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Guest Post From BDD – Date Date – UK Style

There has been much angst about where the Aussie version of Dinner Date has gone. I have tried to find out whether there are anymore in the can or if they will be doing a second season… Will let you know when I do.

But thanks again to BDD for taking the time to guest post on this entertaining show and can someone please help him and tell him what a “meat sweat” is:

It’s UK Dinner Date once again. As usual we start ten minutes late and I’ve already seen a bit of the Charlie Sheen Roast whilst waiting.

 Tonight’s date is Peter. He’s 28,in a”high flying” advertising job.Rugby nut and been single for a year and a half. Says he’s picky and forthright and a woman would need to have thick skin and be able to take a joke to be with him.(That’s enough of a warning for me) His teeth are pretty bad for 28 and he’s “ruggedly” handsome in a Gordon Ramsay kind of way.

 He chooses the menus of Bella 22brunette, Charlotte 24 blonde and Jo 27 blonde. There’s an ad break so I go back to the Charlie Sheen roast.Surely that will win the ratings in this timeslot this week.

 First Date Bella

 She’s an antique book seller in “Daddy’s business”. Stiff upperclass English accent down pat,she’s looking for a “nice chap” and an old fashioned courtship. She’s made a big effort with the hair in a “40’s style” and stumped up French menu.There’s hushed talk of a “secret sauce” of Bell’s,too.

 When Peter turns up,he finds himself being ordered aound like a slave and on the receiving end of Bella bragging about her cooking exploits.Still she burns the butternut she’s been preparing. These two don’t exactly hit it off.

 Peter leaves very quickly.He thinks she’s eccentric and later says she’s she’s slightly crazy and could make him an embarrassment with his rugger mates.He does praise Bella’s cooking ,saying it was almost restaurant quality.( I didn’t believe him)

 Bella rates him 2 out of 3 stars.( I missed something offensive he said earlier in the date. Feel free to update that,anyone)

 Second date

 Charlotte is an aspiring actress,possibly a bottle blonde. She’s managed to snare Peter’s appetite with a Fillet Steak and an intriguing dark chocolate mousse.

 For a big occasion like this ,in true Ma$terchef tradition, Charlotte tells us that she hasn’t made much of this food before and is truly winging it without any scales in the kitchen. She’s however confident that her “wit and charm ” will get her through the night. Just in case,she’s got a black dress and some alledgedly flash french champagne to help. Charlotte’s hoping for a bloke who isn’t scruffy or in brown shoes.

 The woman doing the voiceovers is on fire tonight, I’m loving her commentary. She points out how Peter insuts Charlotte’s job when he arrives and how Charlotte has cheated by providing canapes not on the menu as hors d’oeuvres.

 Charlotte finds Peter cocky and full of himself even when he’s producing mindless conversation about being confused about Norfolk and Cornwall.

She used to think Prague was a country. She’s not happy about the brown boots Peter’s wearing. Fair enough,they look absolutely mange- ridden. Both, however acknowledge that the other is “good looking’.

 In the kitchen ,the chips and the veggies are sticking to the baking foil. Peter’s not much help as he’s just busted the cork on the champagne.

 The main is a giant steak,which Peter is glowing about.So big is the steak, Charlotte claims to have broken into a “meat sweat”. Now ,what the hell is that?

They seem to hit it off pretty well and Charlotte concludes that she “fancies him”,boots and all rating him 2.5 stars because he was ‘cocky’.

 Third date

 Jo 27 is of Cornish heritage and works as a dance instructor.She’s snared Peter with the promise of beer battered Cod with mushy peas. Also there’s her signature dish ,the choc brownies.

 Jo doesn’t give a rats ar$e about scales either,saying she ignores the measurements and does her own thing. She’s been single for two years and says she’s not a romantic person into cooing and canoodling.(The rugby nut could just be your cup of tea.)

 The voiceover woman kicks Jo’s ar$e about using a colander to sift the flour for the beer batter and about the likely outcome for the “signature” brownies.

Peter arrives and reckons Jo is “very pretty”. There are candles and an ornate table settings.The tomato salad entree is a success but there’s a big problem with the cod because Peter reckons it will take ages for the cooking oil to heat up.

