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Guest Post: Dinner Date – Never Mind The Hair Here Is Dinner Date

So glad BDD decided to recap the UK version of the show as it was a corker. I must confess I had thought Dinner Date was a home grown Australian reality show. But note to self whenever a Network announces a new reality show I must google to see where it has come from…..

Over to you BDD:

Last night Ch 7 slipped in an episode of Dinner Date UK instead of the usual Manu et al. I didn’t take notes and have made just a few observations on last night’s offering.

So Dinner Date Aust has been modelled on this version from the UK. The Australian producers have merely added Manu and his pieces to camera. In this free to air timeslot Dinner Date doesn’t have much to flog- NCIS Los Angeles,Top Gear,SBS News and QI. I expect it’s still doing quite well ratings wise.

Late night’s male quarry was a massive loser -of hair. We’ll call him “Sort Of”-he said it every second word. He’s gone on the first two dates and complained of finding a human hair on this plate. Turned out it was his own hair. He didn’t really want to own up to that either. He looked about thirty,pretty confident and a bit of an advice giving smartarse when it came to food. At least a few of the Aussie guys have asked if they could help- even if they didn’t mean it.

The first date was early thirties and honest enough to admit that she couldn’t cook. She notices straight away that Sort Of is a shorta$$ and contemplates removing her heels. She burnt the fillet steak and smoked out the kitchen while Sort Of was left to keep Lucky the cat company( he’s in for some good scraps later). Sort Of finally braves the smoky kitchen and tells her to let the charred remains “rest’ and the raw interior will cook. She does an appalling pencil portarait of Sort Of that looks more like the transgender contest on X Factor. She scores Sort Of 2out of three stars.

Sort Of’s second date is younger,25 and been in a relationship for 8 years before being single. The shorta$$ issue rears it’s ugly head as the hostess contemplates removing her heels. Sort Of finds another hair in his food and once more finds egg all over his face as the offending hair is examined carefully. Kofi Anan joins in at the table as well. The meal goes off quite well and Sort Of again scores 2 out of 3 stars.

The Third Date is a lively ,fun loving blonde who’s an obvious expert at overpacking luggage and Sort Of immediately guffaws to the camera about her dress sense. Sort of enjoys her sense of humour and they get through the first two courses without finding any hair. This girl is really keen on Sort Of.

The sweets scene is a highlight because the hostess manages to whisk white frothy material all around the kitchen,causing Sort Of to fall of his chair in mirth. There are some very telling Monica Lewinskyesque stains on her red dress. She’s playing with her hair a lot ,which she’d warned was a sign that she likes someone. She gives him an enthusiastic three stars.

Sort Of is diplomatic ,saying that Blondie is not his kind of girl”aesthetically speaking” but would be great company “as entertainment’.

Sort of plonks for date no 2 ,the tall classy ,brunette, best cook, youngest of the three. First or second date were both appealing imo.

Dinner Date Australia is probably a big improvement on last night.The show was ten minutes late starting,I know that’s probably because of X Factor. I hope the Australian eps are returned soon.



1 Liana { 09.14.11 at 1:53 pm }

Give me the Australian version any day as couldn’t watch any more after the first dinner date as it was sort of boring..But keep up the good recaps BDD.

2 brain dead dave { 09.14.11 at 2:14 pm }

Thanks,Liana. Plus with Aus Dinner Date you get to find out which seamy location the contestants are sent to for their “dream ” date.

I think it’s UK Dinner Dinner date again next week.

I forgot to include blondie ,date no 3’s outstanding Nigella Lawson impressions.

3 Georgie { 09.14.11 at 8:20 pm }

Well done BDD. Nigella was a bit of a unit hey? I think her ‘chicken fillet’ boob lifters were trying to escape from the top of her dress most of the evening too.