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Australia’s Next Top Model – Charlotte Dawson’s Role Has Increased

Due to time constraints I have not been recapping Australia’s Next Top Model however if you want a good recap check out Bland Canyon and Jo Blogs. 

 TV Tonight also has an interesting article where he asks where host Sarah Murdoch is? He says we are getting more Charlotte Dawson than Sarah.

The article states:

Is it just me?

I watched last night’s episode of Australia’s Next Top Model and I kept waiting for Sarah Murdoch to appear.

She didn’t turn up until 40 minutes into the episode and yet she is the show’s host.

Charlotte Dawson accompanied the girls through another challenge and Josh Flynn mentored at a photo shoot.

David Knox then goes on to talk about the role of a host:

Surely the role of a good host is to be there to observe, comment, question and experience what the contestants and viewers are seeing?

Foxtel told me there was nothing unusual from previous seasons, although they did acknowledge Charlotte Dawson has an increased presence this year. They assured me Sarah Murdoch was still actively involved behind the scenes, including in the editing studio. Or is that just for voice-overs?

In other news of ANTM is the shock of Neo going home according to the Daily Telegraph. Apparently real model agencies thinks she has potential. I thought she was stunning however she was a bit one dimensional in her facial expressions.






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1 Amy { 09.15.11 at 9:07 am }

I have noticed the lack of Sarah Murdoch this season – but Charlotte seems to get more and more awesome every week so I’m happy to overlook it!