 Eventually the Cod is a success but Jo should have kept quiet about her special tartare sauce which is an awful failure as Peter hates it anytime.. Cagily, Peter traps Jo about the alleged “home made Cornish “icecream to go with the brownies. She’s forced to reveal it came form a Supermarket.

 Peter says that in spite of the problems in the kitchen he enjoyed the evening and Jo gives him three stars. Time for Peter to decide.

 Peter sends a microwave meal around to Bella’s place,describing her as “eccentric” “bossy”.He hated the “secret sauce”,too.

 Charlotte gets a microwave meal,too. Peter said that he felt very comfortable with her. (Would have been my choice)

 Peter goes for Joe for another dinner date. We’re told that one month later Peter and Jo are still single but dating.

 Voiceover lady is great,a feature of the show.



1 Georgie { 09.21.11 at 4:13 pm }

Thanks for the wrap up BDD – I missed it last night so now I feel like I watched it.
Sorry, can’t help you on the ‘meat sweat’ – maybe the steak was so big and heavy she broke out in a sweat lifting it.
I hope the Aus show continues – what I saw of it was amusing and entertaining, especially the Reality Ravings part of it.

2 brain dead dave { 09.21.11 at 4:26 pm }

I forgot that date 3 Jo almost served up cold mushy peas to go with the cod. Not that it mattered.

Yep, I really want to know what a “meat sweat ” is. As it happened last night Charlotte was inferring that the amount of steak she’d consumed at main was causing her to sweat.

Ch 7 were still asking for contestants during early episodes of Dinner Date Aus. Maybe Manu’s in rehab.

3 Georgie { 09.21.11 at 4:50 pm }

Or taking English language classes. I hope not though cause I really love your translations.

4 brain dead dave { 09.21.11 at 7:41 pm }

“Je suis in re-arb, Georgie. Beaucoup de Cointreau. C’est la vie!”

Quest que ce le “meat sweat”?

5 Georgie { 09.21.11 at 8:33 pm }

Ah poor Manu, I’ve been known to give the Cointreau a nudge occasionally myself but not enough to end up in re-arb.
Sorry mate, I still don’t know WTF ‘meat sweat’ is.

6 Georgie { 09.21.11 at 9:56 pm }
7 Rochelle { 09.22.11 at 12:06 am }

I love dinner date. Thanks for posting this!

8 brain dead dave { 09.22.11 at 11:03 am }

So , “meat sweat” doesn’t have much science to back it up after all. Thanks for doing the research , Georgie.

9 Reality Raver { 09.22.11 at 1:19 pm }

Hey BDD good news there will be a second series of Dinner Date next year.

10 brain dead dave { 09.22.11 at 2:08 pm }

C’est un bel- heava- bowl, RR. Le Dinner Date est du fromage(cheese)

Does that mean that a season of Dinner Date Oz is four episodes, as seen so far? My TV guide says it’s UK Dinner Date again next week.

11 Reality Raver { 09.22.11 at 2:12 pm }

No more in the can for Aussie Dinner Date unfortunately.

12 Culinary Boner { 09.22.11 at 2:53 pm }

“he’s “ruggedly” handsome in a Gordon Ramsay kind of way”…
…as was that badgered-to-death meat dwarf:

13 Culinary Boner { 09.22.11 at 3:01 pm }

“meat sweat” is what Mrs Boner experiences when I raise the question of whether she’s up for the monthly nuptials.

14 Georgie { 09.22.11 at 5:51 pm }

Could also be a post nuptial condition I reckon.

15 Culinary Boner { 09.23.11 at 10:45 am }

Georgia, that’s just the sweat of disappointment and (catholic) guilt

16 Georgie { 09.23.11 at 10:59 am }

LMAO – BDD I just worked out what ‘un-bel-heava-bowl’ was in the French. I just hadn’t strung it together phonetically before.

17 Viola { 09.26.11 at 10:49 pm }

Nice wrap up, but just a few clarifications: Bella and Charlotte are still single but Peter and Jo are officially dating, each other, one month later. He wasn’t that mean about Bella but he did say it would be interesting introducing her to his friends. That Bella was a piece of work, huh…not sure about the science behind the meat sweat though I have heard people mention experiencing it before.