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The X Factor To Commence Monday 29 August at 7.30pm On Seven

The X Factor with its new look judging panel will kick off on Channel Seven next Monday 29 August at 7.30pm.

For next week only it will air four nights a week as they get the auditions out of the way, then it should go to two nights a week.

Guy Sebastian, Ronan Keating and Luke Jacobz have all returned. However Natalie Bassingthwaite will replace Natalie Imbruglia on the judging panel, and Mel B formerly known as Scary Spice will replace Kyle Sandilands.

Kyle did not return as he had not realised what the word mentor actually meant, that is spending time with the contestants and coaching them. It was a bit different from his gig on Australia’s Got Talent where he just had to turn up to judge.

Regarding Natalie Imbruglia word never really emerged on whether she jumped or was pushed from the show.

Here are some quick thoughts on the upcoming series:

  • The sneak peek on the official website looks good, Ronan Keating says with the new age limit of 14 years, they might discover the next Miley Cyrus or Justin Beiber, personally I don’t find that a positive thing;
  • With the contestants Channel Seven are showcasing on the website, it appears the young attractive girls are in favour this year. Is this the demographic they want to win this year? Why not start a conspiracy theory even before the show has started;
  • Will Mel B give birth prior to the live shows? However looking at the promotional posters it would look like she already has. Channel Seven have brushed her baby bump out. OK I will confess I was the only person in a Australia who had not noticed;
  • Channel Seven will be hoping viewers will be wanting to embrace the talent genre again and improve the lower then expected ratings they received for the show last year. However this strategy of Seven’s has worked well this year of giving a show a second chance. My Kitchen Rules rated very highly indeed.
  • And the $64 million question will last year’s winner Altiyan Childs make an appearance on the show? I am guessing not, considering Guy Sebastian was quoted as saying Altyian had criticised the show. Also having a teenage girlfriend has not been  a positive media for the 36 year old.
The X Factor starts Monday 29 August at 7.30pm on Channel Seven. 

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1 brain dead dave { 08.23.11 at 11:17 am }

Altiyan won’t be back. Ronan said he was an “international superstar”…… and no one knows what the forklift happened to him.

The show will have 14 yr olds now? The X-ploit Factor.

I’ll need an extra bucket this year.