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The Renovators – Well The Hotness Factor Has Now Been Halved

So the only guy with a six pack on the show, Keenan, has been eliminated and we have been left with the most painful female, Melissa, to have the keys to the weather board house.

But superficiality aside Keenan was one of the standouts on the show, but maybe his design skills were not as good as his craft skills. And tonight it was more of a design challenge and that is what the judgement came down to.

I admit to hypocrisy, I hate it when producers manipulate the show to get the outcomes they want, conversely I hate it when they don’t manipulate it to get the outcomes I want.

The challenge was all about painting and furniture, whilst last night was more judged on craftmanship. Melissa went shopping for three hours for her child’s bedroom. Keenan sent out Peter. Had Keenan picked out the furniture or did Pete pick it for him. By the looks of it Keenan selected them as there was no razzle dazzle to them.

He selected the room which needed the fireplace to be repaired, which meant he had to do more of the work. However Keenan, as keyholder, did have the advantage of picking the room and his team.

Keenan picked his team of Nathan and Peter. Peter was back in for the day and Michael was too sick to work. Melissa had Jarrod and Natalia on her team.

Keenan really did not get to complete his room. He said it had turned into a flat pack challenge. A chest of drawers was not made, also some curtains were lost in transit. The judges criticised the fireplace. Baz said it was only 95% there, and Peter Ho said he would have liked it opened up, as it was covered. However Peter did realise there were time frame issues in being able to do that.

Melissa personalised her room on previous advice from judge Robyn Holt, and maybe this was what got her over the line. Even she looked shocked when she was announced the winner. I wonder if the judgement was unanimous as Baz was teary when he gave Keenan his farewell speech.

Anyway Melissa is the only female at this stage to hold the keys to a house.

Interesting that the clapping from the other contestants was pretty unspontaneous when she was announced the winner and they looked shocked.

It now makes sense why the back rooms of the weatherboard are not furnished as she probably had to spend more money on labour. To be fair to her she does know how to use a power tool and is a hard worker, but in my opinion Keenan was more deserving, and not just because he was The Renovators eye candy.

Tomorrow night the khaki team and the blue teams will be fighting it out for the keys to their houses. Then we have to wait until Wednesday to see who wins.


1 Moonstruck { 10.07.11 at 10:01 pm }

What happened to the half done house garden soil that had been brought in? Not to mention the side of the garden.
Are they showing out of order scenes?
Natalia’s comments about floating floors having problems not good advertising for them. And what was it with the I(s) about the house. How quickly she forgot Nathan. She won the white room challenge on her own?
I guess what it shows is their real characters coming through. Natalia, Peter, Mel and august were definitely not team players!
Rubbish workmanship, time wasting purposeless challenges, timed challenges that resulted in poorly finished rooms in the houses, which were then redone by the remaining contestants.
I so regret having wasted time watching this show.
The one thing that I enjoyed were the discussions here.

2 Renocrazy { 10.07.11 at 11:10 pm }

Very, very disappointed in double challenge. Not so much in 60’s suburban, didn’t even find the challenge unfair for once. I didn’t like Natalia’s dining area… bare, cold, unfinished. A clunky table, non-matching dining chairs, (admittedly nice) unmatched bookcase and a couple of armchairs doesn’t make it homely or inviting. Actually liked Nathan’s heaps better, I didn’t find it cold at all and thought August worked damned hard. A throw and maybe some mags with bright covers would have lifted it that little bit more. Still, I thought it wasn’t nearly as barren and dull as Natalia’s

The fibro… that was a different story. I get that Michael got to choose room and helper, but how come he also got to choose all furniture and poor Jarrad didn’t even get to see it before he started…wow, that was fair (not). So Michael got three advantages… must have felt really threatened by Jarrad.
Also, hate to say, have a horrible feeling Michael did know about shortage of paint (hard to miss there only being one can) and elected to keep it quiet… poor sportsmanship at best.

Truly hated the way contestants made jibes about eliminated partners, especially Michael and Brendan putting Jarrad down….they sunk to lowest level in my eyes.

Natalia’s ‘I bought this house to life’ made me want to barf… all over her. Mel bitching about Keenan…who is she? Very disappointed in winners and (two-faced) Brendan. Rest, excluding Luke and August who I did not hear say anything bad about team members, and even said ‘we’ a few times, were rude, bitchy, and unlikeable. Found whole second episode sickening.

