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The X Factor – Some Genuine Talent This Episode

It is a good thing Paige Elliot Phoenix the female to male transgender is in the over 25’s category as you can imagine the bollocks online that could erupt with people saying he should be competing in the female category etc etc. Paige had a pretty hot American girlfriend too. He did a pleasant rendition of a U2 song, and had a great back story so of course he got through to bootcamp. I will be surprised if he gets through to the live concerts. Which is a pity as there was something really likeable about him.

It is a pity the judges did not handle Antonio Snedden with the sensitivity which they gave Paige.  He  was always going to be a joke contestant when he said he was going to be singing one of Ronan Keating’s songs. He blew it, but did the judges really need to laugh at him?

Cleo Howman who was 25 and looked 16 needs to ditch the Zoran the stoner boyfriend. He missed the train and she was clearly obsessing about it. She also said he also helped her pick the song and Ronan after the audition said she had picked the wrong song for her voice. She just scraped into bootcamp.  Also when Zoran the liability eventually turned up she was on the stage. Oh and he had a loser moustache.

Pete Murphy was 35 year old professional performer who after a bad year decided to audition. Bad year being stabbed in the head. He worked with Natalie Bassingthwaite in Rent. This meant he was always going to go through to boot camp. Unfair? Yes. Did he deserve to get through? Yes.

Agree with Mel B that he looked hot. Hope he is straight as the old ducks need a bit of eye candy this year. However he needs to ditch the mini mohawk which appears to be a signature look on the over 30 guys auditioning this year. In fact the other mohawk guy the 41 year old cleaner who we saw in a previous audition will have the shits that he got through on that over the top audition. He had been criticised for playing to the audience and had not got through but  of hamming it up to the audience when he was criticised for just that, but the judges had no problems with Pete’s audition.

William  Singe who was 18 had a great voice and was through. Another young ‘un Rob Baron also got through but I thought he wasn’t so hot singing wise.

Zaachariaha Fielding was a highlight, he is from a remote community of 350 people, something Mel B looked a little shocked by. His rendition of Revolution by Tracey Chapman was fantastic. The judges gushed and he was in.

Xenogene Gray a former Beauty and The Geek contestant turned up to audition, I suspect it was a joke audition. However did anyone recognise the lady in the black dress with one sleeve sing Walking on Sunshine. She looked vaguely familiar and quite devastated when she didn’t get through.

Straight UP were a male/female duet. They were one of the best acts all week, but what was with Jade’s tshirt tucked up into a midriff top. Ronan thought they could sell records all around the world. However he did say that about Altiyan last year.

I loved the way the judges all didn’t want to be the mentor to the over 25’s group. I bet Guy Sebastian gets it, with Ronan getting groups, Nat B getting the under 25 boys, and Mel B the under 25 girls. All of that is just a wild guess. Which groups do you think the mentors will get?


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1 some random { 09.02.11 at 5:42 pm }

Guy sebastian- under 25 guys
Ronan keating- groups
Nat b-over 25’s
Mel b-under 25 girls