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The Renovators – The Street Wise Challenge

Tonight the teams had to razzle up their street frontage to add value to their houses. They had two painters and one and a half days to complete it. Some teams obviously had more to do then others.

August looked like he barely had to produce a sweat to complete his. Having said that the downside for him is his street frontage is not that attractive.

Weatherboard did a cottage theme and moved a tree from the backyard to the front, and then drew a ring around it and planted lavender. The Khaki team was not quite as successful as the tree Natalia had bought on ebay kept on falling down.

The inner city terrace had issues with their tiler who turned up late and therefore did not complete the job on time. Seriously this tradie did not even care he was going to be on national TV promoting his business he still turned up late. I wonder what he is like when there are no cameras on him.

Peter made his house an Italian formal garden, and the fibro house boys had a huge space to fill, as well as putting up a new fence.

The weather board house won the $10,000, where is all their money going? They seriously must have under budgeted on some of their items. They also decided to put the inner city terrace boys up for elimination. Jason and Luke will face off for the keys to the house tonight.


1 Maryann { 10.05.11 at 9:50 am }

I preferred the 60s garden, it suited the house and the suburb. The weatherboard will look good once the plants are more mature I guess. I liked Peter’s but Baz was right, he should have covered the cement area or painted it to make it less obvious that the tiles didn’t extend to the the end of the veranda.

2 Buzz { 10.05.11 at 10:01 am }

I liked the 60’s suburban too – and the colour-scheme. I also liked the weatherboard, but I do begrudge Melissa the extra dosh, as it’s clear the producers are trying to make good her budgeting shortfall. Ok that doesn’t make sense, as I’m not saying they didn’t deserve the win. I guess I just haven’t seen karma in action re Melissa reaping the rewards of her ‘hard work’.
Still, Keenan shouldnt be penalized for his partner either.
Hope Luke wins the keys tonight – is it true the 1-hour finale is now on tomorrow night? Get it together ch10 … Seriously.

3 brandy { 10.05.11 at 10:16 am }

The two hour finale is now on on Wednesday night – next week. It was going to be on on Monday night. I love this show, but jee, get it over with, ten. It feels like it’s been on for ten months.

Did anyone else see the big wholes all up the side of the fibro cottage. Scary. Guess they are going to clad it, but who wants that beneath the cladding. how did they get there and how long have they been there? The cameras never get close on any of the interesting detail, even what they are talking about, like Peter’s problem tile area in the corner.

4 Reality Raver { 10.05.11 at 10:20 am }

Brandy – yes I noticed the gaps on the fibro house and thought there is still a lot of work to do with not much time.

5 Pamie { 10.05.11 at 10:29 am }

I was surprised Brenden didn’t criticise the circle of grass around the tree at the weatherboard house. Once the tree comes into leaf and grows a bit, the grass will struggle. Also, the rest of the garden was all lavender which in humid and lately very wet Sydney was not a good idea. Just goes to show they make up their minds about who is to win regardless of the job done.
I thought the 60s suburban garden was the best and for me added some value to the house. However, native plants don’t like root disturbance so not sure if that poor old Banksia will survive but it did look lovely if a little too close to the house.
It must be very frustrating for the contestants to be given this money now when they could have used it ages ago.
Buzz I hope the finale isn’t on tomorrow night. I’m not ready for the show to end just yet.

6 Chunks { 10.05.11 at 10:44 am }

I’d love to see how many of those plants will still be alive in a year’s time. Not many I’d wager. In most cases they plant so many of them to get a finished effect that they’d be fighting each other for life once their roots and leaves start growing. Just look how many cordylines August planted in that tiny bed. Ridiculous. And yes, that rootbound banksia will be off to the great nursery in the sky very shortly. Keeping my fingers crossed for Luke tonight…

7 nanaliz { 10.05.11 at 10:56 am }

Morning everyone. Good show last night although varying budget constraints give some more of an advantage. eg fibro only had $600. Weatherboard in elimination tomorrow night.
Friday is last 2 of eliminations and according to ch7 TV guide final is Sunday but no mention of what the show is about on ch10. It is down for only an hour. I think they are making it up as they go. Will see more tomorrow on ch10 TV guide about Wed. printed guides are never right.

8 brandy { 10.05.11 at 11:04 am }

People. TV Tonight – press link button on RR’s blogroll to left – has updates on program time changes. He updates the updates. He gets his info off the channels. He does not lie! If he’s wrong he corrects himself. The print guides cannot keep up with the changes the programmers are making these days, it’s crazy.

9 nanaliz { 10.05.11 at 11:16 am }

Thanks Brandy didn’t realize TV tonight was there. Another senior moment.

