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The Renovators – Natalia Chose With Her Heart Not Her Head

August reminds me of a person who uses other people to get what he wants and then takes the credit for it, and conversely when things go wrong blaming them for it.

Whenever the judges asks who has done work or design in the house he always says it is a group effort. Considering he could not put up a toilet roll holder on a wall this would indicate  he had little contribution to the hand made wash basin a major feature of the bathroom.

He did that in the Coco Chanel challenge as well. He wasted time trying to do the gold studs which he had to abandon whilst Christie was doing all the hard word, and then had his arm around Christie say what a great team they were.

This also appeared to be the case when they were prepping the bathroom, with August unable to put the toilet roll holder up. In the end Christie did it, and then went out to get some air to calm down.

She also said he had been treating her like his whipping girl all day.

Ironically when Natalia went with her heart and not with her head to pick which team would have to go head to head to decide who the key holder was going to be, Christie said she was fine with it.

Christie is probably happy to be rid of August.

Tonight they teams were judged on their bathrooms, but every team “won” a cash prize, probably to ensure their renovations came in on budget.

“We won $10,000 today” proclaimed Christie. No Christie you were given $10,000.

Though the inner city terrace was gifted $20,000 and as they came second in the judging. Which was absolutely bollocks. Their tiny bathroom had a washbasin, a toilet and a shower recess. So inner city terrace must be really struggling with their budget.

The winner was the sixties suburban and they won $30,000, inner city terrace came second, and half done house came third and won $15,000. The other three teams scored $10,000.

The sixties suburban deserved to win for their bathroom, but it is easier to do a great design when you have a bigger space.

I thought Peter’s (half done house) bathroom was lovely, but Baz was right the shower head was impractical.

There was some bizarre light issue going on with the navy blue team, you had to go outside to get more light in the bathroom?

The green teams was nice but nothing spectacular, and I thought the grey team was good that the toilet was in a separate area of the space.

Natalia who was in the winning obviously pushed for the grey team to be up for elimination which I thought was a bit silly, considering the shop will have to be very lucky to win the competition. She should have busted up one of the stronger teams, like the navy blue boys.

The challenge for tomorrow night with Christie and August going head to head to make a table. However it looks like they get assistance from other renovators. Personally I think the challenge should have been a strict individual challenge.

What do you think about the episode? Which bathroom do you think should have won?



1 Cheryl { 09.27.11 at 10:50 pm }

She definitely went with her heart but it could be just as much to give Christie a break as to get August back for voting her out of the grey team. I don’t really like Christie but I did feel very sorry for her after seeing the “team”work August practices.

It would have been a much better idea to get a tradie out rather than a stylist, the teams of stylists are the ones most likely to run out of money and have dodgy work while the tradies can always hire someone to style for them like the navy blue boys did with Freedom coming out to help them style their lounge about a week ago.

2 Chunks { 09.27.11 at 11:48 pm }

I don’t think it matters which team goes first if it’s a battle to the death between the remaining two members on each team. The weak and the strong will all have to do battle eventually. Don’t care much for Christie or August but August is more annoying.

