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The Renovators – That Episode Was Just Dull

Tonight’s episode of The Renovators was particularly dull. I have got to confess I am over the Queensland episodes. Yes they are doing great work, but renovating a village hall does not bring any drama. Or maybe I have just had my reality TV feel good quota for the week.

The only angst was about paint dripping onto floorboards, water dripping into floor boards, and whether a shelf case would fit through the door. Also August confessed to being a bitch was the only dramatic thing occurring in the 60 minutes.

Anyway the black team won and Keenan who works like a machine won the working bee for the weatherboard house. If Melissa somehow gets the keys off Keenan it will be so wrong. I agree with Seepi who commented on last nights blog post – she said Melissa was coasting on his coat tails.

Anyway I was in a grumpy mood after the episode until I stumbled across this on Twitter it is the Baz Dubois 2012 calendar – March page….Thanks @myopinionmate


1 Maryann { 09.15.11 at 7:53 am }

Not the best episode, I agree it was missing something. I hope Kathy goes tonight. Thanks for Mr March 2012!

2 Fi { 09.15.11 at 8:25 am }

I agree. Found the episode boring.
I don’t understand how the black team won when they didn’t paint the whole house. They missed one side! I also didn’t think the outside was very practical. Where was the storage for all the bbq etc?
It would be interesting if Peter gets eliminated and Sam gets the house to herself without having to participate in the elimination but I would rather see Kathy go.

3 sue { 09.15.11 at 8:52 am }

as long as Michael is not eliminated I will be ok with it :). prefer to have Kathy go, but we shall see…if it’s design I do worry that most of the boys (Peter excepted, lol) will struggle, although I don’t think much of Kathy’s “style” as shown thus far either … :)

4 Ali { 09.15.11 at 8:55 am }

since when is Darra a village? Its a suburb. I am ready for Kathy to go!

5 Fides { 09.15.11 at 9:00 am }

As long as the judgement is subjective and not a last to finish gets eliminated scenario, I’m assuming they can’t/won’t get rid of the fibro cottage boys nor Pete. Hopefully Kathy and her eclectic vertical garden gets shown the door.

6 Culinary Boner { 09.15.11 at 10:09 am }

Says Barry on the back of his calendar pic:
“Hi girls. I’ve got 12 inches, but I don’t use it as rule”

7 kingfisher { 09.15.11 at 2:03 pm }

it was a community hall ?i thought it was the fibro home .. how come you help the poor when their down yet you find yourself being in a elimination . where’s the pat on the back for your week’s work ! it’s all a bit confusing .

8 Fides { 09.15.11 at 2:38 pm }

RR come to think of it I reckon you’re being a bit harsh calling this episode dull. Robyn’s cap alone provided some entertainment, and with the whole ensemble she looked like she was off to shoot grouse on her English estate.

9 Georgie { 09.15.11 at 9:20 pm }

Fides – I agree and I’d like to know how she got permission to put so many different greens together in one outfit.