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The X Factor – Bootcamp Day 2

Sorry I did not blog on The X Factor last night, however I just had to get some sleep.

Last night we found out Ronan got groups, Guy Sebastian got under 25 boys,  Mel B is to mentor to the under 25 girls, and Natalie Bassingthwaite got the over 25 group.

There is a bit of a mystery about Natalie Colivito at auditions she was 24 but obviously could have turned 25 by the time of the boot camp, and she is in the over 25 group.  Are the under 25 girls group just that , or are they 25 and under girls.Because she is 25 did she gets to choose which group she was in?

Obviously she has a better chance of getting through to the live shows in the older group.

Tonight was saw more of the groups, and again we saw how hilarious the 18 year old twins who call themselves Upfront were. Though they do need to get a change of outfits. The school girl look in hooker heels is not fabulous.

The Veronicas looked pretty unsure about them, but  maybe they didn’t recognise personality when they saw it, as they never seem to display any.  You would have to think they will find some type of media career if they don’t get on the live shows, which I somehow doubt we will see them on The X Factor stage. They will be lucky to make top six. Maybe they should go on next years Amazing Race Australia.

Hype were not living up to it, with a pretty ordinary rendition of an Adele song. The judges were bitching about hearing to many versions of Adele in the auditions, but they have it on all the song playlists for bootcamp.

The over 25’s had to do a photo shoot. They were styled by Sheridan Tyler, who also used to be the stylist on Australian Idol. Is there no other reality TV stylist in Australia? Or are they just doing other shows.

Paige has an intensity about him said Natalie and “he is completely different then the other guys”. Well duh! Paige is different from the other guys as he is transgender. There is something quite likeable about Paige, vulnerable, nervy, and he can sing. I hope he gets a bit further in the competition.

Also if he won Simon Cowell would flip.

Also Natalie was not happy with Cleo’s non-fitting dress, and gave her a skirt and top. To be  honest she looked good in it. She will definitely be in the live shows.

By the way does anyone else think it is a conflict of interest to have that guy in her group that  Natalie worked with years ago? I am not sure, he sounded particularly ordinary in the three seconds he was seen on screen for tonight.

How strong are the under 25 guys?

Emmanuel apparently stuffed up the lyrics of Lady Gaga but his voice is amazing. As is indigenous boy Zacaharia.

Marli sang Brittany Spears song, and Guy asked him if he had ever dressed up as a school girl, he responded he had dressed up as his mum. However Guy should have then asked “Are they now up on your Facebook page, and if they are take them down”. I will be shocked if he is not in the live shows. Also expect Reece to be there as well.

David Champion the person who gets to manage the winner thinks Reece will win this year’s X Factor, well that is what he is hoping for. It will make a nice change from last year’s winner Altiyan Child’s who he is not representing anymore.

The under 25 girls had to learn dance moves with their song.

Square Division from So You Think You Can Dance taught them moves to do with the two songs they had to sing Adele’s Rolling in the Deep and a Lady Gaga song.

Interestingly Mel B’s husband Steven Belefonte who is a producer was helping her pick her top six. Was this part of the contract to get her to come to Australia for the show? He is no worse then the other ones sitting there.

Loving Amy Walton the 20 year old from the country but she fluffed her dance moves in a big way.

Medina Begic also did a poor job as did Sophie Metcalfe who tanked it.

Christina Parie did a good one. Why didn’t we get to see Andrea “Storm” Kaden’s song? I think they are keeping her hidden by editing to wait for the internet furore over her Hooters job dies down. For all those people that have comment that it is a family restaurant I disagree, all the advertising is about hot girls in tight tops. She may not wear the singlet, but she wears a t-shirt and shorts….. and guys would be ogling. And the name Hooters, is just about gives permission to look at their servers chest. Storm’s voice is quite good so it would be nice to hear it.

Anyway we have to wait to Monday to find out the top six of each group. Who is your favourite at the moment? Who do you think will make it through to the live shows?


1 Kaylen { 09.09.11 at 12:53 am }

If I remember, it’s under-25s, and 25 and overs.

Am enjoying it this year! Seems to have a different… energy about it this time around.

As to favourites? Too many to choose from!

2 some random { 09.09.11 at 12:25 pm }

Oh, so she (Natalie) did turn 25…it was bugging me.
Favourites? Sooooooo many, but i would probably narrow it down to:
Natalie, Reece, Trent, Christina, Marli and Medina… i think, maybe more…

3 some random { 09.09.11 at 1:22 pm }

*and Josh’s voice…not his personality