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The Renovators – Sometimes The Show Does Seem A Bit Unfair

Peter from the half-renovated house got ticked off by Baz Dubois about not supervising the damp tradie properly as he had not fixed the leaking down pipe as allegedly requested.

I was surprised Peter did not turn to him and tell Baz that he couldn’t supervise the damp tradie closely as he was always at The Renovators warehouse doing challenges.

Also why isn’t Peter been given another team mate? Is he going to get one? Nathan from the Sixties suburban received a teammate when he when he was the only one.

It makes it very unfair in both the renovating and the challenges, as it is hard to win the prizes if you are doing them by yourself.

Another thing that it is quite arbitrary who gets picked to win or lose on house inspection day.

It appears to always be the house with the most physically done to it. However in some weeks renovating  did occur but there was just no huge impact or wow factor, hence you have no chance of winning.  Barry is just impressed if there are tradies on the site. But seriously how can you get them working when the cameras turn up.

Also the light blue team were protected for a few weeks as they were unable to do much work due to the DA not coming through on the house. They should have been because it was not their fault, but it has now left them with a team of four and the other teams reduced to two, three and one.

The Fibro shack boys had bought plants to try and give an extra wow factor, but were criticised as they could not be planted yet and Brendan Moar said they would die.

Brendan asked if they had bought them because he had been coming out, the boys denied this. They navy blue team had also put up the extension frames themselves in the morning. Those boys are machines.

The Inner City Terrace were in a whole lot of pain again as they had to stop work on the extension as there was possibility of structural damage to the next door neighbours wall. An engineer came and suggested a solution.

No renovating show will ever buy a house in the inner city again. Will they even finish?

Kathy who I think was trying to talk the team up by saying they maybe able to buy a patch of land at the back of the property. However Baz queried why they had not been negotiating this while they were waiting for the DA to come through.

The Sixties suburbans had their extension put on and the judges were wowed. It looked good but what actual work had Nathan and Suzanne done that week?

Marrickville Shop had concreting done, and also they had changed the shop front. However they had done enough to be safe. I had a stickybeak at the house today it does not look that big.

The Parramatta wooden house’s extension had been put up as well. Barry was still concerned about the trench at the side. Keenan was also doing polished concrete floors. I was confused whether the concreting job was a good or bad job.

Fibro cottage and Sixties suburban were the top two teams this week with team khaki winning. They won two tradies for two days. The bonus prize was the power to pick which room that has to be fully completed by the next inspection day. They chose a bedroom.

Inner city errace landed in the elimination round. Kathy was not going to be Miss Popularity when the cameras stopped rolling as the reason they landed there was they had done nothing to acquire the patch of land at the end of their block. I also suspect they want to even the team numbers up a bit.


1 Anthony { 09.05.11 at 11:02 pm }

Yeah I agree… The show needs to be stricter with consistency. And needs to be fair. Just because we watch reality TV, doesn’t mean we’re stupid! We’re far from stupid!

2 Melly { 09.05.11 at 11:11 pm }

I have a feeling that Pete hasn’t got a team mate yet, because they are further along in the competition now, when Nathan got one they were only 3 or 4 weeks into it. Still doesn’t make it really fair, but I think that might be why.

I wanted to slap Baz when he had a go at him about that drain pipe! 1) he is on his own now so he has to do work as well, and can’t waste time watching over the plumber doing his job and 2) they are at the warehouse like 6 days a week! Sure he probably should have checked to see if it had been done, but when you are on your own things slip through the cracks.

Ooooh – Kathy is going to be hated by her team mates for opening her mouth, she obviously thought it would sound good, but what sounds good to you doesn’t always sound good to the judges.

I am way too into this show.

3 GHarris { 09.06.11 at 12:07 am }

Loving all the random shots of Keenan he seems to be getting alot more screen time lately :) it is pretty unfair how they judge the houses but it’s sort of hard because how do you judge something like that? I really think Peter should be eliminated he really hasn’t done much this week, and the green team were up for elimination when they didn’t do what Barry said to do the week after he said it, and Barry has been telling Peter to fix the pipe for ages, but maybe I’m just bias cause I really don’t like Peter. I’m hoping Kathy for the elimination she’s annoyed me since I first saw her, Although if she goes we won’t get to see the tension between her and the rest of the team for getting them into an elimination.

4 Jack O'Reilly { 09.06.11 at 12:36 am }

I find it really strange that they would pick out a petty mistake like that (not negotiating for the patch of land much earlier) as a reason to go into elimination.

It just doesn’t make sense. From what I gathered, the Sky Blue team had not even decided to really buy the land – then why would they go into elimination? It’s not as if there hadn’t been a lot of progress going there, considering they just got their permit not too long ago.

I deeply, deeply suspect they were trying to find an error, nevermind how small it is, as a pretext to even the teams a little bit. Cunning, I know. Should’ve given a lot of thoughts into the format first and foremost.

5 par3182 { 09.06.11 at 12:51 am }

It looked good but what actual work had Nathan and Suzanne done that week?