Absolutely disgusted at fake garden reno by Peter…has he no shame? Obviously the judges/producers have no shame, and clearly no respect for their viewers. Did they think we’d forget the hard work Sam (and helpers) did putting soil and crushed granite down? Or planting, fixing decking, fences, etc and believe Peter did it from scratch! Yes he changed some things but then he had enough time to do whatever he wanted. What a lot of BS!

Still karma can be a bigger bitch and I have a feeling some of them are going to get their ‘reward’. Including Shine).

Oh, August came over a lot different, worked hard and does have an eye for detail… I wonder what picture of him different editing would have painted.

Now have vented spleen I am gonna hang my dartboard (complete with photo’s of most annoying of six) and have fun.

Wanted this show to try again but after tonight I’m not sure any of the production team have enough integrity to do show any better.

3 sue { 10.07.11 at 11:16 pm }

when did Michael put Jarrod down??? did I watch a different show???? and they liked Jarrod’s styling, which was from furniture Michael picked, so he benefited there- the little bit of editing needed may well have been placement, not actual product. I actually think Michael has the most integrity out of all of them possibly, bar Keenan, so I must watch a very different show to you?!?! Michael stated he didn’t realise about the paint- so are you calling him a straight out liar???? I find this post of yours a bit odd renocrazy???? or did they all bitch about their team mates in the 2nd show, which I must admit I haven’t watched yet….

4 sue { 10.07.11 at 11:17 pm }

oh, and whilst I think more time was needed on actual renos, I loved all the challenges- except for the last head-to-heads which were very biased. :)

5 Renocrazy { 10.07.11 at 11:23 pm }

Yes Sue, all but Luke and August bitched about eliminated partner in second show and Michael and Brendan cracked a joke at Jarrad’s expense. Watch Brendan’s face too when they do it, quite interesting I thought. Well Peter didn’t bitch but he did let producers make up fake footage which is just as bad.
Maybe Michael didn’t know about paint, maybe he did, but it seemed strange he wouldn’t know seeing as he was the one ordering stuff. If he truly didn’t I apologise, but then I wasn’t there. I just say what I see (think)

6 Renocrazy { 10.07.11 at 11:31 pm }

Sue, it doesn’t matter if they liked the furniture Michael chose if you are styling/dressing a room you should at least get to choose the furniture (that’s what styling is) but Jarrad was denied even that. Leaving him very little possibility of putting his own stamp on design. What he could do – the wall hangings and odds and bods – lifted room well.

I know I’ll cop flack from Michael lovers but this isn’t about sex appeal, cuteness (or renovating), its about skill and design. Liking someone shouldn’t get in they way of fairness. Disliking shouldn’t get in the way either but I don’t dislike any of them (after all I do not really know them), except Peter, who just rubs me up wrong way.

7 trishfish { 10.08.11 at 12:26 am }

I think Michael genuinely likes Jarrad and he probably deserves to be there more since he has really been the leader for that house. He said he was lonely without Jarrad but also mentioned with him he would get ‘double the work done’ so it seemed like that’s what he was missing most. It was wrong of Natalia to bitch about Nathan, though Nathan is obviously a depressive, glass half empty kind of guy so that’s probably why she made the comment about the ‘sadness’ of the house. I think Nathan just gets down and does no work at times. I didn’t notice Melissa bitching about Keenan though? It looked like she knew Keenan was going to be eliminated. She pretty much just said thank you to him. They are all losing it due to sleep deprivation and greed. Out of who is left I still really like Michael and hope he wins. I think he is genuine and a hard worker.

8 sue { 10.08.11 at 12:37 am }

and I have now watched ep 2, and cannot see any bitchiness in Michael or spitefulness in Brendan! I think it was a (badly) scripted moment with no malice or bitchiness intended or displayed at all-if you refer to the comments at the end of doing the plants. I think you may be reading too much into it on that one Reno.

Also, given that Michael had (rightfully) picked all the furniture, presumably before they had any idea about how the head-to-head challenges would run- it’s not as if he set out to disadvantage Jarrod. the stuff was already ordered! He was in fact worried because Jarrod was getting the nicer/better furniture- which I agree he did. But, Michael finished the room better, and actually styled his area pretty well, so I am not unhappy with that decision.

With Natalia- bit of a fence sit for me on her re comments in 2nd ep- not bitchy, but a smidge of blame. I agree some of her comments were silly to camera-re floors and cheap kitchen, but given auctions have already happened- meh. Her “I” attitude was a little over the top, but she did look exhausted and maybe the newness of being keyholder can excuse her a tad.

