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The X Factor – The Top 12 Live Show

With the ratings sky rocketing in the second season of The X Factor  it just proves that sometimes you have to give a show a chance to find its audience and to iron out a few kinks.

The live performances kicked off tonight and it was a strong start, however before the performance reviews here are just a few quick comments on the show:

  • Natalie is not going to have much work to do in a few weeks, as I suspect Andrew Wishart and Mitchell Callaway will be early casualties. Also she needs to work on her song choices;
  • Natalie did come in for the most criticism from the other judges;
  • The judges opening number gave good energy to the show-  will they be doing that every week. Was that idea taken from the rival show “The Voice”;
  • Declan has got to be Julian Assanges or Thomas Dolby’s lovechild; and
  • Does The X Factor use autotune?

Reece Matin – Closer To The Edge – 30 Secs to Mars

Interesting that Reece was given the first spot of the night, this can be a liability as sometimes you get less votes because people do not tune into the show later.

He was very nervous as his voice was weak at the start, but he became stronger towards the end. They will not be wanting this kid to be a an early casualty as he is one of the favourites to win, and the crowd loved him.

The judges gushed over him and did not mention the weak start. But it is traditional for the judges to go soft on the first night.

Three Wishez – Telephone (Lady Gaga)

I liked their rendition however the only memorable person in the group is the girl who tends to get all the main singing bits.

It was fairly well received by the judges focusing mainly on the lead singer.

Andrew Wishart – The Man Who Can’t Be Moved (The Script)

Andrew has no shaggability factor, so needs to rely on his voice and performance tonight to obtain votes. He achieved no great heights  on either of those. It was bland.

Ronan blamed Nat and said it was too obvious. Mel B called it how it was and said it was boring and the song did not allow him to do much.

Christina Parie – Since You’ve Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson)

Christina is one of the favourites to win, she was great and did not become puffed out when she was jumping around. Also since she is 15 it was good to see everything was age appropriate.

There were rumours in the Sunday paper’s that she and Reece might be having a little romance, if they both get to the pointy end of the competition things could get tense.

Guy Sebastian was amazed at she hit the high notes and she did not look nervous.

Mitchell Callaway – The Only Girl In The World (Rihanna)

Another one of Natalie’s dodgy contestant choices.  He lacks charisma in the pre-packaged videos which is really important in obtaining votes. Also they keep on going on about Mitchell’s mispent youth. What did he do. I thought it was traffic offences but he has been before the courts a few times. His mother still cries about it.

It was not a bad rendition, and the performance where he sat on a chair surrounded by candles was not the worse of the evening. However don’t see him lasting the distance.

Guy said very very interesting song choice… he said it needs to have a moment in there, and it just didn’t move me.

Mel B said it moved her, and she thought it was very good.

Ronan said he sang the best that he sang all week. Which I think was a back handed compliment.

Johnny Ruffo – Moves Like Jagger (Maroon 5)

I would not have put this guy through to boot camp but I am willing to be proved wrong. The thing that cracks me up about this guy is that he looks very rugged but he sings like a boy band performer. I think there were much better guys to pick in the under 25 guys category.

Mel B wants to hear him sing better then he did.

Ronan – thought he bit off more then he could chew.

Natalie Bass – Not the strongest vocalist but you worked hard.

Guy said there are people who get up on stage who are famous that don’t sing as good as you? Name names Guy.

Audio Vixen  – Viva la Vida (Coldplay)

Ronan called it himself when he said Audio Vixen were 1999 and they needed to be brought int the 21st century.

It was an enjoyable performance. I am still now sure if they will be The X Factor, but they will stick around for a few weeks. They just seem a little bland like The Corrs.

Mel B said it wasn’t old it was a bit irish folkie which she liked.

Jacqui Newland – Love Story (Taylor Swift)

I thought the judges were pretty harsh putting Jacqui on the spot in the first week, asking her what sort of artist she wanted to be. I note they did not ask anyone else  this.

The theme this week is judges choice, and Mel B picked the song so what was Jacqui to do. Argue?

Isn’t that the point of the mentors to mould them. Also as the weeks go on in these show there is always criticism about contestants being one trick ponies.

Declan Sykes – Uprising (Muse)

Twitter went ballistic when Declan was on. Can he give the title a shake, I think he can. His quirky persona is rather engaging and he did a nice rendition of the song. It will be interesting to see if his fans will stick with him week in and week out. I like his voice but I am not sure how versatile he is.

Guy admitted he picked him because Wynter and Beyonce went nuts over him.

Cleo Howman – Jar Of Hearts (Christina Perri)

A Sheridan Tyler fail on the wardrobe choice with the little Red Riding Hood look, though Mel B blamed Nat Bass who would have signed off on it. Natalie picked what I thought was an obscure song choice for Cleo, however after a look at You Tube at the original it had over 35 million hits.  I really dug the Cirque De Soleilesque back up dancers.

Unfortunately for Cleo she missed her cue and scrambled a bit after that.

Mel B – said she didn’t like the song, and didn’t like the cloak, and had a slash at Natalie “I didn’t hear the best ability in this song and you as a mentor should have done better with her and what she is wearing.”

Ronan said thought her composure was quite impressive. However he hated the song choice.

Nat admitted that we did not get to see her at her best.

Young Men Society – Lazy Song (Bruno Mars) vs Price Tag (Jessie J)

I really liked their performance it was entertaining. They could be the group to watch. Yes it was a bit cheesy but there was energy there.

Mel B thought it was great.

Tyla Bertolli – Set The Rain On Fire (Adele)

I really really want to like Tyla, but she has not had a moment yet in this competition. She can never quite get there. Hopefully we will see one soon. Agree with Ronan that she looked like Jessica Rabbit and Adele should be sung effortlessly.

Mel B defending her choice of songs said that Tyla has to sing like Tyla not like Adele.


1 Kaylen { 09.20.11 at 10:35 am }

No comments yet!?!

Well, I enjoyed it! Agree with most of what you said.

It’s good that you’re writing up the Live Shows – I like seeing what others thought about the acts.

Am glad that it’s doing better this year. Am also glad that these contestants seem mostly sane, too … !

Audio Vixen’s last moments of the song were – wow.

And I like The Corrs! 😛

2 brain dead dave { 09.20.11 at 10:52 am }

Natalie chose two duds to mentor….Andrew Wishart and Mitchell Callaway. These guys are nauseatingly desperate and bound for obscurity.

The set designs, graphics and pyrotechnics are impressive but the guitarists jumping around like Jimi Hendrix to the lamest arrangements when you can barely hear the guitars…oh no.