When the contestants are as surprised as the judges at the amount of work done something’s wrong with the way the show works. Khaki and Green teams both seemed gobsmacked at their renovations. Maybe the show should be called The Project Managers.

I do love how the contestants look like guilty school kids when the judges are on site.

6 Mama'sMilk { 09.06.11 at 9:42 am }

Agree with the guilty school kids comment. Last night’s episode gave me flashbacks to being a junior doctor on a surgical ward round – you spend your life trying to sound like you have everything under control but then the boss comes round and just has this way of honing in on your one weak point ” Peter, did you SEE the plumber connect up that downpipe?” … honestly I came out in a cold sweat remembering all the times I was squirming saying that I was pretty sure that the xray had been done but hadn’t physically seen them do it…

I’m also annoyed about the continued talk about “doing the difficult stuff and not just the easy things” … that’s fine to say but then the judges come round and seem to be overly swayed by the easy “wow” items and don’t seem to value fiddly but essential things. No wonder the teams keep looking for easy jobs to make impact.

I wish Jarrod had just turned around and said “yes Brendon, I bought the plants to show you we were thinking about the garden … yes a few might die but that’s cheaper than losing a player to an elimination”

Peter’s face when he heard it was going to be a bedroom – its like he realised that he wasn’t going to sleep this week. Hope this challenge doesn’t send him over the edge. At least he appears to be doing some work on his house (as opposed to the light blue’s who so far seem to have demo’d the whole house and put up one beam … actually how on earth are they going to do a bedroom? A tent??)

7 Fides { 09.06.11 at 10:03 am }

If Kathy hadn’t made that comment about trying to acquire the patch of land, I wonder who would have been up for elimination, or what other reasons they would have given for the sky blue team to get the chop.

But wouldn’t it be funny if Kathy won this whole shebang? I find her the blandest, but most irritating contestant ever.

8 Mel { 09.06.11 at 10:37 am }

I think the sky blue team being up for elimination is partly because they want to even up the team numbers and partly because the judges believe that they’ve made a costly mistake.

Kathy probably thinks that looking into acquiring that small piece of land was proactive when really it could have been something they could have been thinking about when they were twiddling their thumbs for all those weeks waiting for the DA. The property is situated in a location where land equals money so I can see the judge’s logic in that this is a mistake that will affect the value of their property.

Personally, I’ll be very happy if Kathy goes tonight.

9 Trish { 09.06.11 at 2:20 pm }

Of course sky blue were up for elimination. They have 4 team members. The judges would have been looking for anything to pick them up on

10 Culinary Boner { 09.06.11 at 3:04 pm }

I’d like to enjoy watching this show, but its hard going.

With all the design flaws showing in the way the competition is progressing one can only conclude that the producers are just making it all up as they go along.

Maybe Baz should ask to see production’s Critical Path? And when they send the work experience kid to ‘fess up that they seem to have mislaid it, he can give ’em all a bloody good bollocksing for “focusing on the easy things and not the difficult stuff”.

It feels as though we are watching the pilot and not the real thing. Maybe Ten should have asked for a DA from Shine before construction of this show began?

11 kingfisher { 09.06.11 at 4:47 pm }

i agree with baz they had enough time to look into buying that extra bit of land , now this extra bit will add thousand to there price and it is a major mistake on their behalf . i know peter is alone so is the khaki team, the bill murray look alike guy does all the work and suzanne just follows him around she’s so out of her depth . good to see the little cutie from the grey team last night !!!!! no not that emu one .

12 Jane { 09.06.11 at 5:45 pm }

The sky blue team weren’t impressed either that a bedroom was the nominated room – I don’t think there’s a staircase for them to get up to the second floor at this point in time!

I was a bit surprised with the judges choices – I could have thought the green team and the grey team had done the most – but what would I know?

Hopefully Peter will get another team mate.

13 Reality Raver { 09.06.11 at 8:15 pm }

par3182 – love the title of your show The Project Managers.

Kingfisher – Christie is a cutie, but I must confess I voted for the “emu” in the most shaggable female poll.

Jane – I would have thought they would have given him a new team mate by now.

CB – hilarious about get Baz to ensure there is a ‘critical path’

Mama’s Milk – Agree with you about how if they don’t give the physical impact they are up for elimination.

Anthony – agree the readers of this blog are highly intelligent.

Melly and Fides – I was wondering later whether they only just found out who actually owned the piece of land and that other neighbours had been able to crack a deal.

GHarris – I reckon the tension would have happened the night before the elimination not after someone goes. Unless it is the one that is liked.
Jack O’rielly and Trish – they need to whittle the light blue down.

Mel – Also money to buy land would have to come out of their pretty small reno budget.

14 yayla { 10.16.11 at 1:12 pm }

I loved the show and was happy with who won, It was a pick of Pete or Michael for me, August come over as having a big head and if you watched closely when he had a team, he barked out orders but stood watching others work, he was more interested in showing his so called art of, I wouldn’t put his work in my loo, he tried to make it a free exhibition of his paintings. glad he didn’t win. Hope to see the show return next year.