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The Renovators – The Final 12 – Only Three Weeks To Go

When is 24 hours 24 hours? In the 24 hour challenge tonight they made them stop working when there was 16 hours left on the clock and then start again with only have 6 hours on the clock. So it is more like a 14 hour challenge.

Tonight was a white room – where the theme was  “express yourself”. They had 24 hours with $24,000 to spend.

The winning team wins $20,000 worth of furniture from Freedom. Considering the tightness of their budgets this was the white room to win.

Before we discuss the rooms there was two things I learnt tonight. There are three weeks left of the show, and also this week will be a non-elimination week, it will be all about rewards.

Which raises the question what is going to bring the dramatic tension to the show this week? And also are there going to be a mass elimination in the following two weeks as six more contestants need to be gone prior to the auctions.

The auctions are next week and I had thought they were going to be live. Obviously I am wrong but I still cannot see how they will keep the result a secret for over a week.

Anyway back to the challenge.

Again there is a team of one, Nathan, and there is one team of three the grey team. This can bring an element of unfairness to it, particularly with the work that can be done. However the advantage is you don’t have to compromise your design style. Not that Nathan has any design style.

The Grey team did  a children’s room and the centre piece was a tree bed designed by Natalia. Robyn praised the design and Natalia. Natalia’s bed is probably already being copied by someone and the prototype sent to China as I blog this. It was lovely.

Light blue team did a lounge room which I thought was quite lovely. However Peter Ho criticised them for the two fireplaces, saying it made him confused about which one to go to.

The Green team did a bedroom with an outside bathroom. They used perspex as their barrier and bed head. They did not finish their room, and no reason was given for this other then they ran out of time. But to be honest what were they doing. Did the perspex take that long to get up. There was no tiling and very little painting done.

Jarrod and Michael did a master bedroom and ensuite. There were some great design features in it, from raised tiles to the white markings on the black walls. However they were criticised for lack of functionality due to the toilet having no privacy. They just assumed it was a couples space. It could have been a bachelor pad.

Sometimes there is no consistency with the judging of the rooms – sometimes functionality is non-existence and the design is praised and vice versa.

The Orange team now including Sam were doing a high end sitting and dining room, however they couldn’t find a dining table they liked in Freedom. Which may not have been such a good advertisement for the store. They did replace the table with some very nice chairs.

Their room was criticised for the raised floor, as this was meant to differentiate between the living and dining space, but as “the first lady of style” Robyn Holt said when sitting on it made her feel like she was on a stage.

Nathan did lounge/dining area as expected it was not great. There were a lot of empty areas and spaces where there should have been bits and pieces. However considering he was sick and working on his own he did a good job.

The navy blue team won and they deserved to.

Also if you cannot get enough of Baz there is an interview with him on MolksTVTalk.


1 Laura { 09.18.11 at 11:33 pm }

I watched the ep but missed the end. Very surprised to hear that navy blue won but thrilled of course, they are my favourite team by far. Of course their workmanship is impeccable and considering that all the designers except for Jason (who is a bit crap, I’ve not been overly impressed by anything he’s done) have left, they don’t seem to be at a disadvantage. Yay!

2 Laura { 09.18.11 at 11:48 pm }

Also I’m sure it has already been posted here but for anyone who hasn’t seen it, you can access the listings of each house via this article:

Fibro cottage is looking good! Michael deserves to win but the Glebe terrace may take it out because of the location.

Also one of the commenters on that article said that Renovators won’t be returning and they are selling the warehouse as apartments. Disappointing!

3 par3182 { 09.19.11 at 12:21 am }

Speaking on behalf of bachelors everywhere, there’s no way in the world a toilet belongs in a bedroom. As much as I love the Navy boys they should have been marked way down for that.

Same with Green team; I don’t want to see through my bedhead into the bathroom. And anyone who spends $7000 on a bed and $4000 on a lamp is insane.

Natalia should’ve won as I can’t remember anything else about the room except for her amazing bed.

After all these weeks I still get a kick out of watching the judges interact with the rooms when judging; touch something, sit somewhere, all the while looking deep in thought. So wonderfully wanky.

4 Moonstruck { 09.19.11 at 1:11 am }

I’m watching the renovators but i havent watched any of the other renovation shows ie the block as im not really interested in building. Having said that, I do think it’s a weird show.
With the budgets so tight I’m sure they were all spewing at the wasted $24,000. And why give them $20,000.? Why not let them keep any furniture they bought. It doesn’t make sense to have them kill themselves in the challenges, and then not give them any time to work on the houses, especially for the losing teams.
6 nights a week is too much, especially as they are not focusing on the group dynamics. But then watching 6 teams demolishing walls is about as interesting as watching paint dry! Can’t see ten bringing it back next year

5 sue { 09.19.11 at 7:08 am }

I am just gobsmacked that apparently a child’s room cost $24000 to create…what the???????????????????