10 Moonstruck { 10.05.11 at 11:18 am }

With all the money they are giving them it makes a mockery of the idea that there is profit in renovating. If they added up up the initial budget, plus all the prizes ( money, working bees, pools, doos, plants tradies, etc) these renovations have cost a fortune. There is no real profit for any of the houses.
At least yesterday they were working on their houses.
However in the elimination once again it’s unfair. It’s a white room challenge with everyone helping to create a room that will be pulled down! The boys need help in the terrace, but instead they have to do a useless exercise. Why was Peter the only one to benefit from an on site elimination?
This is really dragging out. Two many challenges, white rooms, panic rooms etc. No wonder the houses are so far from being finished with ‘one’ week to go. Now they are rushing to get things done, and you have to wonder at the quality.
As for the holes in the fibro cottage, it’s a good thing this was shown after the real auction. It might have affected the sale price.

11 Buzz { 10.05.11 at 11:44 am }

Pamie – brandy is right, it’s tomorrow week, not tomorrow :)

12 Jen- Why { 10.05.11 at 12:10 pm }

I didn’t notice the holes in the fibro cottage, but I’m sure those boys would sort it out. Michael & Jarred both have a great work ethic & integrity, I doubt they would cut corners

13 JStar { 10.05.11 at 12:13 pm }

Yoohoo! Renocrazy. Stop having a life and start contributing! :)

14 JandB { 10.05.11 at 12:16 pm }

I agree with you Moonstruck about the amount of money that has poured into these properties. There’s no way they will make a ‘real’ profit. The idea that this somehow shows us Australia’s best renovator is a joke. And the fact that this is the second challenge recently where even the losers have been given a cash prize to help with their budgets is a huge sign that most of them are struggling to finish within budget. It’s getting ridiculous.

And I agree about Peter and the orange team elimination being on site versus the stupid white room challenge for the blue team. Even the greys got to create something supposedly for their house (the hall table or cabinet) which presumably August could choose to use.

I’m really over this show now- it’s a toss up whether I’ll even watch the rest- at the moment I am taping it and then fast forwarding through most of it, especially the bits where Brendan talks to them- I loved him in other shows like Moar Gardening but his style is starting to really grate on me, especially when he asks them ‘how are you feeling about this?’ It must get very hard for the contestants to refrain from telling him to f*ck off.

By the way, does the judge who is a real estate agent (or property expert or whatever he is) annoy anyone else? I can’t stand him. Also he wasn’t introduced as a judge at the beginning of the show, he was an ‘expert’ used in one of the challenges (the one where Kelly had a fit about the dust) and then suddenly started randomly turning up to some of the judgement day judgings to comment on ‘adding value’, sometimes replacing whats her face designer bird and sometimes replacing Peter Ho.

15 Renocrazy { 10.05.11 at 12:17 pm }

I too hope Luke wins tonight but very surprised that inner city terrace hadn’t already fixed most of frontage while waiting for approval. It was only alterations, extensions they couldn’t do so no excuse for not repairing balustrade, floors, steps and wall surfaces and front garden (no approvals needed for repair work). They had plenty of time, even time to build outdoor furniture, so am curious as to what did they do while waiting to begin reno?

Oh, liked Jasons seat… first thing he’s made that I really liked, and that turned out way he intended. Hated Augusts gates, might look better with colour change, might not.

Yeah, holes in fibro cottage surprised me too, would have thought that would all be fixed long ago. Driveways also were a bit wonky, on all properties. Mud, dirt on edges that in first rain would have washed onto driveway, gravel with no edging, a bit cheap and nasty and I think it would affect house value.

Also agree this run of prize money at end of show appears to be done only to help contestants finish houses, after all they can’t sell them half finished. Should of thought of this when they wasted all that time and money on white room challenges.

Yet again no time to do a good job, these reality shows have to realise that people who buy the houses might just watch the show, and they do not want hurried, half finished work. Time restraints that make the contestants rush through tasks with little control over quality are downright silly, and ultimately counter productive..

16 Renocrazy { 10.05.11 at 12:28 pm }

Hi Jstar. Sorry, have been living crazy life with no sleep and too much to do…. Show is kinda boring at moment, no great highs, no depths. I so want to see some in fights and true emotions. Don’t tell me Nathan didn’t want to floor judges, and did Luke really behave so well with tilers? Come on guys, lets have some blood and thunder! Lets have some reality… it is supposed to be a reality show not a day in the life of the Brady Bunch.

