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The X Factor – Tyla Bertolli Is Eliminated

Firstly two commenters Kaylen and Sheng_huang picked the bottom two, Tyla and Jaqui so well done guys.

Does anyone else think that Guy Sebastian and Ronan Keating have an advantage in the competition as they went through it all last year so learnt from their mistakes?

Anyway Mel B had to kill one of her own last night with two of her under 25 year old girls landing in the bottom. Β Jacqui sang Respect, and Tyla sang Fighter. Guy Sebastian coming in via satellite from Singapore kicked off the comments, and criticised bother singers – Jacqui for being out of tune, and Tyla for screeching. He then cast his vote for Tyla to go.

Natalie Bassingthwaite appeared to be copying what Guy said and cast her vote for Tyla as well. Β Ronan disagreed and thought the performances were OK, but he cunningly voted for Jacqui to go to ensure Mel B was put on the spot and would have to decide who was going.

Props to Mel B she made the tough the decision and casted her vote for Tyla and not Jacqui which would have meant the person eliminated would be the singer with the lowest public vote.

Mel B’s rationale is she thinks she has a better chance with Jacqui.


1 sheng { 09.29.11 at 7:08 pm }

if it had come down to the lowest public vote.. in my opinion Jacqui wouldve been eliminated. Tyla seems to have a larger fan base on both Twitter and Facebook.

I agree with what RR says about Guy and Ronan having the advantage. They’ve clearly made the better choice for their categories as almost all their finalists have massive supporters due to their singing ability… and possibly charm too.

Nat shouldve picked Maria to go through to the top 12s.

Prediction for next week: Mitchell and maybe Andrew or Jacqui in the bottom 2.

For the reasons that:
I cant see Mitchell, who has based all his performances around a country genre performing a rock theme.
Andrew- He has highs and lows.
Jacqui- Vocally she’s just not up to par with the rest

My Favourite so far are: Christina, Audio Vixen and Three Wishez.

2 Kaylen { 09.29.11 at 8:04 pm }

The issue people will have in not voting for Mitchell is a) he’s kinda cute, and b) it’d be like kicking a puppy.

Agreed with the thought that Ronan and Guy have the upper hand, simply in the fact that they are already aware of how the public can tend to swing.

Doesn’t mean they will always get it right though. πŸ˜›

In the end, I think it was the right person to go. Plus, huge props to Mel for actually picking and not palming it off to someone else. πŸ˜‰

3 Minnie Amber { 09.29.11 at 11:24 pm }

terrible song choices and ‘singing’ from both. Actually they sounded worse than scuttle the seagull in little mermaid just before the kiss the girl song (prince eric pretty much said someone should put that poor creature out of its misery) lol. To be honest i think this year there is hardly any talent with actual ‘x factor’ christina and reece and yms are the best but there still something missing from each of these acts. And Johnny still sux

4 brain dead dave { 09.30.11 at 1:01 pm }

I reckon The Wiggles will rock harder than this appallingly deluded bunch. Audio Toxin.

5 Minnie Amber { 09.30.11 at 9:23 pm }

brain dead dave- thats hilarious!!!!!!