I really liked Nathan, but I much preferred Natalia’s room, so was not overly upset with whichever way that 1 went.

In an idealworld, Neither Mel or August would hold keys-IMO. Keenan and anyone other than August- for me anyway!

But flaws and all, I still really liked this show, and found it waaaaaaaaaaaaay beta than the Block…. :)

Ch10 did it a disservice from just about day 1….sigh

9 Moonstruck { 10.08.11 at 1:28 am }

I’m with renocrazy. The second episode tonight left a bitter/sour taste. Perhaps they are tired and they are in the final stretch, but they haven’t done it on their own.
Perhaps that was the problem. They had to be in teams and then they were made to change teams, changing the dynamics and perhaps even sense of belonging and loyalty.

10 Marepoppin { 10.08.11 at 2:07 am }

I fully expected Jarrod to take it out and I’m saying, as a Michael fan, that jarrod may have been robbed. His styling went places that m’s couldn’t, and that was even with unfamiliar furniture. I have my suspicions that m’s fan base saved him; I mean, I’ve read a fair few comments saying if m’s eliminated, I won’t watch anymore… Producers know these things. Am I wrong? Did Michael truly have the better room?

11 Georgie { 10.08.11 at 7:28 am }

Marepoppin I also thought it would be Jarrad’s name that came from Brendan’s mouth at the vital moment. I thought his room looked great but apparently lacked the second coat of colour on the walls. I can’t imagine the producers would give a rat’s at this stage about losing a few viewers?

12 Jen- Why { 10.08.11 at 7:52 am }

I thought Jarrad was amazing last night, I just wanted to reach into the tv & give him a hug. Another HUGE discrepancy- why did Keenan & Melissa get 6 hours to do smallish bedrooms & everyone last night only got 5 hours? Jarrod would have got that second coat of paint on the wall with no worries… I love both the fibro boys, but last night I was screaming for Jarrad to win- such a lovely boy!

13 sue { 10.08.11 at 8:08 am }

I think Michael’s win was justified as his room was finished and styled pretty well too. Part of Jarrod’s great styling (& I did really like Jarrod’s room 2) was becoz of furniture picked by Michael!!

I am just saying that you can’t say it was unfair for Jarrod to have to use furniture picked by Michael, then say his styling (with furniture picked by Michael) was great- but it was unfair he didn’t get to pick it. He may well have picked better stuff, but what was picked (by Michael) was great and flowed through well with the rest of the house.

I actually wanted both those 2 to have a key at the end, but was not to be. I really hope Michael shares any profit with Jarrod- that would be ideal :).

& I still liked the show- even though there are some obvious flaws in the structure of challenges/judging etc.

I actuallly did not hear any bitter or sour comments last nite at all. I agree that Natalia had a bit of an “I” attitude- but I didn’t see any bitchiness.

Mel- well, I think it is clear what I think of her….

August- vomit… project managing and wee bit of painting…WOW…

Peter- part of me loves him, but some of his quirks are annoying and I didn’t like his attitude to not putting in 100% for other teams, and I never thought his house would win becoz of the damp issue, which was clearly shown a number of times that he didn’t fix properly!!!

It can’t all just be about “style”- altho yeah, when it suited the judges, that’s exactly what they went on….sigh

still, I loved the show and will watch to the end, and hope for a 2nd season (tweaked a bit, lol) :)

14 Georgie { 10.08.11 at 8:08 am }

Jen-Why I agree with all your sentiments and I also thought we saw the caring, human, fatherly side of August last night. He was almost crying for Jarrad at the end.

15 Renocrazy { 10.08.11 at 8:11 am }

Having had a night to sleep on it I have second thoughts about last nights shows. Forget the weatherboard I would like to discuss fibro…if no one minds.

Question; If Michael chose rooms, helpers, then got to choose colour of paint and all furniture for both rooms (he said he did) then wasn’t he in essence competing against himself?

Seeing as he won, and lost doesn’t that mean his scores were negated and he got zero points?

Which means, of course, Jarrad should have won by default.


16 Renocrazy { 10.08.11 at 8:22 am }

Sorry, meant forget 60’s suburban (heavy night)

17 sue { 10.08.11 at 8:26 am }

lol renocrazy…

even if Michael was competing against himself :), 1 of his rooms was better and the winner, the other room was runner up… :)

I do wish Jarrod had somehow got a key (remove Mel or August for me!!), but I am really hoping Michael shares some of any profit with him pretty please….