I thought the navy blue team deserved to win as, apart from the loo, their design and workmanship was superior to any of the others. hence (IMO) any mark down for the loo still had them ahead of anyone else.

I am liking Peter’s design style less & less as the show progresses- I think he was edited a lot by the lovely Lisa, and now she is gone he is over the top and all over the place!!!!

I will be disappointed if the renovators does not return, because even tho’ some of the rules/challenges have been murky/inconsistent, I have thoroughly enjoyed the show- waaaay better than The Block!!!

6 smauge { 09.19.11 at 8:45 am }

I thought that about the Peter/Lisa dynamic. Maybe that’s why Peter was so shattered when she was eliminated.
I’m another one who’ll be spewing if it doesn’t return. I can’t believe it’s still not rating. Must be reno fatigue.

7 Renocrazy { 09.19.11 at 8:56 am }

Totally agree with Sue, Peter was lost on what to do. But then his completed house shows all his flaws and lack of thought. Maybe, as well as losing Lisa, he ran out of mags to look through for inspiration? I think his ‘it’s my house’ attitude put Sam in a position where she had no choice but let him have enough rope, and he certainly hung himself. Any ‘designer’ who can’t assess the size of a table to fit a room is a serious concern. Loved the navy teams room but not the exposed toilet. Not just the sight but the potential smell…yuk. Thought the Green teams perspex was fantastic, loved it and will use it myself in the near future. I’ve worked with perspex and guess it took longer than expected to do as perspex can easily crack when cut, drilled or screwed. A thin, white, aluminum frame around each white piece, to prevent warping, would have improved installation result but the black needed to be one large piece to achieve that wonderful midnight sky effect. Liked the headboard heaps, as I can’t see through the top of my head I did like the en-suite hidden behind it. Jason ‘it’s what I do for a living’ strikes again, no wonder Luke looked like he’d lost the wrong team member. Love Natalia’s work, what a gem she is. Lastly, for a show that purports to care about the environment and recycling they are very wasteful when the teams could easily have done a room in their house or even rooms for people/groups in need. I hope they at least donate all the throw away items to charities.

8 Ali { 09.19.11 at 9:05 am }

I think if they say its a 24 hour challenge, then they should get to stay and work for 24 hours! It wasn’t really a 24 hour challenge!

9 Georgie { 09.19.11 at 9:11 am }

I love the show but Ten has no respect for the 700,000 (quote RR) viewers they have got when they stuff around with the timeslot so much. I missed last night’s episode thanks to the 6.30pm start.
Sue/Smauge – agree with you on Pete’s design style – it’s very ‘bordello chic’ without Lisa’s tempering hand. Can’t believe anyone would put mirror cupboards in a kitchen, let alone over a stove – he obviously doesn’t do a lot of house work.
The complete lack of colour in the finished houses makes all the design elements/challenges/lessons they’ve had during the show seem a waste of time.
Having said that the fact they’ve all gone all out for white everything is an indication they had to go for the cheapest everything to try and stay on budget. Such a pity that the only creative flair they’ve been able to ‘afford’ is in the building design of the reno.

10 Fides { 09.19.11 at 9:52 am }

RR – those were my thoughts exactly – how is that a 24 hour challenge? They should have the option of pulling an all nighter if they wish.

Was reading last week about how it’s unlikely the show will be back and the Renovators brand may have been irrevocably damaged that it can’t reinvent itself for next year. It’s a pity – I started off really disliking the show – I’m not into renos or construction, or interior design by any stretch of the imagination…but it has grown on me and I can completely see its appeal. I can look at balls of yarn and see endless possibilities (Lincraft is my Bunnings) – so now I get what these contestants see when they look at their decrepit houses, or white rooms. It will be a shame if there is no way to bring in back in next year.

So if this week is all about rewards and no eliminations, will next week be all about eliminations? That’s if they’re still trying to knock out six to crown a single winner – who knows with these woolly rules?

11 smauge { 09.19.11 at 9:59 am }

They won’t reduce it to one next week. There will be one person left in each house (not necessarily the house they are currently in) Then when the houses go to auction, the key holder to the house with the biggest percentage of profit will win the total profit from all 6 houses.

12 Georgie { 09.19.11 at 10:02 am }

RR – found your quote said ‘less than 700,000’ which could mean it’s just us lot that actually watch it!
Another thought, maybe show/eliminations will continue after the ‘live’ auctions – whoever the ‘winner takes all’ is, can still be determined after the houses have been sold.

