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Australia’s Next Top Model – Now A Model Is Too Thin

Another day, another Australia’s Next Top Model weight scandal again the salvo is being fired by the Daily Telegraph. This time it is about Amelia Coutts being too thin. The model is allegedly 54 kilos, however she is very bony.

The Daily Telegraph says:

FOXTEL and fashion heavies have rallied to keep a seriously underweight contestant in Australia’s Next Top Model after giving the flick to a size 8 teenager for being too fat.

Amelia Coutts, 18, has again escaped eviction from the reality runway series despite her worryingly thin 54kg (so it’s alleged) frame, while fellow contender Alissandra Moone was told by judge Alex Perry that her lithe body looked like “overstuffed luggage”.

During a recent swimsuit shoot challenge Coutts, 18, from Mosman, was not once criticised on-camera for her angular arms and torso, with the judging panel – including Perry, host Sarah Murdoch and Charlotte Dawson – telling her: “We don’t need to teach you much more – you are already a great model.”

Edwina McCann, the editor of fashion bible Harpers Bazaar (which will feature the ANTM winner on its cover), agreed Coutts was underweight and “unsuitable” for her magazine.

However, she conceded being thin was a harsh but honest reality of professional modelling.

“The fact is (2009 winner) Tahnee (Atkinson) did not get any work because she was a slightly bigger girl,” McCann told Confidential.

“I think the show is a lot more responsible than what actually happens in the real industry.

“It’s very tough for models out there.

“I also think the public expect models to be exceptional … They’re genetically-blessed freaks. Personally the way I’ve stayed sane in this job is by understanding that.”

Respected fashion journalist Patty Huntington said Coutts did not belong in the competition.

“If (ANTM) were dead serious about making a statement about the body image debate, they probably would eliminate her for being too thin,” she said.

Amelia does look like she could do with a good feed, it also might improve her demeanour.


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2 Lins { 09.08.11 at 2:03 pm }

I think Amelia is naturally thin.
So ironic that when someone gets told they are “slightly bigger”, and then get eliminated, that’s total outcry, but when a young naturally thin girl gets told she should be eliminated, that’s perfectly ok.

Very harsh words to poor Amelia, she doesn’t know about the fashion industry, the judges should.

3 Ian { 09.13.11 at 10:58 pm }

I agree with Lins. She seems to be naturally thin, and her demeanor has always been quite cheerful and sweet. Not really sure why she is being bagged.

4 kate { 11.26.11 at 11:09 pm }

Shes naturally thin!! She did rhythmic gym for 5 years so obviously is extremely fit and flexible, she cant purposefully fatten up