannuation entitlements then men.  Clearly Germaine has been going on reality shows to highlight this issue and also to improve her retirement fund.

She has also been on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. However I think she may have walked out of the house. I look forward to the conversations between Germaine and Pauline Hanson who has also signed on for the show.

In news announced in The Sunday Telegraph the article said Polly Porter from The Block would also be in the cast. It appears people can make a career in reality TV shows in Australia. Polly who has been extremely popular in the current series of The Block will ensure fans will check out the show. Also her experience as a Project Manager will help her on Celebrity Apprentice.

My advice to her is watch all the US seasons of both Celebrity Apprentice and The Apprentice to work out some strategy before filming starts.

Other casting news for the show are former Hawthorn captain Shane Crawford, and Underbelly: Razor’s Lincoln Lewis.

Mark Latham, who I suggested on this blog, Peter Andre and Geoffrey Edelsten won’t be on the show.

Mark Bouris will be host, and it start filming in September to be seen on Channel Nine in 2012.


1 Cynical Cynthia { 08.23.11 at 6:58 pm }

One might also assume that Polly’s experience of being the daughter of a Channel 9 employee will also be of great benefit to her in this new series 😉

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