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The X Factor – The Top Six Get Their Rock Star Trip

Under 25 year old astronomy nut Tara-Lyn Sharrock had to withdraw from the competition due to visa issues. I wonder what they were did she have some criminal conviction or did she over stay in the US previously?

Anyway Sophie Metcalfe got very lucky and the 17 year old was back in the competition. Interestingly Storm Kaden is out. I wonder why Mel B didn’t pick her. We did not get to see much of her at all at boot camp. The six under 25 girls were Tayla, Chantelle, Amy, Jackie, Sophie, Christina. They were sent to Hollywood.

Upfront, the school girl twins, were a controversial choice in the group section to make the top six, as their vocals are not strong. However I have to confess they do make me laugh. Should they make the live shows? Probably not, but at least they are not bland. Ronan’s groups are Young Men Society, Up Front, Them the Funk, Audio Vixen, Three Wishes and Hype.

If it is between Upfront and Audio Vixen I would prefer Upfront. As it could be trainwreck TV on the live shows.

Over 25’s were sent with Natalie Bassingthwaite to Double Island in far north Queensland. I wonder if they were miffed they did not get to go overseas? She had picked  Mitchell, Paige, Pamela, Andrew, Cleo and Marina to be her top six. Cleo must be a sure thing to make top three. I like Paige and think he could get a bit of following if he got through, but is he a strong enough singer. I am not sure that Simon Cowell would be thrilled if he won The X Factor.

I note Jason De Rulo says what everyone is thinking will a wider audience take to him.

Guy Sebastian took the under 25 boys to New York. One of guys not going was Emmanuel Kelly and there has been some pissed off fans if you believe . Emmanuel was cut because he stuffed up a song in bootcamp. Guy was right to eliminate him, as he had a huge amount of talent to pick from. His top six are Trent, Rob, Johnny, Marli, Reece and Declan.

In New York there was a big build up to Beyonce coming, and the boys must have thought Lady GaGa was going to pop in. Highlight of the episode was seeing Guy start struck by her.

Ok here is my call for the top three in each category:

Under 25 guys:

Reece, Marli and Trent.

Under 25 girls:

Christina, Taylor, and Amy.


Three Wishes, Them The Funk, and Audio Vixen. Actually that was all a wild guess I don’t really remember much about the groups.

The over 25’s.

Chloe, Mitchell and Marina. I am hoping Paige gets through, however I think Natalie will baulk at doing that.

Who do you think or want to get through to the live shows?




1 Kaylen { 09.14.11 at 2:08 pm }

Re: Tara-Lyn.


Will be interesting to see who gets in. :)

2 bella vita { 09.15.11 at 11:30 am }

Yep Tara Lyn had overstayed a visa on a previous visit.

And also a couple of the over 25’s have criminal records hence why they can’t travel to the states also

3 kenobi { 09.15.11 at 12:10 pm }

isn’t it “Femme da Funk”? anyway I’m not expecting them in the final 12, mostly because we’ve barely seen them in these edits…

4 Reality Raver { 09.15.11 at 12:12 pm }

Bella Vista – Really she overstayed – ouch. Young kids don’t realise that this can be lethal for future visits. I know people who overstayed their work visa in UK and have been banned for 10 years. And it becomes an issue if they marry a UK guy and they live in Aust and want to show the grandkids to friends and family in England.
I have done ESTA normally easy peasy.

It crossed my mind about the reason they were in the Whitsundays. But I did think the locations may have been booked prior to the shows starting. As it is a huge logistical issue. Also thought Nat Bass may not have wanted to travel so far with child.

However the guy with the many tatts who had the troubled childhood does have some history and that did cross my mind that he may have not got a visa.