…and I can’t see how an unfinished room could win, but I did love Jarrod’s artwork.

Michael had already picked stuff for whole house (which is not a bad way to do things once they won that money for furniture). He couldn’t have known any challenge would be in the house- some weren’t remember… Luke and Jason???

I am ok with judge’s decision last nite- altho I really like both Nathan & Jarrod and wish they had somehow got something out of this whole project….

18 Renocrazy { 10.08.11 at 8:37 am }

Mmm, Sue. good, clever, point, however if he won and was runner up are you saying Jarrad didn’t compete so therefore it wasn’t even a challenge? lol.

In all challenges each contestant had to chose their own colour of paint and style of furniture. Why did this not happen here? Or why at least wasn’t Jarrad allowed to see the furniture before challenge started so he could plan?
I too like Michael and Jarrad but will never like unfair challenges, they leave such a bad taste.

No matter how you say it Sue this challenge was unfair. But then 90% of them have been.

19 Diogenes { 10.08.11 at 8:41 am }

I found it interesting that Michaels styling wasn’t his own – remember the “styling lady” from Freedom visit ! Obviously the 2 had put their heads together for Jarrods room – without Jarrods input – massive unfair advantage.

I will watch Sunday night just to see the finished houses

I enjoyed the series, but feel it jumped the shark with Qld visit after that the flaws were really apparent

20 sue { 10.08.11 at 8:45 am }

I get your point re unfair challenges renocrazy- but the contestants are not to blame for that- it’s the stupid producers!!

I think Michael and Jarrod had a great deal of respect for each other and really would have liked to go to auction together if poss- but that aint one of the show’s rules (well, not thatwe know of, lol- they did keep shifting!)

Overall I am happy Michael retained the keys as I think he deserved to. I just think it’s a pity Jarrod had to lose, ditto a few others.

But I still want a 2nd (better) season- maybe we should produce it?!?! :)

21 Renocrazy { 10.08.11 at 8:54 am }

Forgot that point Diogenes, but agree…massive unfairness in challenge.
Sue, looking back over series I would have liked to see Michael and Jarrad hold keys. August I am still confused by way he’s portrayed as doesn’t sit well with Fiona choosing him and his obvious caring side. Love to get all bits off cutting room floor and find out truth.
Also would have liked to see Sam beat Peter (actually anybody beat Peter who’s overdone design I truly dislike), again get the impression too much of her ability and personality was left on the cutting room floor…otherwise why would August say she is one of best carpenters?

Will watch Sunday night, but I don’t expect to see the true picture as the editing is very biased.

So want another show, Sue. Can’t imagine it happening and that is really sad. Any sponsors out there interested in backing this forum to redo it? :-)

22 sue { 10.08.11 at 8:55 am }

but reno- if people are liking Jarrod’s room styling- how was it an unfair advantage?!? ( I know- I am stubborn :) )

anyhoooo- yeah looking forward to finished viewing and official ( :) ) result- still hoping some of the losing final contestants get something out of this- other than exposure… and based on apparent numbers of viewers, not necessarily that much exposure, lol… :)

23 Jen- Why { 10.08.11 at 9:07 am }

Does anyone know why the weatherboard got 6 hours to complete their challenge & everyone else 5 hours? That’s a sticking point for me.

24 sue { 10.08.11 at 9:20 am }

Jen- so Mel could say “WOW, amazing’, Hi- 5” a few extra times :)…. (bad me)

25 trishfish { 10.08.11 at 9:44 am }

ahahahah sue, mel is so annoying!!! and Georgie, although August totally creeps me out he has shown moments of genuine emotion and care where he appears quite sweet!@#%? At other times (like when he is painting his “art”) it’s nearly unbearable to watch. I love Jarrad too and he’s only 22 so would have been a good start for him. Hope Michael shares.

26 trishfish { 10.08.11 at 9:47 am }

about the 6 hours maybe they wanted to give keenan a chance to be able to finish cause he had so much work. He probably would have if he had michael instead of peter.

27 brandy { 10.08.11 at 10:14 am }

Natalia was one of my two favourites at the start, the other one being Joanne who got the boot way too soon in one of those stupid pieces of foam challenges. But last night I wanted to punch her in the face so to speak. Condescending cow, and all that ‘I was up till whenever finishing the rendering’ weepie stuff as a plea for the judges to choose her ugly styled room section. It wasn;t even a room!

