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Project Runway – The Final Three Were No Real Surprise

Sorry I  have been a bit lax with my Project Runway recaps, fortunately or unfortunately the free to air reality TV has been overwhelming over the past few months.

However I will make some quick comments about the final three.  It was no surprise that Johnny, Craig and Dylan made the final three as they have been consistently the stand out performers of the show. Johnny is a real talent who I think Craig is a tad jealous of.

He keeps on say Johnny is a favourite of the judges and the one to beat.

I was upset for Nerida that she choked so badly on her haute couture dress. I am sure her former teachers were also choking as she announced she did not know what haute couture was. Clearly not on the fashion school curriculum anymore. Dylan was criticised for recycling ideas but he got through.

For people thinking of going on a reality TV show, take note of Matcho Suba whose personality and european extravaganza mantra got him through to the top five.  His designs were appalling. He single handedly was trying to bring chiffon back into vogue. He only did two decent designs the whole time he was on the show. One was in the retro challenge when he was paired with Craig, and the other was the resort wear challenge.

Anyway he will be the only one remembers from Season Three Project Runway.


1 Heléna { 08.30.11 at 2:09 pm }

I’m so excited for Dylan! and looking forward to the final :)
based on the designs so far I imagine Johnny will win

I thought Craig was going to choke when he didn’t win the final couture challenge – he looked so shocked

2 Reality Raver { 08.30.11 at 2:19 pm }

Helena – But Craig’s ready to wear dress was a shocker. Whereas Johnny’s over all were better. Loving Kirrily Johnson

3 Heléna { 08.30.11 at 2:50 pm }

agreed RR – Johnny deserved the win – Craig though may not have thought so

it was impressive how much work Craig managed to do on the couture dress in the time they had

4 Moo { 08.30.11 at 3:40 pm }

I don’t know why, but there’s nothing about this season of Project Runway Australia that makes it memorable really.

The lack of strong personalities (Matcho was the ONE exception) hurt the show somewhat I think. I’m surprised at how Dylan and especially Johnny – two young flamboyant gay men – are so devoid of personality, especially in comparison to Anthony from last season. In fact, I’m sure the only reason they kept Matcho in for so long was because there was literally nobody else in the competition that made the show exciting for the viewers to watch. His designs sucked from Day 1.

I liked Nerida but I really think she was out of her depth in this competition. Same with Rachel. Both of them just graduated from fashion college, so it was pretty clear from the start that they weren’t going to keep up with the Johnny/Dylan/Craig triopoly.

I can’t stand Craig at all – he’s so cocky. All he does is bitch about every other contestant behind their backs and acts like an angel to their faces. Out of the three, I want Dylan to win, but I’m pretty sure Johnny will take the title out.

5 Block Fan { 08.30.11 at 3:46 pm }

Nerida was out for her depth and over confident. I think the right 3 are left . Craigs face was priceless when he didn’t win! I think Craig has superior construction to the others but he keeps dropping back into conservative. Dylan is starting to bore me…Johnny is the wildcard who might take it out- if he can focus and get his time management under control – he farts around then panics all the time. Looking forward to the final collections. Agree with Moo- this season might be watchable but its not that memorable.

6 bella vita { 08.31.11 at 12:52 am }

this is the most boring series ever (and I’ve watched them all)

Bring back a little more unscripted banter (everything is over rehearsed this season) especially Alex Perry, who I find is now just a media whore. It seems all this show has done is promo’d both him and Megan in other avenues they showcase.

Matcho was hilarious…and I think although his designs were laughable…he clearly had some kind of talent…
They scraped the bottom of the barrel with Rachel, Nerida and Claire in terms of talent and personality.

Noone will remember who wins this series.