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The Renovators – Good Result But The Elimination Challenges Are Unfair

The key holder challenges are unfair. How do you compare a lounge/dining room to an outdoor garden?

Also the challenge sleighted towards the sitting keyholder. Tonight at the half done house with Peter versus Sam it was another team challenge. Props to Peter for playing strategy and picking Natalia and Keenan to stop them from giving Sam ideas about the garden. Also he admitted leaving Jason on her team because he had a busted knee.

Sam definitely had the tougher brief, she had to fix a deck, fill holes, take out plants and re-plant and bring in a mountain of soil. Also she was dealing with getting a lot of material up a very small side passage. I don’t blame Peter for not allowing her to bring it the dirt though the house, he would not have been able to get his work done, also it would have made a mess.

Sam was cracking up, but she was unrealistic. She sent Jason off with a long list of things to collect and said be back in 30 minutes. That was impossible, he was gone for two hours, she was shitty with him, and also told him to paint the wood faster.

By the way if you are wondering where August was, apparently once you have won the keys to your house the contestant does not have to be involved in these challenges. Not sure the logic of this. This means they have the advantage of having more time to work on their houses. It will also mean the last team up for elimination it will be an individual challenge.

Peter’s room was stylish, however I have to agree with Peter Ho the step that goes up to the dining room and kitchen has disaster written all over it. Also the living area is quite small considering it is a three bedroom and two bathroom house. Maybe he should have extended out. However that size is normal in the area.

It was a good result that Peter won. He does have a polarising personality however he has been one of the stand out competitors, also Sam has had very few highlights in the series. In fact the only one in recent history was the decoration of the wall.


1 Mama'sMilk { 10.01.11 at 7:52 pm }

Most things have already been said but just wanted to make a comment about the family episode. I started off just about crying at the cuteness of Jarrod and his brother (I blame the hormones) but by the time I got to the sky blue team I was just feeling sad. These contestants have given up more than a few months wages; they have given up precious moments with their families. I mean, how old were Luke’s kids?? The youngest must have been 6 months?? And he’s missed maybe a third or half of her life?

And for what?? Only one person will win some cash (and its looking like it wont be that much) And the rest aren’t vying for “apprenticeships” in kitchens or radio DJ jobs after becoming known on Big Brother.

I guess it just hit home the human cost of this show and its prolonged hours of shooting and poor odds of getting anything out of it. I’m just feeling uncomfortable that, by watching the show, I am somehow complicit in exploiting these contestants.

Sorry to be a downer … I blame the kids.

2 Renocrazy { 10.01.11 at 8:55 pm }

Dear Mama’sMilk not all the contestants entered the show for money. Some would have been there for fun, to learn, to showcase their talents and some, of course, for their five minutes (in the grand scheme) of fame. The ultimate prize probably wasn’t even announced until the show started, by which time they’d already signed up.

They’ve all had valuable experience and for years to come will be able to pull out their dvd players (or whatevers around then) and show family and friends what they were capable of achieving.

Once the dust settles so will the disappointments, even for those falling to chronically unfair challenges and who must feel betrayed by both producers and judges.

Also do not forget that the contestants could have dropped out. Fiona did (due to health problems) as did Ali (due to other problems).

…Damn I will have to turn the beep off that alerts me to a new posting, I do have a (crowded) life outside reality ravings.

3 Anonymous { 10.02.11 at 12:26 am }

Renocrazy, I thought you would have worked out by now that RR is a lovely female….I guess you are not used to women talking about reno’s

4 Anonymous { 10.02.11 at 12:34 am }

I think Sam was a bit overambitious by saying she added more than $10k to the value of the house. The garden looked like a sandpit. The arches (meticulously painted by delivery boy Jason) looked crap. You don’t add $10k to the value of a house in a few hours with just a couple of plants and lots of soil and granite.

5 Renocrazy { 10.02.11 at 4:45 pm }

Dear Anonymous, you are right and to hell with political correctness , I am defiantly, outrageously sexist. And God help any man that tries to make me otherwise.
I’m female and I’ve been renovating since I was nine years old when I was told I could only have a horse if I could build a stable for it. I rebuilt an old cow shed (including increasing the height), three times before dad passed it as safe and suitable. Then my mother still refused to let me have a horse…parents!
At eleven, and still desperate for a horse, I enlisted friends older brothers (16 and 17) to remodel our kitchen while mom was in hospital, and finally got that much wanted horse.
I had to redo all the bedrooms before she’d let me have a motorbike.
I hung around building sites (and not just cause of the cute guys) and the local motorbike gang, learnt how to strip and rebuild bikes including a Vincent 1000 (and eventually cars), learnt woodwork, bricklaying, roofing , all from the ground up, and in school holidays worked at any building site that would let me in.
My first true reno was a rented property, being an (elective) single parent I could only afford to rent an old,1.5 bed dilapidated property. I bargained for reduced rent in exchange for fixing the house… the owners meant paint and wallpaper but I surprised them by adding an extension with indoor toilet and bathroom (regulations were so much easier those days).
My second reno (subsidised by my former landlords) I persuaded workers demolishing a building to let me have all the material, carried the whole damn house (excl. fibro) home on my Valiant station wagon, including the bath.
I fell in love with renovating, as have my children, and still renovate…it’s almost a form of OCD (OCR?) with me. And yes, I am sexist and, to many a man’s sorrow, can’t cook to save my life. So yes, I do believe women know about renovating.
You also mentioned gardens not increasing value. you actually do add value, very much so. In truth bathrooms, kitchens, gardens (front and back) and street appeal are the big value increasers. Putting furniture in a room might make it look homelier but it can also make it look smaller, which is fatal.
Lastly, most older yards are full of rubbish from original and past building work. There would undoubtedly have been old paving, concrete footings, sewage and water pipes, probably even asbestos and old tin roofing under the ground. It would have been impossible to dig, having been compressed for so many years. The only way to put plants in (watch Jarrad trying to dig) would have been to bring in loads of soil. Turf was a no go (Brendon always says ‘no lawn’) leaving sand granite or bark as the only options.

6 Renocrazy { 10.02.11 at 4:52 pm }

It’s nice to know RR is lovely as well as female. That’ll keep the boys happy.