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The Renovators – Not Happy, Not Happy At All

Tonight’s The Renovators episode had some real tension in it, because a few of the favourites were up for the chop. Also tonight they changed the challenge from the guessing the value of a house, and playing adult lego with foam re-jigging the said property. It was a good change.

The stress test broken into two components. The first one was to make a pair of curtains. They needed to be hemmed, skim the floor and cover the entire window. The first six to finish were safe, the other three had to go into the elimination challenge.

I liked this challenge as it should have given an advantage to the females in the competition, as a lot of them have been more ‘boy’ ones like wallpapering and banging in nails.

Suzanne and Sam were confident as they could sew, others not so much.

Jason J thinks he wrecked the sewing machine and gave up. His team mate Kathy was having issues screwing in the screws and also had to go through to part two of the challenge.

Peter is quite the multi-skilled is there anything he can’t do? He was the first to finish his curtains. Suzanne and Sam were not far behind.

Lisa was battling out with Bob for the last safe spot and she just missed out. She cried again and said” I wonder what you have in store for me.” And it was her worse nightmare – the flatpack.

She was not happy as she has not done a flat pack. Where does she buy her furniture? This challenge was just up Jason J’s alley and he did not want to be beaten by the girls. After that quote I thought he was a goner. Kathy was first to finish, which was unfortunate as out of the three I would have been happy for her to go.

Lisa was motoring and just got her hand up before Jason, however screws and many washers were left off and Baz reluctantly had to tell her to keep going. But it was no use as Jason had done his correctly and he was through.

Sam looked like she wanted Lisa to get through even though Jason was a team mate. Jason broke down sobbing, the judges got teary, clearly Lisa was very popular with the other contestants. Also she was popular with the viewers, she gave us some great moments on the show. She was not afraid to show her emotions and had a really kooky but engaging personality.

It was really disappointing to see her go, and for the first time I was hoping there would be a second chance round so she could return to the competition.

Peter her team mate was sobbing as they had a close friendship

On leaving she said “It’s very sad to leave my team mates Bob and Peter. The relationship that Peter and I had in the team, that’s what all the teams need to have. If you can have that with the last surviving person then you are going be indestructible.

“I am so excited to have everything that’s special back. I am really looking forward to getting my beautiful children and my lovely husband back. My family are very proud of all of my efforts on the show.”

If they had had a fan favourite category she would win it.


1 Heléna { 08.26.11 at 12:20 am }

I was so impressed with Peter! he has so many skills! – and SO! devestated that Lisa left – I would not have missed Cathy, I don’t think I really like her, and like you said RR Lisa was obviously very well liked by the other contestants :(

2 JStar { 08.26.11 at 12:20 am }

Ditto RR. Thought the shake-up of the elimination challenge was better as it kept both the viewers and competitors on their toes. Will miss Lisa. I don’t know if she realised how absolutely hilarious some of her kooky sayings and behaviour were. She was Reality TV gold. I say, bring back some eliminated contestants as we need more entertaining contestants like Lisa on the screen!

On probably a more “disturbing” trend, most of the eliminated contestants thus far have been female with some of them being primarily designers. It makes me wonder whether, inadvertently or not, that the elimination challenges thus far favour those with a more construction/building background (i.e. most of the guys)? If there is a second season (no guarantee although the ratings are slowly creeping up) there should be more of a mix up on elimination challenges that requires a varied skill-set like we saw in this episode.

3 sue { 08.26.11 at 7:45 am }

I agree that is it very sad Lisa is gone. I would have been happy to see Kathy go- there is just something about her that I don’t like. & I also commented last night that the females are getting few and far between, and thought it may have been because of some of the challenges being geared more towards construction.

that said, they are on the show as “renovators” not just designers, so in theory they should have a few different skill sets.

I was not thrilled with the critical comments being directed towards the fibro house either-unnecessary, and a bit rude I thought. they were there to help- just help!!!!! It was bad enough that the blue team didn’t get a full contingent of helpers- then to have them criticise….hmph!!!!! :)

4 Sonia { 08.26.11 at 7:48 am }

Yeh was sad to see Lisa go but I am glad Bob is still there. I was cheering for him when he finished his curtains.

5 smauge { 08.26.11 at 7:58 am }

I’m sorry Lisa is gone but SO RELIEVED Stoner Jason is still in! I got a bit worried when he “broke the sewing machine” by losing the thread out of the needle.
One thing I won’t miss though is Lisa saying “This is an AB-SO-LUTE disaaaastah!”

6 Calliegirl { 08.26.11 at 9:20 am }

Not sure I will even be watching now that Lisa has gone – but then again, I will probably get sucked in….

7 Melly { 08.26.11 at 10:03 am }

Really good episode, devastated that Lisa is gone, she cracked me up, but the ep on a whole was full of the tension and emotion it has been needing. It’ll be interesting to see how the Orange team handles this now losing 2 members in a week. Hopefully they can remain strong.

And what was up with all the people knocking the fibro cottage? Geez thought that was nasty and unnecessary but then again I like the Navy boys so I am probably biased.

