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The Renovators – Another Renovator Bites The Dust

How many plants died for this challenge tonight? Tonight the elimination challenge was to create a vertical garden wall and plants were being shoved without much care or regard onto a wall and other spaces.

I also could not work out why Peter was signalled out for having the plants still in plastic pots, what was he meant to plant them in? There was no soil only concrete.

If Peter had been eliminated Sam would have been handed the keys to half done house without even being in the challenge. After being picked by August to re-enter the competition she was able to go home for a few days to pack, and therefore avoid this challenge. I am unsure about how fair that is to be honest.

The elimination was between the people on the light blue team, Peter and the navy blue team. The only person who thought the challenge was in her comfort zone was Cathy.

Quite frankly if I was Kathy I would have the shits about being eliminated instead of Jason J as his vertical wall was shocking. Hers looked very stylised, but was deemed not to have enough green space on it. However Jason’s just looked like he had a brain explosion in is space.

Natalia looked perplexed when she cast her eye over the projects and compared them.

Jason looked like he could barely use a drill when he was getting frantic in the last ten minutes of the challenge. No wonder Luke said he had not wanted Kathy to be the one to go home.

Having said all that I was glad Kathy was the contestant that got the flick.

At the Weatherboard it was pouring down with rain so they were all stuck indoors, August looked particularly unenthused by Melissa’s pep talk and being there.

Keenan deserves the keys to the weatherboard as he has done the most work on the house. I was also reading somewhere that Keenan’s teenage daughter was mortified that some of her friends thought her father was hot. However she should know she would be more mortified if her father found some of her friends hot.

Also Robbo a commenter went to four of the open houses yesterday this is what he thought of them:

Saw 4 houses at open yesterday. Heaps of notices prohibiting photos and security guards there. 1.5 hours open for each one instead of usual .5 hour.

Glebe Terrace. First class job. Great workmanship and fantastic galley kitchen. Don’t know who would buy though as no car space and absolutely no storage. Nowhere even for a couple with a minimal amount of clothes. Definitely no kids.

Weatherboard Parramatta. Disappointing. Looks like they ran out of money. Bar fridge in kitchen. Walk through wardrobe to bathroom. Concrete was good but paintwork was rough.

Sixties Suburban Castle Hill. Very disappointing. Concept was good but job was not finished and workmanship in places was poor. Painting was extremely rough. Landscaping not done at back and desk in study nook had rough finish. You could not write on it. Maybe ran out of time/money.

Fibro Cottage Blacktown. Wow. This house had wow. Full house of people.This a is a clear winner. Immaculate workmanship and the house is extremely well laid out and liveable. Landscaping done to perfection. Talking to agent and it seems Michael may have held on too keys. Agent contract with Ch10 prevents them from talking about expected price etc but the agent believes they have the winner especially as it was the cheapest house giving them a big advantage in percentage terms.

Only items I could find issue with were just one bathroom and two bare light bulbs in central passage.

Obvious clear advantage to houses being done by a carpenter rather than a concreter, demolition expert or stylist. Michael and Luke were standouts for workmanship.

Still to see Half-done and Shop as open scheduling mad it impossible to see all six in one day.


1 smauge { 09.15.11 at 10:53 pm }

Phew! I haven’t watched it yet but I was so worried I was gonna lose one of my sexy boys! I can sleep easy tonight 😉

2 Laura { 09.15.11 at 11:12 pm }

Yay so glad to see that Michael’s house is a winner. I hope he comes out on top, he deserves it.

Interested to hear about the shop…

3 Marepoppin { 09.15.11 at 11:20 pm }

Lol Smauge keep an eye out toward the end of the challenge, mikey whips his shirt off to mop up some water or something… Don’t get to see a lot but it’s the first of his skin we’ve seen all comp…

4 smauge { 09.16.11 at 7:24 am }

oh Marepoppin, stop it!! I have to wait until this afternoon to see it!! I’ve been wanting to see what he’s hiding under that t-shirt since the show started.

5 sue { 09.16.11 at 7:25 am }

lol marepoppin- & didn’t he look white!! :):) but, I was extremely glad to see fibro cottage boys were safe :):)

thought elim was a toss up twixt Jason & Kathy, but my dislike of Kathy meant that ultimately I was happy with judge’s decision. :)

I couldn’t take my eyes of the impracticality of Jarrod’s slopey pots- he needs individual little step shelves on the slope so the pots sat straight= soil/water/drainage a big issue as they were- but it did look good :) I loved Michael’s and thought Peter’s was pretty good- plastic pots or not, lol.

