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Relocation Relocation Australia Premieres Tonight on Lifestyle At 8.30pm

Observational reality TV is huge genre of reality shows and Lifestyle Channel always make a good production and Relocation Relocation Australia is no exception.

The show takes couples who are searching for two properties and in these cases are making a “sea or tree change” to another part of Australia. They want to buy a property to live in as well as an investment place.

Throw in two buyers agents Bryce Holdaway and Veronica Morgan who have to manage the couples expectations and also finding them properties to fit their guidelines.

The show is enjoyable particularly if you are into real estate as the viewer gets to see some nice houses in parts of the country they may not live in . Also at times there is some nice dramatic tension between the couples as they try and decide what they want.

Bryce and Veronica are calm in what must be frustrating at times. When none of the houses they show the couples exactly fit the bill.

Episode Two was particularly entertaining for the tension between Katie and Matt who had moved to Perth from Melbourne. Katie was very pregnancy and they needed to find a house fast. However both had different ideas on where they wanted to live and what they wanted from a house.

The couple in episode one Karl and Rae were much more similar minded with the properties they were looking for. They wanted a $1 million house near Cairn to retire to, and a smaller apartment or house in Brisbane to live in where they worked.

Relocation Relocation Australia is based on the UK format of the show and if you liked it, then you will love the Australian version.

It starts tonight on Lifestyle Channel at 8.30pm, however the great thing about Foxtel channels there are repeats of the show throughout the week.