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Farmer Wants A Wife – Hay Is The Prop De Jour

I am starting to lose the love for Farmers Wants A Wife, as last night’s episodes seemed a bit drawn out, and the scenes were so predictably set up, yes I know that is reality TV, but last night it bugged me just because I had seen the formula in six previous series. There is always hay in the date scenes, just so the city folk know that they are actually on a farm, or sitting on a log overlooking a valley.

However the positives about this show is the people who go on the show are authentic, they genuinely want to meet a partner. There is no cash prize, and none have gone to change their career because of their time on the show. As a dating show it is successful.

This episode the girls each farmer picked arrived for their farmstays. They were then thrown in the “deep end” to show them what it was life was like on the farm. These scenarios were all completely made up.

Farmer Tim who lives in a town so small that when he went on Farmers they had to cancel the town play as they had no one to replace him with had a first date with Jacalyn.

she told him she like him. He was chuffed that she liked him, however he didn’t appear THAT enthusiastic.

Farmer Will who is a gazillion feet tall knows what it is like to have his heart broken, as he was dumped when he moved back to the farm. Was it the farm or was it because he moved back in with his mum?

Samantha Will’s otherwise known as the Lady in Red came early to meet Will’s mother who had picked her as a wild card for her son. Interesting his mother picked such a hottie for her son, normally mothers go for the sensible looking types.

Cathy one of the other ladies was not pleased about the early arrival of Samantha, she gritted her teeth as she asked “how long have you been here?”. Hopefully there might be a scrag fight between them. The third girl Eliza looks like she will stay out of any cat fights.

Farmer Will kicked off with getting his girls to sticking their arms up the cows backside, because this is standard daily farm chores – not.

Eliza scored the first date. He thought there was chemistry between them. Will is a bit of a charmer, however he looks older than 25 years of age. He must have had a short rugby career. Will and her walked up a track with their arms around each other, is this to try to get the viewers to think Eliza is in with a shot of finding love with him?

Farmer Kev picked Fiona, Meg, and Megan and immediately made them do some sheep herding. Megan and Fiona stayed in their dresses for this chore. Meg who was wearing jeans got the date with him, and she said she found him attractive.

Farmer Kev revealed he was different from the other farmers and said he had always dreamed of marrying a brunette.

Farmer Trent who is a sweetie  has a thing for blondes as he picked three of them, Stef, Jenny and Lucy. He gave them a gift bag for all of them. And yes I did notice the Cherry Ripe product placement, and it worked I wanted one.

However he did show his immaturity by taking the girls to a trough to ‘fix’ on the pretense of having a mud fight. The Farmers equivalent to jelly wrestling apparently.

He picked Jenny to have a date with as he likes that she is happy and always smiling. I wonder if he has a poster of Poh on his wall.

Farmer John the old bloke of the pack picked Alison, Belinda, and Tracey. Belinda scored the first date, after doing a stupid plaiting of a horses tail task.  When he asked her what she wanted in a guy she responded with “a decent person” which means not an arsehole. She has probably met a few in her time.

Farmer Frank picked Tenielle, Jess and Peta-Marie. He then made them do a tyre changing competition obviously no cows to stick hands up their clackers.

Tenielle won and she got to have dinner with Frank, with the other two girls cooking. However once they served he invited them to join them. Tenielle diplomatically said she didn’t mind, but this must be an indication he is not that into her.


1 Richard { 08.26.11 at 8:17 am }

I noticed the Cherry Ripe in the girl’s gift basket and thought nothing of it until another farmer had a chat with a girl near the dam – and he brought out a Cherry Ripe! Next ad break, I found out that they are a sponsor of the show. Now, I will be suspecting any brand I see on the show must be some form of sponsor product placement!

2 ExEssex { 08.26.11 at 2:48 pm }

I’m really dissapointed this year. I’ve watched every season and it just seems a bit lame this year. Also, what is with getting all this girls to do ‘farm chores’ and get rated for it. Is this The Apprentice or The Farmer wants A Wife? It seems really really contrived by the producers this season

3 Mark { 08.26.11 at 10:38 pm }

They’ve really lost the plot with this once great show. The product placement is so over the top. Not only do all the girls turn up in brand new Ford Territory SUVs, but all the farmers have been supplied with brand new Ford Ranger pickups (Ford sponsor).
The dead giveaway are the Victorian rego plates on every one of them, which looks a bit odd when the farms are in other states!
Then there’s the brand new RM Williams/Canterbury etc clothing, which make the farmers look like city slickers trying to look like farmers. Then there’s the Cherry Ripes etc. Just ridiculous.
The challenges, too, like the wheel changing competition, horse-grooming competition etc, I think the success of The Block has meant that every reality show on Nine how has to adopt the same formula.
The whole thing looks so scripted and contrived, so ‘Hollywood’, that it’s lost the candid charm and authenticity of the early shows. I won’t be tuning in again.

4 Tony { 08.30.11 at 3:05 pm }

Wow!! I thought it was just me who was thinking how over the top all this talk of Cherry Ripes, RM Williams etc. and how contrived the set ups were. I’m so happy to find this site.
My wife loves this show and in the guise of spending ‘quality’ time together I agreed to sit and watch it with her.
It is nearly becoming a hobby watching reality TV shows just to see through them and see how they are produced. Reminds me of Ben Elton’s book, “Chart Throb”

Please tell me that Belinda’s ‘shock’ farewell to Farmer John was not completely scripted. I can just see the director/producers saying, “Yeah, let’s see if we can bring the old boy to tears, he’s obviously fallen for Belinda already so let’s just remove her for a couple of episodes, that’ll be an interesting plot line ”
Don’t be too surprised if you see a ‘sudden’ return by Belinda in a later episode.