6 Maryann { 09.16.11 at 8:24 am }

I am glad that Kathy has gone. The judges did say that Jasons’s garden was the best even if the overall design was poor. I think Luke was sad to see Kathy go becuase she looked after the paperwork and the budget. It looks like the “How To” episode has been replaced this Friday with a focus on the renos and the budgets. Should be interesting. Although I like the how to as we see move of Baz.

7 Maz { 09.16.11 at 9:49 am }

RR-I ask the same question myself everytime they do a plant challenge.
Why take them out of the plastic pots when they are not a permanent feature? Poor plants. Where is the Seasol to help them get over transplant shock :).

I am happy the Fibro Boys and Peter got through. The reasons not entirely attributable to their workmanship either .;)

8 smauge { 09.16.11 at 9:51 am }

So you enjoyed the topless moment too Maz?

9 Fides { 09.16.11 at 10:05 am }

Michael shirt removing thing had me puzzled at first. Spoiler alert for smauge (though I think it’s already been spoiled) but after he takes off his shirt, he looks like he’s about to roll around the floor, maybe to mark it with his scent … at least that’s what it seemed like to me.

It was obvious when they showed the vignettes of Jason and Kathy early on that they would be the bottom 2. Which was good because for a while, it looked like Jarrad was struggling.

I don’t know what they focus on – as Brendan said, Jarrad’s wall was “horticulturally terrifying”. I guess as it all ended up being purely a design challenge they could have just used fake plants. You’d think Brendan would be horticulturally terrified at the way those plants are handled.

10 smauge { 09.16.11 at 10:09 am }

I came on here to be spoilt Fides – and I have been!

11 Culinary Boner { 09.16.11 at 10:46 am }

What a lame challenge. The whole vertical garden thing is naff. No other word for it. They might as well have had them design a fairy grotto. A gnome garden. A prickly pear paradise. Or the best garden design of all – the Wog-a-rama – the paved yard complete with stone lion entrance and them horrendous fences made from them stumpy bottle-like columns that scald your eyes in the summer sun.

12 brain dead dave { 09.16.11 at 12:12 pm }

If the challenge is that lame, Boner,will watch the encore later.

Couldn’t sleep last night and on the ABC in the wee hours there was a reality show where some soul searching Catholic women go and live in a Benedictine Nun monastery for five weeks.It’s called The Abbey. I’d watch it again.

13 Maz { 09.16.11 at 12:34 pm }

@smauge- some may complain that they could have lingered longer :).

14 Fides { 09.16.11 at 12:40 pm }

smauge and BDD – well enjoy the encore! I know I will…

15 seepi { 09.16.11 at 12:58 pm }

I thought Michael was going to pose in front of his garden or soemthing for a second.

The Abbey was a good show.

At 3 in the morning recently I saw a great show – ‘Young and Dumb and Living off Mum’. Loser brits had to perform chaallenges and be assessed by their parents. Their overblown confidence soon dropped as they had to pick up glasses at bars (wearing their designer gear), and teach a class at primary school.

Why do they put these great shows on in the wee hours?

16 Reality Raver { 09.16.11 at 1:18 pm }

Seepi and BDD – Is the nunnery one on ABC1 or ABC2?
Also what channel is ‘Young and Dumb and Living off Mum’?

Smauge – Tape it and then you can replay the small glimpse over and over again.

17 brain dead dave { 09.16.11 at 2:11 pm }

RR ,The Abbey ws on ABC 1 last night. Last night was the first ep of what I assume was a rerun of the series. Beats infomercials for ab machines etc.

After it was a show called “Big Ideas’ -UK reality show for wannabe inventors /designers who get their dreams crushed or assisted by large purchasing companies.

18 Reality Raver { 09.16.11 at 2:19 pm }

BDD Love how ABC bury their reality shows in the middle of the night.

19 smauge { 09.16.11 at 2:35 pm }

You’ll all be pleased to know that it IS recorded onto my TiVo (as is every single thing I watch) and I’m currently watching, finger lingering on the pause button.
Boner – If you lived in an inner city unit you’d appreciate the benefits of a vertical garden a lot more.
I’ve just come back from Kellyville this morning and I’m SPEWING I didn’t find out the fibro cottage address. I might have caught a glimpse of a topless Michael and I could have done a bit of a Natalia on him 😉

20 smauge { 09.16.11 at 2:52 pm }

Well that seriously was a big fat tease. Not even with the benefit of frame by frame did that strip tease last long enough!

21 robbo { 09.16.11 at 3:41 pm }

smauge Try 85 Harold St, Blacktown. Open 4:00 Saturday.

With all houses being auctioned between 27&29 September does that mean we will see six more eliminations in the next eight episodes. The alternative is that we see houses go to auction with some contestants not holding keys but still alive.

