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The Renovators – Even The Contestants Are Criticising The Show

The Renovator viewers are not the only ones who are irritated by some aspects of the show, it appears the contestants are as well.

The latest edition of TV WEEK has some of the contestants giving their opinions on what needs to be tweeked on the show.

The article says:

“They need to let us work on the houses more,” Nathan suggests.

The 32-year-old demolition expert tells TV WEEK how he struggled with his budgets the most, since being a one-man wagon at times during filming meant he had to pay for labour while he participated in teh endless challenges that the show had set up.

“I had to blow[my] budgets, and it made me look stupid,” he say. ” A lot of people went over stupid things that had nothing to do with the renovations.”

Another factor that had competitors in a spin was the alleged favourtism on the show, with Nathan claiming the grey team were “favourites”. And it wasn’t just the Geelong local who feels the show was unbalanced.

“They should’ve called [the show] The Challengers,” Jason Jurecky, 38, laughs. “We said [to producers] from the word go that we’re not spending enough time at the houses and we’re doing too many challenges. [But] they just said, ‘Leave the TV making up to us'”.

It was the filming process that also had Natalia on edge.

“You just can’t express how emotional the whole experience is. It’s a pretty raw competition in some respects,” the 37-year-old mother-of-one says.

Hearing the announcement from the judges that the contestants had to not only work together but also move into the properties didn’t sit well with the welder.

“That was just another doozy that they threw in there,” she says of not being told this would happen until later in the competition.

“I’ve been treating [the show] like a job – you go to work and then you go home. And ‘home’ during filming was an apartment that you lived in with one other contestant, so for them to tell you that it’s going to be 24/7, it’s like, ‘How would you feel moving in with the people you worked with?'”

I expect this won’t be the last of these type of comments from The Renovator contestants.


1 Georgie { 10.09.11 at 7:59 pm }

Something has crawled in under the door! Best thing to do is ignore it, eventually it will get bored and go away.

2 brain dead dave { 10.09.11 at 8:30 pm }

Is that Megart or Maggot? Sounds like the latter.

3 JayP { 10.09.11 at 8:50 pm }

I love this show, soooo much better than the Block. Love love the challenges and the professionalism of the contestants. The problem is the expense and the reliance on market profitability. I hope this show comes back, has been must-see tv for me :(

4 JayP { 10.09.11 at 8:51 pm }

btw, I’m guessing Megart is a producer?!

5 Renocrazy { 10.09.11 at 11:28 pm }

If Megart is a producer it certainly explains the shortcomings of the show. No imagination in her postings at all.

JayP I too love this addictive show; it has made me laugh, cry, raised emotions I’d forgotten I had (or thought I’d learnt to control). I think it is massively better than the Block and had the potential to be great but (to me) was let down by unfairness, not enough time spent really getting to know contestants, or seeing the work they were putting into the houses.

I also intensely dislike the way eliminated contestants are made to look as if they did zero work and contributed nothing. What a shameful way of treating (very) hard working team members by key-holders, host and judges. Quite spiteful in some instances. The host/judges could easily have talked winners up without putting others down for no reason and with no honesty. (Bless August, at least he can and did say ‘we’ and stressed he could not have done work in the house without his team. Even insisted on using ‘we’ when the hosts tried to make him say ‘I’).

I thought some of the challenges were good, some would have been if the element of unfairness wasn’t so blatantly obvious, and some a complete waste of resources that could have been spent on houses.

I hope it returns but I hope Ten and Shine takes a look at our (I believe genuine) concerns and criticism and rethink some of their ideas. Then it will crush The Block and any other similar show.

6 Slugger { 10.12.11 at 1:49 am }

I find this show to be so bad, it’s good. I can’t help but watch and yet, strangely, experience the urge to pour bleach into my eyes during viewing. Love your work Baz, you loveable little grammatically challenged builder come TV judge. Oh, and the hairspray is a great finishing touch, real attention to detail there Bazie bear.

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