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The Block – And We Have A Winner …….Channel Nine

Never mind that Polly and Waz won The Block by default, as the three other houses passed in, Channel Nine are the big winners today with the show peaking nationally at 4.875 million.

This is the highest rating show this year on TV so far. This is also a win for reality TV. Unfortunately the episode was a let down, with viewers feeling ripped off.(See previous blog post here)

Katrina and Amie have now sold their house for $860,000 but since this is the reserve they get no money from the sale.

Now if anyone can explain the ratings to me much appreciated as I had recorded and watch the show just as The Block, however the press release for the ratings breaks the show down into three segments…

It says:

The emotion-charged finale of The Block – Winner Announced in which underdog couple Polly and Waz won Australia’s most popular renovation competition becomes the highest rating program of 2011. The Block – Winner Announced secured a massive average Total People audience of 4.380 million, with a peak of 4.875 million (5 City Metro & Regional combined).

Across the 5 City Metro, The Block – Winner Announced achieved an average audience of 3.089 million, with a mammoth peak of 3.428 million. In Sydney, it secured an average audience of 1.003 million, with a peak of 1.102 million. In Melbourne, it achieved an average audience of 1.006 million, with a peak of 1.091 million. In Brisbane, its average audience was 542,000, peaking at 615,000. In Adelaide, it secured an average of 276,000, with a peak of 324,000. In Perth, it attracted an average of 262,000, peaking at 294,000.

The Block – Auction, which saw just one of the three Richmond terrace houses sell in dramatic circumstances, achieved an average audience of 2.690 million (Total People, 5 City Metro) and a peak of 3.155 million.

In Sydney, The Block – Auction attracted an average audience of 833,000, with a peak of 959,000. In Melbourne, an average audience of 873,000 tuned in, with a peak of 1.024 million. In Brisbane, it secured an average audience of 496,000, with a peak of 591,000. In Adelaide, the average was 255,000, peaking at 297,000. In Perth, its average audience was 233,000, with a peak of 284,000.

The Block – Grand Final secured an average audience of 2.282 million (Total People, 5 City Metro), with a peak of 2.902 million.



1 MolksTVTalk { 08.22.11 at 1:14 pm }

The Winner Announced was the last 15min; the Auction was the 30min before that; the finale was the rest. Sneaky coding by Ch9.

2 Dutch Courage { 08.22.11 at 1:35 pm }

Ch 9 advertised last night as the ‘TV night of the year’ and it was crap. No point watching Ch 9 in the remaining 4 months.

3 nittywitty { 08.22.11 at 3:13 pm }

Don’t know if I was counted in that 4.875 million as I recorded it and have just finished watching it minus the ads and fillers.Most of the audience were bozos on ego trips. Channel 9 please take it to tender next year and only those who have put in tenders can attend the night when they are all read out for each home from lowest to highest. Then the audience will all be genuine buyers (plus families) and they will each have to choose one property. As much as the sisters annoyed me throughout the series, I take my hat off to Amie for her honesty. It must be gut wrenching to try and keep yourself composed in front of TV cameras. Anyway I won’t be watching all of it next year just the ”block unlocked” eps.

4 brain dead dave { 08.22.11 at 3:17 pm }

4.875 million blockflies can be wrong.

5 Jemma Grey { 08.22.11 at 9:16 pm }

I heard that the guy in the pink suit bought one of the properties after auction, so he probably picked up a bargain after playing a very cool hand. Nice work pink suit guy.

6 rock2casbah { 08.23.11 at 6:03 am }

The market is flat and these people were bargain hunting. Once the agent announced that Polly and Waz was the lowest reserve, that is why it received bids, buyers (mostly that investor Jeff) hoping to score a cheap bargain.

I hope people know that the buyers don’t know the reserve as proven by their suggestions of starting the bidding at 650 to 700k. So when Polly and Waz’s agent smartly slipped in that this was the lowest reserve meaning cheapest, the bargain hunting audience knew that was the best chance of scoring the cheapest buy.

These houses were probably going to corporate buyers who need relocation or temp executive housing. This is why another agent was quoting possible weekly rental prices.

7 Josh and Jenna Sell Their House On The Block | reality ravings { 08.24.11 at 2:43 pm }

[…] finale was a bit of a fizzer but it was the highest rated show on TV this year peaking at 4.875 million […]

8 HR { 08.25.11 at 2:18 am }

Wouldnt call them a winner…pretty sure a large percentage of that viewer-ship was sorely disappointed…the entire series was too dramatised for my taste with barely any renovations….just saw the ‘finale’ for the sole purpose of finishing what I had started…even then I was switching channels & doing a million other things…but wont be tuning in for next year…