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Guest Post By Jonica Bray – Ten Things I Learnt From Jersey Shore

After a debate on Twitter with @jonicabray about Jersey Shore and whether if by watching it reduces your IQ, she insisted it was very educational.

I quickly suggested she write a guest post on it, and quicker then you can say Snooki shags The Situation this hilarious post was in my email box. Thanks Jonica.

So over to you.

10 things I learnt from Jersey Shore:

  1.  The higher your hair the closer you are to heaven.
  2. If you hear a guy call you a grenade it’s not because you’re re a bombshell.
  3. It is acceptable to sleep off hangovers while at work in Jersey Shore – something dreams are made of.
  4. Anyone can become a DJ.
  5. Gym, tan, laundry is an essential ritual that should be completed before any night out.
  6. Serious phone conversations  are made easier with a duck phone.
  7. If you don’t hook up – make sure no one else does either.
  8. Always take your bra fillets out before you hop into a hot tub.
  9. Designer labels will actually pay people NOT to wear their brands.
  10. If your mate is so drunk they pass out – offer them chapstick.
What have you learnt from Jersey Shore?


1 Anonymous { 10.03.11 at 3:34 pm }


2 jo { 01.14.12 at 1:04 pm }

actually the bar man threw the ice…first time i watched it looked like it came from the direction of the producer…but no, it just looks that way because dina is looking in that direction.. Snooki looks straight up at the guy behind the bar….dina quickly turns and looks in that direction too at the exact same time….perhaps the producer was just saying something or gesturing…also…just before the ice is thrown you see a quick shot of the bar man leaning down reaching for something……then the ice hits the girls, they quickly look in his direction….and look at that, he is holding onto the ice scoop and tosses a little bit more ice over the counter.

3 jo { 01.14.12 at 1:10 pm }

sorry i posted in wrong topic