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Farmer Wants A Wife – It Only Gets Interesting Once They Are On The Farm

Farmer Wants A Wife premiered tonight with a 90 minute speed dating episode, however the show only ever gets interesting once the girls hit the farms. Once they are out of their comfort zones then the fun begins.

Also after watching seven seasons of the show you would think I would know to press the extend recording button as it cut off before the end, so I did not get all the girls the farmers picked.

A girl was bitching on twitter that there were no hotties this year. But I thought most of the farmers were cute, a part from John, but he is 58, and a bit of an old 58 at that. Not like Jeff from The Amazing Race Australia who seemed like a youthful 60 year old when he was running around the world with his son Luke.

Below is a quick precis about the farmers and which girls they picked:

Farmer Kev is 33. He is an advertisment for wearing sun screen as he looks older then that. He has never been in love.Natalie asks why he is single? I don’t think he is going to admit to being an arsehole. He said he needed to open himself up more. He picked Fiona whose said one of her skills was skulling a bottle of cider. Meg was picked as was Megan the girl picked by Farmer Kev’s brother.

Farmer Trent says he has not been in love either. However he is only 24 so he has that as an excuse. He seems very sweet, and he also hinted that he was cashed up. He picked Lucy, Steph who rides cows, and he picked his sister’s choice Jenny. She looked much older than him.

Farmer John is the oldest contestant ever on the show. He is a widower. He doesn’t seem very charismatic. but he seem very nice, but what will be difficult for another woman is that he thinks his former wife was perfect. However it has been 14 years since she passed.  They showed only wedding photos of her, I wondered why there were no later ones of her.

He picked Alison, Tracey, and Belinda. Tracey was a bit shocked she was picked.

Farmer Frank is in the remote farmer, his farm is four hours west of Townsville. Apparently there is a women drought in his part of the world. He seems a bit dull, but the girls thought he was hot. He chose Peter, Jessica and Tenielle. He said he could not stop thinking about Tenielle.

Farmer Tim also lives in a town where there are not any single women. He is a volunteer fire fighter, and an amateur actor. He seemed very nice. Also I think he may have had a six pack.

Farmer Will was put into the show by his sister. He is a former professional rugby player. In his past he picked the land over his former girlfriend. Katie from Canberra did not realise he was a rugby player and not a league player when she did a cheerleaders impersonation.

Go to the website to check out the farmers.

Also the next episode is this Wednesday on Channel Nine at 7.00pm.



1 Anthony { 08.23.11 at 11:12 am }

Is Farmer Will really that tall? (I didn’t watch)

2 brandy { 08.23.11 at 12:44 pm }

He said last night on the show he was six foot seven. until he said that I had the impression the rest of the farmers were pigmies.

3 Jeb { 08.23.11 at 1:55 pm }

RR – you missed the best part. The giant dude (rugby player) picked one girl who is one to watch. She was the last girl he chose and it looked as if her life depended on it. Inevitably the tears came out when picked. And she got a bit of a glare from the other girl when he comforted her. A lot riding on that farm stay – will be competitive as.

It was funny seeing how confident Will was until the mystery girl came in. It was like you could see the WOAH! going off in his head. Credit to him though for getting some composure back because was literally stunning.

Always a great show for corniness. Cringe factor goes through the roof at times. But (as they keep saying) they’ve got a track record and all the farmers and girls are pretty explicit in how genuine they are.