Felt for Jarrad and even though Michael’s been my favourite since Joanne left and his colours shone, I loved both the fibro boys. Found weirdly I was barracking for Jarrad at the end. Still at least he didn’t lose to an utter fuckwit like poor Nathan did. i thought that was so unfair.

And on the furniture thing. it’s been said but I’ll say it again anyway: Michael said at the start of the challenge that when they won the 20k from freedom he picked all the furniture for the whole house. So it was hardly an unfair (ie manipulated by him or by the producers) advantage.

I love August. None of the editing or the two bitchfaces he worked with at the shop’s comments re him have swayed me. He is a bad artist but a nice slow decent man.

28 Renocrazy { 10.08.11 at 10:24 am }

Manipulated by producers or just plain thoughtlessness on their part, either way it was an unfair challenge to expect anyone to base their own design around somebody elses furnishing/colours.
Also unfair, when challenge was based on design, to allow third party (freedom designer) to do the designing (for Michael). Not saying it was Michael’s fault, saying it was a poor show. Maybe producers don’t care anymore but most viewers do and I believe like to see fair play.
This kind of disparity doesn’t just take away from loser, it takes away from winner.
Agree with you wholeheartedly over Natalia and August.

29 Pamie { 10.08.11 at 10:26 am }

Thankfully Michael, with help from the Freedom decorator, had already chosen the furniture otherwise he and Jarrod would have needed to go shopping within the allotted time as the other contestants did.

It sounded like August was going to Bunnings anyway but I wanted to scream when the paint issue came up. Michael said he hadn’t realised there wasn’t enough paint and I believe him, but I was disappointed to hear him say he was glad he got what he wanted first. Just goes to show he isn’t completely perfect!

I felt so sorry for Jarrod when he began crying during the challenge and, considering most of the furniture needed to be assembled, couldn’t believe he and August got as much done as they did.

All up, I found last night’s episodes a bit sad and was left feeling somewhat flat.

30 sue { 10.08.11 at 10:39 am }

Pamie- I agree. was so sad to see Jarrod so upset, which may have swayed viewrs his way a bit too, but I am glad Michael won. I agree re paint issue too…

Pity they couldn’t share it….. the keys I mean :)

will be interested to see how the producers edit the final show….hmmm :)

31 Jen- Why { 10.08.11 at 11:06 am }

Trishfish, that crossed my mind too, but had Jarrad had another hour, he could have finished- second coat of paint, flatpacking, styling etc. I think the fact he was crying shows how bloody impossible his situation was from the start- he has been gracious & hard working the whole way through the comp- I’ve never seen him complain or bitch or whinge- which makes him even more amazing IMO. Cannot believe he’s only 22… His mother must be so proud! Last comment on the 6 hr/ 5hr thing- Keenan & Melissa had 2 helpers= 18 hours man power, yesterday 1 helper= 10 hours man power. SO WRONG!

32 Buzz { 10.08.11 at 12:11 pm }

Agree with so much of the above comments, but I gave up expecting too much when CH10 just threw these few eps in as if it’s a reality-show fire-sale … it’s obvious they’ve already moved on.
Re August – agree that there may be more to him than were seeing, but his wanky painting monologue was a true face-palm moment :/
Natalia has me a little puzzled – again I think that’s a lot to do with editing. Would love to see her in a photoshoot as cruella de ville. She and Luke got a bit stroppy with each other, but I think that was down to time pressures.
And Melissa has overspent (I just took my eye of the budget for a couple of days). Whaaaa? You NEVER take your eye off the bloody budget, not for one day let alone a few!! Double face-palm.

Can I be on the team that brainstorms the format for Renovators RR-Edition 2012?

33 Buzz { 10.08.11 at 12:18 pm }

Additional photoshoots I would like to see:
Michael as Captain Caveman
August as Van Gogh (bloody bandage over ear included)
Peter as the prehistoric squirrel in Ice Age who never gets the acorn (is it the eyes?)
Lukey as Cory Worthington
Keenan as Clark Kent

34 trishfish { 10.08.11 at 12:53 pm }

ahahaha definitely keenan as clark kent! jen-why- totally agree about Jarrad!

