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The Renovators – The Judges See The Light

When is a mullet not a mullet? Obviously when hip light designer Marc Pascall has one. Seriously the hair was bad and NOT cool and on anyone else you would have to call it boganesque. As was the fact he had not bothered to shave for his TV appearance. Maybe I just don’t get the creative community.

It was an interesting challenge where the teams had to design a light that would fit in with the “Indian Raj” style of The Victoria Room in Sydney. However there was a twist they all had to design one in different materials, and that was drawn randomly.

As usual some people got the better material then others. Melissa and Keenan, who was looking right sexy with his glasses on, pulled glass. Cue flashbacks to the art deco coffee table that fell apart. Again they had the same issue of heavy glass not sticking.

Jason J who is an interior designer and well as a lighting designer got cane and wood. The highlight of the episode was when they hung their design in the bar, and the exchange that ensued between Jason J and Robyn Holt about the height it should be hanging at. Jason disagreed at Robyn’s suggestion the light should be hung lower. Robyn had a cats meow face that he dared to disagree with her design aesthetic.

They were now never going to have a chance of winning, which was unfortunate for them as it was a nice design.

The grey team (Marrickville shop) led by Christie did a beautiful paper designed light fitting. Peter Ho queried whether it was “indian raj”, however non-bogan mullet man, said it reminded him of pearls so reminded him of Indian Raj. Long bow?

The beige team won with a beaded chandelier which was very glamorous, and props must go to Suzanne who designed and executed the concept. They won a working bee.

The green team of Melissa and Keenan were struggling and looked like they would not finish. Keenan was doing most of the practical stuff, whilst Melissa looked on oversighting or moaning. In the end they had to do the majority of their light with a purple acrylic which meant they had not showcased the glass and this put them in tonight’s elimination challenge.

The orange team of Bob and Peter were also put in the elimination challenge, as the depth of their light fitting which was material was not deemed to be long enough. Peter was giving his death stare to no one in particular and he looked pissed off. Bob took the blame as he said it had been deeper but he had changed it. There was going to be fear and loathing from Peter to Bob after the cameras stopped rolling.

One thing I wish The Renovators had picked up from Masterchef is footage of the contestants in the place they are living. I think with all the different personalities there would have been some great footage of the cliques that have formed and also the tension between certain contestants.


1 Sonia { 09.01.11 at 1:29 pm }

Jeez there can be some wanky comments from the judges and I am so over the use of the word hero. It can be really cringeworthy. Yeh Peter was not impressed. I dont think a bit more depth would have made that a much better light. Glad Nathan and Suzanne won the working B. They really need it

2 par3182 { 09.01.11 at 1:35 pm }

The Green and Orange teams have really taken a battering over the past week. Anyone but Keenan for the elimination!

Did I miss a visit to the Victoria Room or am I not well versed in over the top cluttered bars? All the contestants seemed very familiar with it, judging by their reactions to the challenge.

Stoner Jason was spasming with irritation with Robyn.

3 Dutch Courage { 09.01.11 at 1:43 pm }

I am happy for Nathan and Suzanne that they won the working bee although Nathan did not look too interested and his contribution was minimal. Personally I really liked the light created by the grey team. Maybe they can use it in the shop somehow.
I am a big fan of the navy blue team but i thought their light was crap and I would have found it totally acceptable if they were one of the bottom 2 teams in last nights challenge. Are the judges a bit biased towards the navy blue guys?
Robyn looked damn sexy last night and no surprise that she is still leading the ‘most shaggable female’ poll! She blended in better with the other stuff in the Victoria room than most of the lights that were created last night.

4 Susan { 09.01.11 at 1:45 pm }

Agree with you RR – I have been thinking about where are they all living……
Wow, Peter looked like he was gonna spit it big time when they were judged in the bottom two – I actually thought their’s was horrible, whether short or long (“deep!”) …………..
God, how much did Melissa moan in this challenge, what a stress head!

5 Culinary Boner { 09.01.11 at 1:51 pm }

the hero last night was the homage to Snake Plissken with that mullet side-burn combo…pity he forgot the eye patch

6 Marepoppin { 09.01.11 at 1:58 pm }

You could tell the navy blue boys weren’t going to be top or bottom cos they got hardly any screen time at all. No dramas and jarrod did all the talking. Dud ep on that account. Missed my Michael moments :)

7 JJ { 09.01.11 at 2:22 pm }

Thought the right light one – Even if Suzanne is rather grating, did love the exchange between the team and Brendan when they took their time leaving the room after presenting.