13 Fides { 09.19.11 at 10:09 am }

No I’m thinking it’s like MC finale week with one gone every night. That would still leave 6 key holders waiting for the auction results. I’m hoping the F6, in their current houses are : Luke, Pete, Natalia, Keenan, Nathan and Michael. Would like Jarrad in the final mix too, but not at Michael’s expense.

14 robbo { 09.19.11 at 10:28 am }

Looked at the Half-done house and the shop on the weekend. My thoughts are that Sam must have “softened” Peter a bit as the half-done house was way better than I expected. The kitchen is now pale grey rather than stark white but I did not like the mirror cupboards above the stove. He has one of those attic ladders into a large storage area in the ceiling. The rooms are all well finished with interesting pieces and lots of mirrors. The bath with French Doors behind it into the private courtyard is a bit weird in my opinion but others loved it especially with a large mirror in the courtyard that looks like the neighbors window giving the impression they are looking into your bathroom. Kinky.

Worst part about the house is that it is right under the Mascot flight path and the planes are very low and loud when they go over. Little Peter could do about that. This house could be the main danger to the fibro cottage.

The shop was a bit disappointing. The awning still makes it look like a shop. Would have preferred a bull nosed verandah to make it look like a house. Backyard was overlooked by a tall building which I think needed a screen of some sort on the back fence for privacy. Overall workmanship was good without being great and it was somewhat lacking in WOW factor which I thought Natalia would have brought. One crazy chandelier which was just a a heap of light bulbs hanging from power cords. That might have been Natalia. Somewhat a middle of the road effort overall.

With Baz announcing that Renovators will run for another three weeks with no eliminations this week I wonder how they are going to structure the last week. I hate shows and games where the rules are not clear from the outset but change as they go along and to me it is looking like the rules may be changed yet again from Jason’s final comment on Sunday night.

There are auctions 6:30 and 8:00 pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week. I know they need a wrap up or finale after the auctions to announce the winner but how are they going to maintain suspense for over a week after the auctions are completed?

Maybe some houses do not sell at auction a la “The Block”. How will the winner react when presented with an invoice rather than a cheque when overall the six houses make a loss? Exactly how is the profit percentage going to be calculated? I would assume the that the actual rather than budget reno costs would need to be used.

15 brain dead dave { 09.19.11 at 11:00 am }

The nomadic timeslot never helped this show and now I see Ch 10 have axed the afternoon encores,the mongrels.

16 Renocrazy { 09.19.11 at 11:20 am }

With apologies for reiterating what I said before. After viewing it I truly thought the half done house was a fiasco, and like I said it reminded me of Woody Allens ‘Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex’… the segment where the actors (representing sperm), are dressed head to toe in laboratory white, and journey through a brilliant white tunnel to reach the blinding light of the final white room.
Sam might have got him to soften it slightly but there was no way Peter would let her have any real say in his concept.
The mirror doors over a stove, sink and as kick boards were the stuff of nightmares. A buyer would have to rip out the kitchen, pull up all of the tiles and redesign the main bathroom to actually live in the house. One slip while opening the bathroom french doors and you’d be in hospital, or in the morgue after crashing through glass doors onto concrete pavers. To close the doors you’d have to get out of the bath, dress, walk round the outside of the house and close the doors from the outside. not my idea of good design. The step down from the bathroom french doors was also of illegal height, and I’m betting it is probably illegal to have french doors so close behind a bath. By the way, how many glass doors do you need in a kitchen/diner? Over the top is an understatement. Lastly, this was not supposed to be a Hollywood extravaganza, the area it is in sells/rents as family homes. As an investor I could not rent this house out without major and expensive changes, as a parent I’d never feel safe letting my kids have a bath and I would hate the lack of storage in the kitchen and cleaning the over-abundance of glass, mirrors, white floors and cupboards.
Love all the other houses, Nathan and the boys in Navy did a great job, don’t know why the grey and green team couldn’t finish, or ran out of money. Except the furniture was soooo pricey. (Call me guys, I’ll show you were to buy the same furniture for a quarter of the price).

17 Cheryl { 09.19.11 at 11:55 am }

I watched the Baz interview on MolkTV and he said that Renovators has definitely been picked up for next year. It must be a very recent addition to the schedule.

18 Fides { 09.19.11 at 11:55 am }

Love the observations and discussions here – thanks everyone!

Robbo – were there lots of fingerprints on those mirrored kitchen cupboard doors? Doesn’t Pete do kitchen/bathrooms for a living? I shudder to think… And what was the half-done house’s back yard like? On Friday’s show Brendan said they had budgeted $20 for landscaping – by the photos, that looks about right…was it disappointing?