3 Kramer { 09.28.11 at 12:00 am }

I do agree that it should be an individual challenge (not so much of that “head to head” that Brendan keeps announcing -who writes his lines!). How else could they be able to prove their renovation skills! I think it is pretty unfair to those guys (navy blue and khaki teams) that had to face real challenges based on some degree of renovation ability.
Looking at the pictures of the shop and following what’s on facebook. It appears that it is Christie the one that may end up leaving the competition (August art work in the corridor and the lounge, and the nephew’s comment on fb may be giving it away). I’m happy in way (if this happens) as Christie appears to be doing all the comments on how she should be the key holder and how she does so much. I haven’t heard nothing from August so far and it appears that Christie poses and acts for the cameras so much, for instance, in some scenes she seems to be pretty annoyed at August and in others loving and hugging him so much. I think she should have one face to the camera and to August and take a professional approach in renovations aspects. This only reflects a childish attitude on her and, I am sorry to say, diminish the integrity and reputation of August. Note that I’m not taking sides with any of them. I am cheering for Navy blue team!
On toilets matters, I think it is difficult to judge given given the variety of dimensions, budgets and other factors. But I think it is reasonable to say ‘if they get to make the most for the space, created a livable toilet and provided some sort of wild/designer factor’ then that team should have won. To me, the Khaki team deserved it -based on these criteria. They managed the space well, very livable -nothing so much extravagant as it was the case for Peter’s toilet-, and it had a bit of that designers attraction with the nice brown tiles, the lights and the shaped shower wall. The sky blue team also deserved it as they made the most given the small space they had to work with, had the design aspect with the mirror and the tiles, and you could see yourself living there. Peter’s was far too pompous and extravagant for a toilet – flashy, cluttered with no so much balance. I think some credit needs to be given to the navy blue team but that the light switch was outside the room it was definitely not an advantage. I also found very annoying the ‘demographic’ comment from Robyn -quite elitist. The other two teams were okay with the green team having the most undesirable factor of no having a shower door – the toilet paper comment from Peter Ho was a spot on.
Overall, I think by giving so much money away most of the houses have serious budget issues, and I find Peter’s renovation expenditure wildest. I think he cares quite a bit about his own reputation and the brand name he could make from the show. He has worked pretty hard and for sure Ch10 is milking some profits from advertising so I guess it’s ok what he is doing (considering that Ch10 will want to see all houses renovated otherwise there is no show -some moral hazard issues there). I think Luke may have also observed this and may enjoy future winning from his work. Though don’t know about those competitors who keep losing, they may end putting in risk their reputations as designer and/or tradesman. I think judges are very careful on these hence when judging they always are very careful with their words (this kind of show can ruin their future income as they depend so much on the reputation, and also viceversa).
Also something odd that I observed in the last few episodes, is the similarity in Luke’s designs and Peter’s. For instance, in the Chanel challenge both had the lights behind the divider screen, and it looked like Luke put the lamp at the last minute. Also in the toilet challenge the tiles used, the rugs and ottoman were too similar despite different colour.

4 Fides { 09.28.11 at 12:16 am }

RR agree that having the Navy Blues face off early might be some advantage as it means they’ll be left with one person sooner with more work to complete. But then again, apart from the shop, Natalia/Nathan wouldn’t know what states the other houses are in. I’d say Half done house and possibly the shop are more advanced so could cope with one member better. So if you were playing the “game” as Natalia says she is, put the Blues (Navy or Sky) up first.

Think this head to head furniture making challenge is silly – I do hope when it comes to the Navy boys, it’s a building worthy challenge. And agree they should not get help except for heavy lifting… hate the inconsistencies on this show!

I think the issue with the Navy Blues’ bathroom light was that they found it too warm with the heater lights, but to switch them off meant you’d have no lights. And then Baz grumbled about the switch being outside the room, which Jarrad did explain about that being the electrician’s call.

Oh and I’m going to try for some of Robyn’s lingo tomorrow and use the word “scale” when I probably could just say size, and hopefully they’ll be an opportunity to throw in “total visual impact”.

5 Anonymous { 09.28.11 at 12:30 am }

cheryl, that was good advertising “product placement” for Freedom.. Just like the little pantomime between Natalia and Nathan for BBA. every time they look at their budget it’s toal product placement for the CBA.
I have only watched Masterchef so not that familiar with the sophistication and prevalence of produc placement in reality tv, but there’s quite a lot of it.

6 JStar { 09.28.11 at 12:47 am }

I would have made the same decision as Natalia if I was in her shoes. Karma is a bitch and August indicated (when the crew were in Queensland) that he was a bitch. Definitely agree with RR with her past few blogs that the tone of the show (in terms of editing the correct mix of challenges, drama, and skill) has improved.

Yes, all houses are definitely over-budget so tonight’s episode was Channel Ten’s version of Christmas in September. The money was just being doled out. Given the fact that the producers forced the contestants to spend so much of their week, particularly in the early parts of this competition, doing off-site challenges and white rooms so that they had no time to do their homes (and thus spending limited money on tradies), this show of generosity was fair and long overdue in my view.

What we saw during the bathroom presentation were three teams with great attention to detail: the sky blue, khaki, and orange. Putting aside one’s own personal taste, I was impressed with the attention to the smallest detail that they all took to deliver their vision.

My Electronic Program Guide indicates the Orange team will be next up for elimination on Friday, followed by the Sky Blue next week. Definitely does not seem fair that the Grey and Orange team will be reduced to a one (wo)man team whilst the other four teams have potentially another two weeks (in filming time as opposed to real time) to finish everything as a team of two. And all of those remaining four teams are comprised of at least one tradesman. Maybe Natalia is not the only one who makes decisions with her heart rather than her head.