Didnt think i’d like the Paper light but actually thought it looked brilliant when the light turned on – Had a very sea creature feel to it.

Correct bottom four i think – Orange teams light brought the fug, and Greens (as much as i like Keenan) didnt suit the room at all.

8 Picnic { 09.01.11 at 3:26 pm }

JJ – I too was glad they left in the bit where the khaki team didnt know to leave
Peter had the best “I’m so mad I want to slap you” face – thought their light looked bad – any length
I wanted more vision of the shocker mullet – couldnt take my eyes off it, we had to pause live TV to fully appreciate the horror of it
Loved the grey teams light – the should totally put it in their shop
Dutch Courage – Robyn did sex it up last night – I think she had a premonition about RR’s poll and wants to win, she is fantastic for her age

9 Melly { 09.01.11 at 3:39 pm }

What boggles my mind about this whole show is that Jason J or “Stoner Jason” is an interior designer! That still just blows my mind.

Robin actually looked fashionable last night! Maybe she was trying to impress the dude with the dead fox on his head?

Right team won, right teams in the bottom as much I love the Orange team and Keenan, their lights were just horrible. Hopefully Melissa goes!

10 Dutch Courage { 09.01.11 at 3:42 pm }

Picnic, what’s Robyn’s age?
For the record: I was NOT serious when I said that ‘she looked damn sexy last night’. Since I made that comment she got a few more votes though.
Based on this result it is obvious that Peter Ho is going to win the ‘male’ version of this poll (unless RR can do some work in the background to get Keenan on top).

11 Buzz { 09.01.11 at 4:09 pm }

I thought the orange team delivered an homage to the 80’s … the scrunchie light.
Wonder how Keenan is handling having Melissa as a deadweight … oops I mean partner.
Saw bazza ‘silver fox’ Dubois at GGs cafe this morning.
Peter ‘crazy eyes’ made full use of his optics last night! Brendan ‘bill Cosby cardie’ tried to call him on it.

12 Culinary Boner { 09.01.11 at 4:14 pm }

I reckon Robyn’s rating highly in the poll because she could give you some smashing decor tips for the fancifying the ceiling whilst doing the deed

13 Dutch Courage { 09.01.11 at 4:22 pm }

Culinary Boner, if that was the case you would not be the ‘hero’ in that room.

14 Culinary Boner { 09.01.11 at 4:40 pm }

DC, hahaha, no, sadly I’d be eclipsed by the rose on the ceiling and the lampshade in the corner. Wonder though if she’d take a peak at the mirrored doors on the built ins?

15 Dutch Courage { 09.01.11 at 4:48 pm }

CB, i guess that will depend on whether she is wearing these crook glasses or not…

16 Culinary Boner { 09.01.11 at 4:52 pm }

Yeah, Aussie tele hasn’t seen glasses like that since Seven stopped repeating the Two Ronnies in early 80s

17 Georgie { 09.01.11 at 5:32 pm }

LMAO – you guys are soooo funny. Melly’s ‘dead fox’; Buzz’s ‘scrunchie’; and the whole exchange between Culinary Boner and Dutch Courage. Like I said a couple of weeks ago, this blog is much better than the reality shows.
Agree with Sonia on the ‘hero’ – I get the same cringes when someone says ‘enjoy’. I just want to scream “what”.
Maybe a homo-graft of Marc Pascall’s ‘dead fox’ and Peter Ho’s ‘wish-kers’ would catch on.

18 Reality Raver { 09.01.11 at 5:34 pm }

Dutch Courage – over on Facebook I had a complaint about my poll being sexist. I explained why it was on there.

What about next week’s poll I put Keenan with glasses, and Keenan without glasses as that should split the vote to give the other guys a shot.

Buzz – LOL re: the scrungie

CB – I think she would have to have a certain design aesthetic as foreplay to the foreplay.

Melly – it DID look like a fox tail you are right. Maybe the dead animal theme was his way of dressing up for the Indian Raj theme.

Sonia – hoping Melissa goes tonight not Peter

Susan – I think there would be interesting footage.

Par3182 – here is the link to the Vic Room
It is a beautiful room.

Picnic – I reckon Robyn is going to use the outcome of this poll to try and get a pay rise for season two.

JJ – The navy blue teams wasn’t anything spectacular and not sure where it fit with the Indian Raj theme.

marepoppin – The renovators taking the masterchef editing technique?