And the shop – I guess with August’s autocratic style and budget woes, their final product suffered. I hope Natalia manages to get the keys off August, if he really has been as controlling as she and Christie indicated on Friday.

Renocrazy – see the appeal of Pete’s white space, as he himself says, is that while you might get blindness, you’ll get a tan! So it’s a kitchen/solarium/laboratory…how come that’s not emphasised in the agent’s blurbs?!

19 sue { 09.19.11 at 12:56 pm }

Cheryl- I hope you are correct, as I have really enjoyed this show. Come on Ch10- make 1 decent decision and give this show another go!!! :0

20 Melly { 09.19.11 at 1:31 pm }

I felt last night’s ep was a little flat. I don’t know why, I just didn’t enjoy it thoroughly which is a shame because I do enjoy this show, but I guess they can’t all be winners.

Thought Pete’s room looked like a dog’s breakfast everything was just placed around the room in a chaotic way, agree that he seems to have lost his way more and more after Lisa has left. Definitely would have looked better with the dining room on the “stage”.

Loved the Navy Blue and the Green teams’ rooms, although the Navy team would have been better putting a screen there in my opinion, not that it mattered because they won which I was happy about.

I just hope they give this show another go next year, I think it would be more interesting if they got rid of the eliminations all together and had teams of 4 strangers renovating houses along with the challenges and then the winning team splits the winnings, why does there only have to be one winner?

I wonder if the winner will feel like they have to split the winnings with their fallen team mates? Especially if Michael or Jarrad win considering they have been on their own basically since week 2.

21 Culinary Boner { 09.19.11 at 2:20 pm }

A toilet in the bedroom, as designed by those ever-improving dudes Jarrod and Michael, would be fine for bladder relief on them cold winter nights, I reckon. I’d just take aim from my side of the bed and hope Mrs Boner wouldn’t notice.

22 Renocrazy { 09.19.11 at 2:29 pm }

Melly, I really like your idea. Teams of four per house, with team challenges being ‘renovation’ based and the winning team getting either a monetary awards to be used towards their renovations or a time award in next team challenge. But please no key holders, I believe that concept was a silly idea as right from the start, and based on the flimsiest of challenges, non key-holders were disadvantaged and never had full opportunity to show their skills. Individual challenges between team members, instead of causing eliminations, could be the non-white room challenges such as flat packs, mosaics, tiling, general home maintenance (installing water tanks, fixing leaky taps, cisterns, damaged paving; thoroughly cleaning a barbecue) and based on a point system with team members receiving points according to placing in challenge. The more points accumulated the greater the percentage of the winnings (if their team wins). Maybe, to boost viewer numbers, each team could be assigned a (different) weekly viewer who can give advice or help over the phone and receive a small prize if their team wins.

23 Georgie { 09.19.11 at 2:49 pm }

Melly – good point about current series winner sharing the spoils. Would make for a more strategy driven approach like cycling team members who sacrifice themselves to make sure one of their team wins.
CBoner – man oh man you’d need to get your trajectory exactly right. You’d be up all night doing the maths.

24 Renocrazy { 09.19.11 at 3:08 pm }

Love the people on this site, you guys should be on the show. Even if you aren’t renovators you’d be so much more entertaining. CBoner, how about a long rubber tube for those nights when your aim is off? Georgie, did you say sacrifice? Wow, that could really create interest and introduce new judges (of the forensic type). Being slightly bloodthirsty this does appeal. I hope the Renovators does come back next year as it has glimmers of potential, I also hope the producers read Reality Ravers, and use some of the ideas therein.

25 Melly { 09.19.11 at 3:27 pm }

Oh Cboner that gives me an awesome idea for a new TV show!

You get a bunch of guys & girls and get them to pee into a standard toilet, over varying distances, obstacles and in different situations.

I would watch that show sadly.

26 Mama'sMilk { 09.19.11 at 4:10 pm }

Melly I’m sorry to say, I’d watch that show too. But then I have a 3 year old boy who should probably be a contestant.

27 Culinary Boner { 09.19.11 at 4:30 pm }

Maths was never a strong point. Nor is aiming. Come to think of it, I’d need to wait ’til the wee hours to get the requisite bladder pressure so I didn’t aim short.

Melly, I’m pretty certain the Japanese will have already done such a pee-pee show in game show format. Brings to mind that challenge they had on Amazing Race once, where the Japanese TV host spun a wheel and the racers had to eat whatever landed on their spot including tubs full of industrial-strength wasabi. And the Japanese audience wet ’emselves with laff-ta.

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