7 Culinary Boner { 09.28.11 at 8:25 am }

Natalia has clearly forgotten the old adage that revenge is a dish best served cold.

Based on the toilet roll holder incident – the highlight of this fairly lame episode – King Herod* and Ms Dimple-Pie Kiss-My-Butt-Crack would have to be very close to mutually assured destruction anyways. I was looking forward to a whole week of passive-aggressive antics from this pair. *sigh* Can’t the producers work out how to enliven this show?

Rubber ducky and I vote for Peter’s bathroom.


8 Maryann { 09.28.11 at 8:38 am }

I liked both khaki and orange teams bathrooms. I thought sky blue’s was more of an ensuite and didn’t deserve 2nd prize over Pete’s. I am sorry Natalia picked Grey team for the 1st elimination it would have been better, from a strategic point of view, to go with sky blue who probably have the most work left to do. I think August will win tonight. He understands how to manipulate Christie. I don’t think he is nearly as incapable as he pretended last night. I am surpised that they get help from the other renovators for the head-to-head challenge. It would be far better if they go one-on-one. I also think that each head-to-head challenge is different so I bet some will be one-on-one.

9 Renocrazy { 09.28.11 at 10:00 am }

Best bathroom won, agree with judges all the way on this challenge. Also agree it was a wasted advantage picking the grey team as they and the green team are the weakest. Would not have picked the orange either as Peter has proved he can work alone, and Sam is also a hard worker as well as being good with tools. Either blues should have been chosen, preferably sky blue as I do not believe Jason or Luke would survive as loners, but then if that happened the house would have been unfinished and channel ten/shine very unhappy. whereas I do not believe Jarrad or Michael would have any problem finishing alone. I see Green and Grey as the least of a threat.
Oh can somebody please silence Christie… what a bit**

10 Renocrazy { 09.28.11 at 10:20 am }

I think the worst damage to their reputations is not winning or losing the challenges as that is based only on the judges opinions and viewers may and do disagree, What will damage their reputations past repair is their attitude towards each other.

While Jarrad, Michael, Nathan, Luke, Sam (she really does seem to be genuinely supporting Peter) Keenan and Melissa would all be welcome at my place I would not allow August, Christie, Natalia within a mile of my reno. imagine having to work with either of them! Nor Jason (too club handed).

Unsure about Peter, he seems a nice guy but was really nasty to and about Sam who did not choose to be on his team. I’m sure she’d have preferred to be with Nathan. Clients want flair, quality, but also mutual respect, someone they can easily talk to and a pleasant work atmosphere.

One electrician I hired verbally abused his (apprentice) son constantly. While the work was excellent I would never employ him again and never recommend him, way too unpleasant an experience.

11 Fides { 09.28.11 at 10:35 am }

The entire grey team + Natalia are all getting such bad edits I’d like to think they all disappear. Won’t happen I know, as I think August and Natalia will be in the final 6. This ain’t Masterchef after all, where the villains will get their dues. But the foliage stealing again really irritated me last night as well – wonder if the owner of that magnolia tree saw that.

Oh and with Christie’s cutsie/pathetic “support the grey team and donate your plants” sign from the other night, I’m surprised she isn’t just helping herself in the dead of night anyway.

12 Renocrazy { 09.28.11 at 11:03 am }

Hi Fides. I so agree with you over Natalia’s habit of stealing and damaging property, I cringed when I saw yet another example of her lack of respect for other people. Imagine living next door to her?

13 Fides { 09.28.11 at 11:33 am }

That would be so appalling. And it’s that smug sense of entitlement that bugs me.

So the shop and weatherboard were auctioned last night. Is there no way we can find results?

14 Culinary Boner { 09.28.11 at 12:33 pm }

If there are worse locations in Marrickville than the shop, I reckon you could count them on one hand. Anyone paying more than $650-670K for this clearly has rocks in their head.

15 jamison { 09.28.11 at 1:33 pm }

There’s a spoiler alert for both house prices. really shocking results. here it is if you want it.

16 Reality Raver { 09.28.11 at 2:01 pm }

Jamison – I am surprised the marrickville one went for as much as it did. Maybe it is a contender.

17 Fides { 09.28.11 at 2:28 pm }

Thanks Jamison. Have checked it out and referred back to initial costs and budgets but commented on RR’s new auction price thread.