Sonia – They do need the working bee

19 kingfisher { 09.01.11 at 5:41 pm }

ROBYN SEXY AHHHH!!!! run for the hills, do you guys have robyn’s tilt glasses on or something . i would have like to have seen the bust up between the light blue team and robyn , boy she was pissed and you guys call that SEXY? EEEEKS . that light that the beige team made LOVE IT !!! now for christ’s sakes the beige team will get some bloody work done . peter’s face GOLD with that ” you are bloody sh.tting me ” look when his team was announced they were in the bottom 2 . i really like this show there’s abit in it for everyone but please get new judges next year these 4 are duds , we want more crititical remarks and less fawning over every creation or repairs .

20 Georgie { 09.01.11 at 6:31 pm }

RR – I don’t see how anyone could take offense at the voting system. It’s anonymous, both genders get an opportunity to strut their stuff and no matter your lean you can vote. Maybe another button on the voting ticket – ‘none of the above’ would solve the problem.

21 Marepoppin { 09.01.11 at 7:01 pm }

Kingfisher I really like the judging style! I like that the judges are supportive and honest and don’t trash talk or be rude just because they can. I thought baz was a bit of a no-goer but after finding out the extent of his illness I really admire him. The rest are interchangeable, I’m just saying I like the style (not so much a comment on the personalities)

22 Dutch Courage { 09.01.11 at 7:27 pm }

RR, how did you justify this poll on facebook? I’m glad you put it on. Who would have thought that Robyn is considered to be such a hottie? The conspiracy theory tells me that Robyn’s votes come from females who don’t want any of the real hotties to win.
I predict that Peter Ho will win next week’s poll. Lots of woman must be very attracted to this little ‘tickle me crazy’ feature under his chin.

23 Mama'sMilk { 09.01.11 at 9:19 pm }

Marepoppin: Baz and “extent of illness”?? Huh? what did I miss?

I agree with you that I like the supportive judging … always enjoy listening to Brendon’s “the team who didn’t quite fulfill their potential” statements (yeah, Brendon, the loser, we get it)

I actually didn’t like the chandelier much; personal taste I guess. I agree that Navy Blue Boys were lucky that others screwed up more. They dodged a bullet.

24 Laura { 09.01.11 at 9:23 pm }

Hah I wondered why Jason J was so crap at tradie stuff… I didn’t realise he was an interior designer!

Wonder whether they will let whoever is left alone in their team tonight pick another member from another team again. Considering that there will be 3 teams of 2, I assume they would have to choose from the other teams only (grey, light blue) because otherwise it would defeat the purpose of evening out the competition.

25 Marepoppin { 09.01.11 at 9:26 pm }

Mama’sMilk: baz has a very aggressive form of bone cancer that ate away at the atlas (first cervical vertebra that connects your skull to your spine) and had radical surgery that removed the tumour (and what was left of the bone) and radiotherapy. His skull is attached by brackets and muscle now, basically. Very restricted movement of the head and neck and apparently he’s not cured, he’ll live with his cancer until he dies. He’s a champ, the way he didn’t let it beat him. Like i said, I admire him completely

26 Picnic { 09.02.11 at 10:57 am }

Dutch Courage – I don’t actually know how old Robyn Holt is, googgled her to try and find out and couldn’t – I was basing my comment from when they made the garden which was inspired by a garden in her youth – Baz said it was in the 50’s. She did look her best in the black suit and white shirt that night, but I was also trying to be funny, hence the comment about her having a premonition about RR’s poll (BTW RR, if she does get a pay rise following your poll I think she should toss a bonus your way!)

27 Culinary Boner { 09.02.11 at 11:43 am }

I reckon Robyn would ‘go off’ – much like I reckon Julie Goodwin would*. That’s gotta count for something hasn’t it? And as I sail ungraciously through middle age the idea that your bonk buddy is gonna to put a bit of minge into it sorta has some appeal over the other window dressing aspects.

On this basis I declare Raver’s poll 110% legit.

Guess there’ll be less bitchin’ when she gets back to polling whether Manu would be a better shag than Curtis or whatever other nonsensical fantasies moisten the female readers here. #Now where did I put me Robert Crumb comics? #

* I grant though that Julie, as opposed to Robyn, dresses like Bob Ellis

28 Culinary Boner { 09.02.11 at 2:02 pm }

“His skull is attached by brackets”…thanks Marepoppin…

Well, who’d’ve thought it – RoboBarry:- “D’yah feel lucky punk…Make my deck.”

29 Mama'sMilk { 09.04.11 at 9:00 pm }

Thanks Marepoppins. As a “bone doctor” I can’t believe I didn’t know this. And now of course I want to see his MRI scans….