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Reality Tidbits – Friday Night Edition

The Woman’s Day interview with Josh from The Block about his engagement to Jenna. He apparently had talked about setting it up with producers for awhile.

Matt Newton has been trying to rehabilitate himself with a radio interview (a puff piece) with Kyle and Jackie O, however it would appear it is not working with managers saying he is still untouchable. I still think he should try to get on Celebrity Apprentice.

Here is an interview Kim from The Renovators gave to TV Week, she seemed to take the team tension in her stride, I note she didn’t want any of her team mates to win the show.

Reality Stars will not ever be given stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, personality if it is an honour system based on fame reality stars should be included. (Source: Woman’s Day)

If you want to know everything about the Kim Kardashian wedding buy Who Magazine they seem all over it. However TMZ has some audio tape which suggests E! producers were trying to manipulate some scenes a the wedding.

Interesting article on Basketballer Wives and how it “lowers the bar” for aspirational women. I agree with her arguement, however I think it is ironic she derides a show she is watching every episode of.

The biggest non-story of the year is the media hounding Natalie Bassingwaites ex-husband. Who cares they have been divorced for over a decade. Though I had not realised she had had work done. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

JWow from Jersey Shore has transformed since she was a child, she was slightly pudgy. (Source: Daily Mail)


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1 Heléna { 08.26.11 at 10:49 pm }

I’m not sure I remember Kim being solely responsible for the garden challenge :/ – may have to watch that one back :/

*comment suicide* regardless of what Matthew Newton has done I think he is an amazing talent and hope he does have a successful comeback