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Top Chef Masters Premieres On 19 September On Arena TV

Australian chef Curtis Stone will be seen on our screens in his role as host on Top Chef Masters from Monday 19 September on Arena TV.

Curtis took over the role of host from Kelly Choi. I was never a fan of Kelly’s as you rarely saw her eat the food.

Top Chef Masters is different from Top Chef in that the cheftestants are highly respected chefs.

Jay Rayner fans will be disappointed to know that he has been fired from the show, the reason being because Curtis Stone is Australian they only wanted one foreign accent on the show. Here is a cracker of a interview with Jay Rayner for, and  love him even more for saying there was to much hype around David Chang.

Gael Greene has also been replaced by Ruth Reichl.

The Contestants are:

Hugh Acheson – Chef/ Partner: Five& TenThe National, Gosford Wine – in Athens, GA and Empire State South, Atlanta, GA; Competing for Wholesome Wave Foundation

Floyd Cardoz – Former Executive Chef/Partner- of Tabla and soon-to-be Executive Chef/Partner of a new Danny Meyer restaurant; Competing for Young Scientist Cancer Research Fund

John Currence – City Grocery Restaurant Group, Oxford, MS Competing for No Kid Hungry

Traci Des Jardins – Chef/Co-owner of Jardinière, Mijita Cocina Mexicana and Public House and Manzanita, San Francisco, CA; Competing for La Cocina

George Mendes – Chef/Co-Owner of ALDEA, Manhattan, NY; Competing for Charity: Water

Mary Sue Milliken – Co-Chef/ Owner: Border Grill Restaurants and Truck, Los Angeles, CA; Competing for Share Our Strength

Naomi Pomeroy – Owner: Beast in Portland, OR; Competing for Seed Savers Exchange

Suvir Saran – Executive Chef: Dévi, New York, NY; Competing for Agricultural Stewardship Association

John Rivera Sedlar – Owner: Playa, Los Angeles, CA; Competing for American Diabetes Association

Alex Stratta – Executive Chef: Stratta, Las Vegas, NV; Competing for Faster Cures, part of the Milken Prostate Cancer Foundation

Celina Tio – Chef/Owner: JULIAN Restaurant, Kansas City, MO, Competing for Harvesters

Sue Zemanick – Executive Chef: Gautreau’s, New Orleans, LA; Competing for the Louisiana SPCA



1 Culinary Boner { 09.05.11 at 4:58 pm }

Very much looking forward to this, although Captain Chin-a-lot seems a very poor substitute for Kelly Choi who sort of grew on me over the last series.

Not because she’s got much in the way of talent. But more for the facial expressions she’d always be pulling which made it look like either having to eat the food or engage in any way with fellow judges-contestants amounted to some form of extreme and unpleasant sex act no human should have to endure. I’ll miss the special way she curled her upper lip. The oral equivalent of a frown.

Instead I’ll have to endure Curtis, the chin-centric equivalent of them Easter Island heads. Eric van Daniken was obviously tripping when he postulated that them heads were proof aliens visited Earth. Anyway I’m digressing.

Should still be a great show even with Curtis.

“Competing for Seed Savers Exchange” – this isn’t something to do with this lot I hope?:

2 PollyB { 09.05.11 at 5:24 pm }

Yes, great they are playing this so soon after TC’s series end. Agree with CB, Kelly was too funny by the end of tenure. Hope Stoney keeps it real.

And Brit MC is back. It is not actually too bad with the Oz-iness added. No pantomime antics by Shrek & Toadie so far, although we have one ‘my dead dad, blah, blah, sob, sob’.

3 PollyB { 11.27.12 at 7:26 pm }

Is anyone watching the current series? It’s rigged, I tell ya, rigged!!!! Takashi-san should not have been aliminated (Curtis speak). Bloody producers, keeping the firey latino with the boring stodgey down home food to bitch it out with the cool cucumber Patricia. Grrrrr.