17 AngelSN86 { 10.05.11 at 12:47 pm }

I thought the timing didn’t add up for a finale on Monday, there’s still 3 more head-to-head battles after tonight, plus presumably an episode to wrap everything up, show the finished houses and the open for inspections etc. Plus channel 10 have put Junior Masterchef into the Renovators’ Monday timeslot. So they’ve lost a few episodes because of that. I don’t know why they are wasting more time with so many team challenges this week instead of doing all the H2H things in the same week. The first head to head feels like it was ages ago. It should’ve been all in one week, one team per night for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The Green team have won a few challenges lately, can’t really understand why their house is still unfurnished in some rooms then with all this extra money and prizes. Mel must’ve really screwed up the budget because I just can’t see where all the money has gone.

18 Moonstruck { 10.05.11 at 1:04 pm }

You’re right 17AngelSN86 they should have been closer to each other. On friday it’s another how to episode. Not needed at this stage of the competition.
At least in Masterchef they had them all in one week. The way Renovators has been done does not bode well for Masterchef next year.
The inconsistencies in Renovators is just as bad as it was in Masterchef.
If Masterchef goes down further in ratings Ten will really be in trouble next year.

19 Pamie { 10.05.11 at 1:41 pm }

I’ve seen the footage of the holes in the fibro cottage before so I think it was taken from the old “before” montage .

Ch10 guide now shows a 2 hour episode on Monday night (8.30-10.30) with no mention of the show after that . Maybe this is the finale, but really, it’s anyone’s guess.

20 Maryann { 10.05.11 at 1:50 pm }

Well Moonstruck they are not really How To espisodes anymore. They are advice espisodes at the houses so I think they are more useful than in the earlier format.

I hate to say it but I think The Renovators will not be back. I hope I am wrong but Ten are stuffing around with the time slot and there has been little or no promotion of the show in the last few weeks. All leads me to believe its over.

21 Daze { 10.05.11 at 1:50 pm }

$2,000 for August? What did he do? He’s had it easy all the way –
Yes, its a shame Peter didnt think to cover the cement area with a box planter; the judges were very impressed with his garden, and didnt the dark blue team work hard – quite a duo those two – loved Natalia’s and Nathan’s and yes, the green team had a very inviting garden – it was a hard judgement and tight, as the judges said…. still loving the show and will miss it if they do not return in 2012

22 seepi { 10.05.11 at 2:34 pm }

Someone commented on a previous thread that they had been selected on the show for season two but it is cancelled.

I liked the fibro garden in the before stte better than now. I don’t like those spiky plants much, and putting htem in front of the front door was a mistake – blocking the feng shui for sure.

I liked the 60s suburban.

Maybe they weren’t allowed to do frontages

23 Kate { 10.05.11 at 2:49 pm }

If the gentleman featured in last nights episode (the guy who named the winner) is where c10 is getting their real estate advice from, then Why are they STILL using him. Can’t they see how much money he has lost them??

That said, his opinion of the most street wise house should probably be tipped upside down and the one he was least impressed with should have won!

24 kingfisher { 10.05.11 at 3:32 pm }

the shot of the side of the fibro was a before shot to explain what jarrod was saying about a piece of timber was holding up the fence. i remember this shot awhile ago . plus the gentleman who announced the winner last night is a very successful property developer . he is supposed to be involved in the show next season as a regular judge ,that’s if it will return geez i hope so . we are going to be devastated when mikey and jarrod go against each other they are the best !!! they work so well and are like abbot and costello . hope jason wins tonight the way luke things it’s all his work never says our house all me me me and yet jason is busting a gut as well . he blames the tiler for being late and not finishing the job , when the tiler said to him the last step is to short and it will look terrible if he tiled it . luke just likes to blame other people for his errors . melissa “AMAZZZZING” “AWESOOOME” what a brain fade she is .

25 JStar { 10.05.11 at 4:09 pm }

Renocrazy, I think these ridiculous time lines is the tried and tested way of creating drama in reality tv shows. If this was Big Brother with young 20 somethings, I reckon someone would have gone absolutely nuts at the judges by now. (Don’t say no to putting your hand up for Season 2 just yet :) ).

Because a lot of them have their own businesses or have professions within this field of renovating, I don’t think anyone would be silly enough to blow up and risk his/her reputation….unless Kelly is thrown back into the final week. However, don’t knock the producers for not trying in prodding these contestants through making them move in together and giving them unrealistic timeframes, challenges that eat into renovating time, and dangling money carrots as inducement for paltry budgets. Witness Melissa’s “I can’t take this camera being in my face” comment the other week or Peter’s barely restrained anger (crazy eyes) at times with the judges’ comments. Still, I’m enjoying seeing the contestants try and hold things in like Luke taking deep breaths whilst mentally strangling Jason or Natalia having to restrain herself from blowtorching August’s smug face. There’s still drama, just no fireworks yet. Whether contributors admit it or not, I love how over the weeks people are becoming passionate with their postings. The real drama we’ve all invested in will come out on Friday when Nathan goes up against Natalia followed by the battle between the terrific twosome of Jarrod and Michael. I don’t think there will be fireworks, but plenty of waterworks.