My TV guide after Sunday week only shows To be Advised for ch10 offerings. There can only be at most ten episodes shown before the first auction takes place and surely they will not be doing eliminations after some houses have been offered.

One of the problems with this show is the lack of clear rules. Am I being cynical in thinking that they make them up as they go.

The big problem is of course that we see hardly any renovating. It would be interesting to see the decision making process as to why they are doing one thing rather than another. Or again perhaps we don’t see it because that is also scripted and they are being told what they must do. arghh.

22 Fiona { 09.16.11 at 6:21 pm }

I had the same thought as you RR about Sam being absent for the team challenge and therefore not being up for elimination. If Peter had ended up going home, then she could have gotten the keys – it didn’t seem fair at all. Would they have protected Peter in any case?

23 smauge { 09.16.11 at 8:25 pm }

I thought the fibro was in Kellyville? Must be the sixties suburban I’m thinking of.
Hey RR – do you know how the show is rating now? has it improved?

24 Reality Raver { 09.16.11 at 9:44 pm }

Smauge – LOL – poor Michael will need therapy from all these lascivious older women wanting to grope him. Ratings below 700,000 not good at all. Which is a pity as a good show and has potential.

Robbo – There must be a lot of eliminations next week, as 2 have to go from grey, one from orange, one from green and one from light blue, and one from lady blue. I thought they were going to do the auctions live. I agree the rules are unclear.

Fiona – I will be very surprised if Peter is eliminated before the end. He has been a stand out performer as has Peter and Keenan. However there cannot be all guys holding the keys at the end?

25 Marepoppin { 09.16.11 at 11:48 pm }

I think you meant Michael and Keenan, RR. And some of us are lascivious Younger women!! 😀

26 Renocrazy { 09.17.11 at 9:38 am }

The elimination was for the contestants who lost the challenge, seeing as Sam wasn’t in that challenge why should she be in the elimination? Sorry, but it doesn’t make sense as with Sam (or any extra pair of hands) to help them they might have won the challenge and consequently not be in the elimination.
On a side note; after the episode of the 16th and checking the houses on links given I thought ‘poor Sam and Brendan, trying so bravely to hide their confusion and shock at Peters kitchen’. If Sam could see into the future and know what the whole finished house looked like she’d run to the hills.
At first I couldn’t think what it reminded me of (the house) and then it clicked; Woody Allens ‘Everything you ever Wanted to know About Sex’… the segment where the actors (representing sperm), are dressed head to toe in laboratory white, and journey through a brilliant white tunnel to reach the blinding light of the final white room. Sadly any thought of sex in this clinical house was ‘whited’ out.
Sam’s comment “I have to find a way to soften it’ was filled with forlorn hope for a lost cause. And just as obviously there was no way Peter would let her have any say in his concept.
Does Peter really believe mirrors over a stove, sink and as kick boards are a good idea? Does he think french doors behind a bath are smart? With no room to get round it you’d have to stand in the bath to open them, and OMG if you tried to close them from the bath you’d risk toppling onto the concrete path. By the way, did anyone notice the illegal height of the step down from the bathroom to the driveway? Of course you can always choose to step elegantly out of the bedroom french doors, and sink into the flower bed below that step. Does he truly think buyers want to constantly wear sunglasses indoors?
With the over-abundance of glass doors and windows, to the endless white tiles and paint, he created a sterile, classless parody of design. From being a winner in my eyes he has become a complete loser I wouldn’t even let near an outdoor dunny.
Being nice and forgetting that, thanks to your links, I’ve seen the future, I hope Sam can talk him round, at least temporarily. And by the way Sam, clearly, as well as believing in miracles, your comment shows you do know design.

27 smauge { 09.17.11 at 12:08 pm }

What links renocrazy? I wanna see the houses!

28 Renocrazy { 09.17.11 at 3:40 pm }

For Smauge The links where on this site earlier (segment titled ‘I presume teams stay as they are’. ..hope they still work. Have a great day.
The weatherboard:

Sixties suburban:

The Shop:

The Fibro Cottage:

The Half Done House:

The auctions are on a different night of the week at 8.00pm. They are apparently filming them live to air.

29 Fides { 09.17.11 at 3:48 pm }

smauge – you can reach the links to the houses through here :

Oh and sorry for getting your hopes up about the topless Michael footage!

renocrazy – It was hilarious that Peter really thought he’d left it pretty much a blank canvas. Loved how Brendan said the place “screams” of Pete = he really was stunned by that.

30 smauge { 09.17.11 at 8:52 pm }

Thanks Fides (and that was my favourite thing of what Brendan said too – hilarious!)

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