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The X Factor – The Auditions Continue

Tony Tuhoro  spoke in the third person, and he was also homeless. Amazing what a good back story can do for you, I was really hoping he would be able to sing. However he was incredibly pitchy.

Natalie and Guy sugar coated it, but Mel B didn’t.Ronan said “He had a home at The X Factor”. Ronan voted yes for him to go to bootcamp. Mel B said no, Guy said yes and Natalie said yes but you knew it was only because of his back story. Maybe if he doesn’t get through to the live shows which he won’t, they could suggest a TAFE course for him to do some training to help him get a proper job.

The groups are going to be strong this year. Three Wishes were two guys and a girl who all study music and they popped. I will be surprised if they don’t make it to the live shows.

By the way Mel B is welcoming the ’80’s back in a big way with her bright pink lipstick and fluro blue nail polish.

Sex and Chocolate with the James Brown wannabee on vocals would appeal to the older laidies, but I expect them to be an early casualty.

Femme Da Funk looked like two extras from Pretty Women, therefore Mel B love them and thought they were sexy. I could see her rocking one of their outfits. They were put through.

Declan Sykes the 15 year old student was a hoot. Because he looked a bit geeky the judges thought he was going to tank and be nervous.  He sang like an angel to the Radiohead song, OK there was some dodgy falsetto, and was gibbering to the crowd like an old pro.

Jade Naidu I thought had an amazing voice, but the hair over the eye and the walking back and forward across the stage annoyed me. Also I thought she was a bit puffy by the end of the song.

Ronan gave her a standing ovation. Guy Sebastian thought technically her singing was a little bit lazy. Ronan liked that she did not sound like anyone else on the charts. We get to see more of her at bootcamp.

Jayne Lilford the 27 year old traffic controller sang Adele Rolling in the Deep.

Loved the parents grooving in the wings, and really Channel Seven is it really necessary to pan to the other lesbians in the audience when their is a gay girl on stage? Relevancy?

Also I note they did not give a shot of Jayne hugging her partner once she was off stage. Something they usually show the heteros doing.

Budi Bone – the 39 year old Indonesian guy was still wanting make his life music. Problem was he was not that good. “It is not everyday you see someone do a duet by themselves,” said Guy Sebastian. The highlight of the audition was Natalie Bassingthwaite grooving along to the Reggae part of the song.

One more night of auditions and it is off to bootcamp and that’s when the hard decisions have to be made by the judges.



1 bella vita { 09.06.11 at 1:31 am }

So sick of the sob stories. He couldn’t sing….plain and simple.

In fact the whole show was a joke tonight..Black and Gold has been ruined for me permanently…and let’s be honest…Jayne does not have the X Factor. Ok voice..not attractive. They should have learnt their mistakes from Sally Chatfield last year …if anyone actually remembers who she is.

2 Max { 09.06.11 at 1:43 am }

That’s odd I found Jayne very attractive. Not conventionally but hotter than those 80’s chicks. You’re probably the same type that would whinge if someone got through for being too good-looking. I thought she was stunning and noticed she got in without the ‘back story’. Refreshing twist considering they thrash most of the gritty bits of everyone’s horror stories.

3 Reality Raver { 09.06.11 at 10:30 am }

Max – I did not say I found Jayne unattractive, but her hair over her eyes annoyed me. I thought those ’80’s chicks looked a tad skanky, and I don’t expect to see them in the live shows.
I think Jayne is talented and if she gets some decent mentoring at boot camp could very well make it to the live shows. Pity she is going to be in such a strong group. As they said she has a different voice so should stand out.

Bella Vita – also will Tony be able to stand up to the rigours of boot camp he seemed pretty shaky.

4 Nic { 09.06.11 at 3:10 pm }

Jayne was amazing! best voice in the comp!
the reason they panned out that lady in the crowd is because she’s Jayne’s tattooist and one of her best mates! AND SHE’S HOT AS!!! that’s why they filmed her!

5 Reality Raver { 09.06.11 at 3:59 pm }

Max – are we talking Jade the chick with the long crimson hair or Jayne the girl who sang rolling in the deep?

Nic – Ok will take your word on it.

6 bella vita { 09.07.11 at 1:49 am }

@Max: No i’m not one of those who complain when attractive people get through. I’m all for supporting talent, but I also know that the producers look for certain “looks” each season and know full well they won’t make their money on the “product” in the long run. They do it purely to have a variety of singers…even though…there are thousands better out there…who also happen to be better looking.