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Beauty And The Geek Australia On Seven From Thursday 22 September

Channel Seven is going to have a reality TV trashathon on Thursday nights with Beauty and The Geek kicking off at 8.30pm.

However the good news for Four Wedding fans this will also be on Thursday nights at 7.30pm – trashtastic.

There will be ten beauty’s and geeks vying for the $100,000 prize money.

Beauty and the Geek is in its third season and this year they have mixed it up by having a female geek, and therefore a male “beauty”.

Helen 26 year old is the female geek, and she has a double degree in Commerce and Science, she is hoping this experience will introduce her to more sporty and social skill pursuits. She feels uncomfortable in groups larger than two. It will be interesting how she finds the share house then.

The other geeks appear to have two things in common, facial hair and gaming. The geeks are:

Adam – 25 from Victoria, he is weather obsessed and a remote area meteorologist.

He has no relationship history to speak of, but believes he has never actually had the opportunity.

“It sort of feels a little like a monkey on my back – the more the monkey stays, the heavier it gets… like a football team never being able to win a premiership,” he says of his lacklustre love life.

However he can dance as he has won medals in Latin dancing.

Bendeguz – 21 from NSW does not see himself as a geek but just as a unique individual. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts in History. He likes to be immaculately dressed.

“The Interbellum period of the 1920s and 1930s in my eyes is the most vivid and dynamic period of humanity.”

This history buff is hoping to learn how to handle himself in front of what he believes is “the biological perfection”.

I think this is the geek everyone is going to love to hate.

Colin – 23 year old from Victoria is a Cambridge graduate.

Colin is hopeful of making a good first impression, but says he often struggles with the transition to a romantic relationship.

“The whole dating thing is not my bag,” he admits. “And quite frankly when I see someone who’s really beautiful, they kind of go into a sort of stereotype in my mind, then they become that stereotype of like a vapid blonde.

“While I can talk to women, I am always Mr Nice Guy and am immediately relegated to the Friend Zone. I would like to learn to be a more sexually-attractive individual.”

Gilbert – 19 year old from Victoria is currently studying a double degree in Science and mechanical engineering.

“They [Girls] regard me as a bit of a weirdo. But they’re my friends, so I guess, a lovable weirdo. I don’t have a very good history with girls, so I figured it might be a good opportunity to develop my skills, as it were, and just become a bit more of a confident person,” he says.

Jimmy – 26 year old is an IT support technician.

He was once dumped for being too boring, and ever since Jimmy’s been working on his confidence.

Julian – 25 year old  is currently studying a PhD in molecular genetics and biochemistry looking at cholesterol homeostasis.

Confident and thoughtful, Julian has many female friends, but so far it hasn’t been effective in winning him a date.

“If there was a single girl who was interesting I would probably say immediately, ‘You are interesting, let’s go out’, which might not actually be socially wise or sensible.”

Lachlan – is 22 year old from Queensland, he is studying law.

Lachlan’s interests include constitutional law and politics, and he enjoys visiting state and federal parliament in his spare time to watch Question Time.

Describing his ideal life partner as “someone who is emotionally stable – and hot”, Lachlan says he hopes to gain some confidence through his Beauty.

“I’ve built up this wall in my head where I think that people I’m attracted to, or attractive girls, are somehow different to anyone else. But I need to just take that leap, and just sort of have that wall knocked down.”

Nathan – is a 19 year old from South Australia, he is currently studying a double degree in commerce and applied finance. He has never been kissed. He loves gaming.

Theo – is 23 year old from NSW he is a mathematician.

“I’ve never figured out how to actually start a conversation with the opposite sex,” he explains. “I don’t know how to talk to girls. It would be great if I could figure out how to talk to girls.”

The son of a doctor and an alternative medicine therapist, Theo says he always grew up around intelligent people.

“I’ve never known anyone who’s academically-challenged. I don’t know how to relate to them.

“And well, intellect’s done nothing for me in terms of love. It’s seems to abandon me, frankly.”

The Beauty’s are:

Darlene – 22 year old from the Northern Territory. She is a Casino hostess and has modelled.

“I don’t label people because I’ve been labelled my entire life,” she admits. “I think everyone just sees me and they think, ‘Oh, she’s gonna be such a stuck up cow.’ But really, I’m not.”

Dolly – 21 year old from Queensland wanting a career in hair and beauty.

“In life in general, I’d say being beautiful has helped me because, you know, I probably wouldn’t have a job if didn’t look like this. I’ve made money off of the way I look and that makes me want to maintain it as well.”