26 Renocrazy { 10.05.11 at 4:12 pm }

Being a successful property developer doesn’t mean you’re good at it. It can, and often does, mean you’re a good con artist (not saying he is). Which is why so many abscond with investors money or go bankrupt. Do good property ijnvestors renovate small, older properties? Mmmm… never met one yet that does and sadly high fliers usually have no idea of the ordinary blokes life, pocket or home. Call me a reverse snob but a lot of them wouldn’t know the names of any suburbs that weren’t inner, east or north of the city. Witness our long term pollies..
Re Luke, still like him but am confused why he needed someone else to do tiling for him. For G’s sake, aren’t they all supposed to be renovators, were the shots of Luke tiling the bathroom faked? I mean why stand around waiting for a tiler if he can tile and he did say the tiles were there, just waiting for the tiler.
Next time, if there is a next time, can the contestants be auditioned first… after all xfactor likes them to be able to at least hold a tune (though that’s not certain), masterchef expects them to be able to cook. Can the renovators reach the same standard, or should the name change to ‘The Contractors’.

27 Kate { 10.05.11 at 4:33 pm }

ROFL Renocrazy, you just found the name this show Should have been called. The Contractors :-)

How very true!

28 Marepoppin { 10.05.11 at 4:43 pm }

Yeah but Kate & Renocrazy, what’ll they call the next season of The Block if that name’s taken?

29 Renocrazy { 10.05.11 at 4:57 pm }

Sorry Jstar, crossover posting so didn’t read yours first. Won’t knock producers, just never forgive them (lol) if no second season.

As I enjoy Nathans laid back another world attitude, that fires up beautifully into great work (excluding dead tree…and didn’t you just love his ‘does it look better lying down or standing up’ comment) I will hate (grrr, rip, rend, burn) Natalia if she wins. (Sometimes I can keep a secret).

I would have enjoyed Luke strangling Jason much more than watching him hold it in. With the judges pulling them apart and complaining Jason’s purple hue did not match his sky blue outfit.

I think Peter, Jason, Ali and maybe Christie, might have already damaged their reputations, with Natalia hovering on edge… being with Nathan and not being catty is repairing lots of the damage. Again I hope I’m wrong. August has no reno’ reputation so basically unharmed. Michael, Jarrad, Keenan I would hire any day, Melissa and Luke I’m 50/50 (depending if he can tile).

Who would you hire?

30 Reality Raver { 10.05.11 at 5:26 pm }

Renocrazy and Seepi – I think they were told they were not allowed to do the front or some of the other spaces that have been challenges. They would have had the challenges at the houses outlined before they even started the show wouldn’t they?

31 Fides { 10.05.11 at 5:52 pm }

Liked how Keenan, on the weatherboard being announced the winner, repeatedly said “well done Mel”. Nice guy. Didn’t love the circular lawn or see how it all screamed “family” but hey, what would I know?

Love Nathan’s laid back attitude towards the lying vs standing tree, and when Natalia looked like she might chop off his dangly bits.

Worried about Michael now – Jarrad’s been getting a lot more screentime lately. Plus I’m sure someone who saw the Fibro said the back yard was beautifully landscaped, which makes me think that’s Jarrad’s work. Want Michael to hold the keys, but love both to be there at the end – maybe Ch10 will change the rules (again!) , declare the result of their challenge a tie, and they’ll just have to share the keys…

32 Minnie Amber { 10.05.11 at 6:18 pm }

i liked 60’s suburban and fibro cottage gardens. i also liked jason’s seat. still cant stand melissa and its becoming way too obvious she seriously screwed up the budget which is funny considerin it was the weatherboard that won the bunnings prize for havin the best reno plan back earlier in the season when they were showing their plans for renovation back when jason was in charge of weatherboard and baz was concerned for luke based on his plans and budget. hopefully luke keeps the keys tonight. Id hire michael, jarrad, keenan, luke and i guess nathan.

33 Crazed { 10.21.11 at 1:17 pm }

Hi Guys,
Was just wondering if anyone knows how to make the fence from the weatherboard house? I loved it so much but cant find it anywhere on how to build! would love some tips!