8 sue { 08.26.11 at 10:09 am }

Melly- totally agree with your comments re the blue team- go the blues !!! :) (only time I am allowed to say that, lol)

9 Laura { 08.26.11 at 1:17 pm }

It’s really mean I know, but my boyfriend calls Kathy “ugly Christie”. (He loves Christie.) Kind of true.

Anyway, I love love love the blue team and couldn’t stand the other teams being nasty about their renovations. Also I thought it was unfair that they only had half the group for the working bee.

Green team needs to be taken down a peg or two I think. Keenan is okay but Melissa is grating.

I didn’t realize how much I loved Lisa until last night. I’ll miss her spirit.

10 Susan { 08.26.11 at 1:25 pm }

Wow – missed the ep last night – pretty sad to hear Lisa has gone, she was definitely one of the reasons I watched the show – she just had such a good vibe.
Thinking Keenan & Michael are great eye candy!

11 Lebay { 08.26.11 at 1:41 pm }

I haven’t watched this ep yet, but I drove past the Weatherboard house today. I knew that I had seen it before, and it turns out its about 3 houses up from the primary school I attended. I was really impressed with the outside, especially that they have kept the beautiful windows.

12 Reality Raver { 08.26.11 at 1:46 pm }

Helena – I will be very surprised if Peter doesn’t make top 6.

Jstar and Sue – INteresting former contestant Tina told TV Week that it “wasn’t an even playing field” when it came to challenges. “Only tradies and toolies will last” she said. Maybe something they need to look at when it comes to season 2.

Sonia – Bob rocks I was a big fan of the orange team.

Smauge – LOL she did do that drawl. Agree Jason J is a lot of fun.

Calliegirl – it is getting good now we know the contestants better.

Melly – it was like they were nitpicking the work the fibro cottage guys were doing. Trying to say they were taking shortcuts and had not prepped the walls correctly.

Sue – Michael and Jarrad are lovely guys.

13 Reality Raver { 08.26.11 at 1:47 pm }

Lebay – Melissa thinks it will go for something like $700,000 I think. Or I could be over quoting. don’t investigate me Fair Trading.

14 smauge { 08.26.11 at 2:32 pm }

Sue – not a Collingwood supporter are you?
I’ll stop short of saying “go Blues” but I LOVE Michael and I think since he and Jarrod lost the other half of their team, they’ve been on fire.
Loving August too. The way he spoke about the blue team’s house was beautiful. Something special about him.


Drove past the shop the other night. Don’t know how far behind the show actually is, but we could see through a crack in the blocked out windows and August was there, so no elimination for him yet!

15 sue { 08.26.11 at 3:00 pm }

smauge- don’t even follow AFL, lol. No I am a QLD’er, hence the reference… but there aint a maroon team anyway, lol :)

16 Fiona { 08.26.11 at 4:47 pm }

I must admit to a tear in my eye when Lisa left, I was so hoping she would stay and it was awful to see Peter so upset and Jason feeling terrible for knocking her out. She was obviously very well liked and it was a toughie. I do like Jason though and do not begrudge him his place at all. I think a lot of Lisa’s input will stay with the half-done house as she had all her designs on the wall and colour selections done well in advance, so at least Peter can still use her input which is invaluable.
I agree about the comment of the number of designers that have gone, many of the man-heavy teams will have to lift their game to make their houses pretty.

17 Lebay { 08.26.11 at 8:42 pm }

It may well go for $700000. It is very close to a good primary school. Very close to a reasonable high school. Walking distance to Westfield Parramatta or Stockland Merrylands. Bus at the door. Has playing fields at the bottom of the street that the local firecrews use for touch footy (perv potential!) I also thought I may have seen the beginings of a pool in the yard, I will go back and have a look in a few days.

18 smauge { 08.29.11 at 7:20 am }

Queenslander was my second guess Sue – it was going to be one or the other with that Go Blues statement LOL!

19 sue { 08.29.11 at 7:37 am }

I am soooo happy the blues won again last nite- but I think it was an unfair race anyway, with the light blues having 4 people doing the bathroom, plus their 2 tilers, whereas blue and orange only had 2. They could have easily got light blue to just select 2 people to do the challenge!!! some serious tweaking of the rules required methinks!!!!

I find Peter’s attitude a bit grating at times, but that bathroom would have been stunning if finished!!! That and his kitchen the other day- great work and ideas.. :)

20 Reality Raver { 08.29.11 at 9:55 am }

Sue – Peter does come across as a bit arrogant at times. However I would hire him in a minute to renovate my house.

21 Heléna { 08.29.11 at 10:08 am }

I was surprised they picked an additional two for the light blue team, it did not seem fair at all especially if they had won, but they ended up not doing very much at all considering how many people they had working on their room

Peter looked like he would have preferrred to stay up himself and do the tiling rather than leave it to two other people :)

22 sue { 08.29.11 at 10:08 am }

Hey RR,

not sure how good he is on other areas of the house, but for any kitchen, bathrooms or tiling- I would have him in a nanosecond. :)