Emma – 21 year old from Queensland is the reigning 2011 Miss FHM.  Emma is used to being the centre of attention. But within her own family this receptionist is actually the odd one out when it comes to academics – her brother is an architect and her sister a teacher.

Gaia – 19 years old from WA is a part time nanny. She is hoping for some intellectual stimulation from her beauty and geek experience.

“I love shopping and all that sort of stuff but hopefully out of this I can find something deeper to be interested about,” she says. “Like more of a less superficial kind of interest.”

Jacelle – 20 year old was meter maid on the Gold Coast, she is now a trainee barmaid.  “I can talk to anyone. It doesn’t matter who they are as I don’t judge,” she says.

Jordan – 20 year old from NSW is a NRL Tigers Cheerleader. She is open to love.

“I’ve always been attracted to muscles and looks and I’ve always had my heart broken, so you never know. I’ve never really gotten close to a nerd to be honest. My door isn’t shut; it’s open. So we’ll see,” she says.

Mackenzie – 21 year old from WA.

Perth-born, daddy’s girl Mackenzie admits to being a shopaholic, wearing dresses only once and shoes just five times before replacing them.

“I’m obsessed with clothes and shoes,” she says. “I love my shoes. Every time I wear them I wash them, clean them and spray them.”

This  covergirl describes her style as ‘classy rock chick’ and hopes she’ll be able to teach her geek to take pride in his appearance.

“I’m very open with what doesn’t look good so I think I’m going to be good with guidance.”

The geeks might not be prepared for her who says she doesn’t often feel disappointed in life.

“I tend to get everything I want so I don’t usually get disappointed. Such a vain comment, but it’s just the truth,” she says.

I think this will be the beauty we love to hate.

Maddy – 20 year old from NSW is a dance teacher.

“I do competitive cheerleading like ‘Bring It On’ stuff. It’s like lots of tumbling, lots of throwing in the air. You get muscles from it. No-one believes me. Everyone thinks it’s running around with pom poms but it’s totally not that at all.”

Sarah – 20 years old from NSW, she does promotional work and has been modelling since she was 12 years old. She is obsessed with leopard print.

Troy – is the 21 year old male beauty. He is  single  and a personal trainer. He says one of his biggest skills is helping people connect, and he hopes to weave some magic if there are any shy housemates.

When he’s not surfing the waves, Troy also works as a model and has dabbled in labouring work as well. But he knows looks aren’t everything.

“It doesn’t matter how good looking you are, you’ve got to get along with everyone,” he says.

Beauty and the Geek again looks like it is going to be highly entertaining. The show will be hosted again. by Bernard Curry.

Beauty and The Geek on Channel Seven from Thursday 22 September at 8.30pm. 

Four Weddings on Channel Seven from Thursday 22 September at 8.30pm.


1 SED { 09.12.11 at 9:40 pm }

I can never understand why doing a double degree is ALWAYS considered nerdy on this show but hey that might be bias talking here.

If only they accepted reality television geeks…

2 Culinary Boner { 09.13.11 at 11:13 am }

Where’s Booger? Where’s Lamar Latrell?
*sigh* Production have obviously not read my thoughtful advice that this show needs NERDS not GEEKS.

3 Culinary Boner { 09.13.11 at 1:51 pm }

“While I can talk to women*, I am always Mr Nice Guy** and am immediately relegated to the Friend Zone***. I would like to learn to be a more sexually-attractive individual****.”
* a good start, old chap
** unleash ya inner mongrel, you nancy boy, why’d ya go Cambridge I ask? That was never gonna get you any pussy…. Anthony Blunt and Guy Burgess, yes. Pussy, no.
*** left to look after their handbags while the chicks get hot on the dancefloor with the local footy team, ya poor thing
**** can’t help ya there I’m afraid, Mrs Boner insists it’s lights out during my rare forays into horizontal folk dancin’

Here’s my suggestion.. A masterclass with Warnie should see ya right Colin, me old chap!

Though perhaps this blog’s thriving female audience – hot chicks and MILFs the lot of ’em, or so I’m led to believe – could offer Colin some sage advice. We wouldn’t want him being led astray by a slut like Warnie, would we?

4 Brit { 11.15.11 at 12:26 am }

Just to let you all know the hole show is fake! Infact i know first hand emma is a very smart girl! Borning as hell but very smart she has a degree in law, and as for her brother being a architect hes 16 and still at school fulltime! Now this isnt a blog to bag emma out, i think shes beautiful and sexy! And she was deff in fhm and zoo, but you would think they would find REAL girls with a real story?!