18 robbo { 09.28.11 at 2:42 pm }

RR If you use budget costs rather than actual renovation costs then the Weatherboard is ahead of the Shop which is well into negative profit territory. Doubtless the producers will find a way of fudging actual renovation costs. I doubt that many renovations have come in under budget by much though. This is not taking into any account all the prizes and freebies the contestants received nor their own free labour.

My prediction weeks ago was that the winner would get an invoice rather than a cheque. At present after two sales that is the current position. Waiting to see how the producers fix that.

These prices do not make renovations look a viable exercise at present. Selling houses fully furnished is not a common practice and no doubt the furnishings are heavily discounted by buyers who would have their own stuff and their own tastes.

The only reason for selling the houses furnished that I can see was to open the show to the stylists and designers and to give Robyn Holt a gig. For me it is also why I feel the show is unsatisfactory as there is hardly any renovating because it is submerged by all the other garbage.

19 Kate { 09.28.11 at 2:47 pm }

Marrickville is at least $14,000 over budget. It is definitely not a contender!

20 GHarris { 09.28.11 at 5:40 pm }

I thought it was good how Christie went outside to cool off rather than shouting or getting annoyed or just storming off. I’m surprised the weatherboard didn’t get a bigger prize as there was nothing to fault about theirs.. The LEDs in the half done house looked really tacky and it was stupid that you had to like climb in the bath to open and close the doors…

21 JandB { 09.28.11 at 6:31 pm }

I know editing comes into this but I couldn’t see what Christie was needing to ‘cool off’ about. August was asking her how to hang the toilet roll holder, sure, and that is annoying in a fellow ‘renovator’, especially when you are busy trying to fold towels, but I didn’t see him ‘barking orders’ at her. Nor even talking rudely, to be honest. Why why why don’t we see this (if it happened- questionable). I think I’m one of the few (??) going for August in the head to head challenge tonight. I hope Christie shows off some of the design skills which lost her the chance to win keys in the beginning (remember the carpet on the wall in her white room challenge?). Meow to me but it would be nice to watch the last couple episodes without her…

22 Renocrazy { 09.28.11 at 6:41 pm }

I’m with you JandB. I didn’t see August do anything deserving of her spite, in fact everything we feel is wrong with him is based on what she and Natalia say. If Christie had helped him with the dowel it would have taken 15-20 minutes between them and they might just have won the challenge. Fiona, who was nicer than both of them, liked him enough to hand him the keys. Christie is… well, I too think the last few episodes would be a much better place without her.

23 Vronie { 09.29.11 at 1:24 am }

I’m definitely with you, GHarris, in rooting for August in the “Head-to-Head.” While I don’t exactly *like* him, I don’t dislike him either. He seems to have been quite frank about this being a game and playing to win. Honesty I can get behind. I think we’ve seen that in a few people so far. (Michael springs to mind.) And while I *prefer* folks who will stop to help members of opposing teams out in a pinch (big Jason from the green team, for example, who also treated everyone to food after a working bee), I can absolutely *understand* folks being more goal oriented in a contest. I find good sportsmanship a lot more pleasant to watch, which is also one of the reasons I’m decidedly *not* rooting for Christie. The only example of what struck me as particularly unsportsmanlike behaviour I can think of was Christie during the swimming pool challenge, and she just glossed that over with a cutsey shrug and flash of dimples. Good grief. I trust her about as far as I can throw her, and I think Kramer has it pegged with her two-faced comments/gestures.

Renocrazy, you said you were on the fence about Peter. The thing that definitely swayed me against him were the (repeated) quips about not giving 100% when doing a working bee for someone else. That alone made me wonder how much he gives his clients, then. Sure, it could be said in fun. Um, even a couple of times. (Yeah right…) But it really made me wonder about him, and his treatment of Sam (or all non-Lisa teammates, really) and comments toward her have done the rest. So I didn’t mind seeing him not win this one. But I also really do believe Peter’s bath didn’t deserve to take the top prizes this time. While the work seemed very well done, the brown was a bit too much. And any design that requires you to stand in the tub to open a window is somehow really lacking. Good way to see to it that the tub gets scratched at some point, too. Plus for the prices they want these houses to go for, I’d want a nice modern glass shower door, or a design where none is needed at all, and not a flapping curtain while showering.

I also think JStar’s right, that while the cash gifts are a “gimme,” given the renovators had to out in/waste so much time on other things to create the show, it seemed an overdue compensation for the time they couldn’t spend on their renovation projects.