35 nanaliz { 10.08.11 at 1:19 pm }

Michael and Jarrod made the decision TOGETHER about the colour pallett in an early episode.
After winning the Freedom package they were shown going in to Freedom TOGETHER to pick there furniture.
They were BOTH there when the stylist visited the house and pointed out where furniture would look good.
Jarrod knew he had to do one of those rooms so should have checked that he had paint etc required. His age probably had something to do with lack of planning.
Michael acknowledged that Jarrod had picked all the plants for the garden and he was lost without him there.
Malitious editing can make things seem different to what really happened. It’s called REALITY TV.
Just hated Natalia’s room, but what would we know.

36 Renocrazy { 10.08.11 at 3:13 pm }

Buzz, love to have you, and so many others… we could be the brains (and humour) that refloated ‘the titanic’, as opposed to Ten sinking it. Gotta have Keenan’s dog though, for those lazy summer days at the beach, courtesy Culinary Boner :-).

Where are super hero/villian clones for Mel and Jason J (the joker maybe).

37 Renocrazy { 10.08.11 at 3:20 pm }

Nanaliz what would you know????
As much as us, maybe less than the contestants but a lot more than the production team about what viewers want.

38 kate { 10.08.11 at 3:54 pm }

Yay! Glad i wasnt the only one who found natalias dining room boring. I feel sorry that thy had to do a whole room with freedom furniture. Tht would be hard to make it look finished.

39 Fides { 10.08.11 at 4:17 pm }

How long did Pete and Sam get for their head to head challenge? Didn’t they have 3 helpers each at that stage too? So these guys should have had 6 hours at least.

Also, if Nathan had gotten stuck in traffic and couldn’t make it back in time, would it just automatically go to Natalia? Would they ever extend the time just to, maybe, see a job well done?

Poor Jarrod – his despair was hard to watch. But loved the respect Michael showed in his heartfelt little speech at the end. You’d think splitting the money with Jarrod if fibro wins would be the fair thing to do – after all, as a team they won 3 challenges which scored them the pool, bathroom and furniture worth $50K.

40 robbo { 10.08.11 at 4:32 pm }

I second nearly every comment made here regarding the poor job Ch10 and the producers have done in making this show.

One point is that if Melissa is over $2000 over budget she joins three other houses in making a loss and if the the value of the prizes handed out are taken into account then all houses will have made a loss. I am assuming no house came in seriously under budget. Really makes you think about the value of renovating if you also factor in that each house has had up to four of Australia’s “BEST” renovators working on them for free for supposedly three months.

Perhaps the sale prices have been influenced by the shoddy finishes in places where jobs had to be finished to meet a deadline. Having seen all six houses I can say that any buyer for the sixties suburban or weatherboard will have to factor in a decent chunk of money to finish the job. The other four all have serious deficiencies as well that Ch10 have not highlighted that would concern any buyer.

Looking forward to the final program to see how Ch10 gloss over the shocking result for the winner and also so that I can get some of my life back that was invested in watching this extremely disappointing program that promised so much and delivered so little.

Happy to apply as a consultant to advise on the many changes that this program needs in the unlikely event that there is a second series.

41 Emma { 10.08.11 at 4:57 pm }

Melissa may have had a little dig at the producers last night. Saying the five concreters were doing a job that Keenan could have done. And michael had his shirt off and they just showed his back!! WT?

42 JStar { 10.08.11 at 6:17 pm }

Renocrazy, I’m glad the sleep has tempered things a bit. Noticeable change of tone in today’s postings! :) Now deep breath, and don’t think about Peter as that makes your blood boil and will result in very long postings (which you know I love anyway). I, on the other hand, love Peter and that in your face styling (I think it’s called “tacky.”). Any negative comments about him just results in my sticking my fingers in my ears, closing my eyes, and thinking of a happy place. :)

Just a few thoughts. Obviously agree that we can’t know everything due to editing. I agree with nanaliz about Jarrod and Michael going shopping at Freedom after winning the prize. I also remember Jarrod saying they had trouble deciding as they had different tastes. Quite possible Michael pulled rank and said he would choose everything (hence Jarrod not knowing what had been purchased).

I quite like Natalia but her room was okay. I really loved how Nathan carried himself in the competition. I think he knew he was a goner when the judges were viewing his room and he meekly said something like it was an “informal living space” so no TV. Because design is not his strong suit and he was wishy-washy during the challenge about what he wanted (hence the almost ad hoc purchase of furniture), he wasn’t able to grasp that the living room should be big and expansive for people to “live in.” Yes, the camera angle may have played tricks, but the room seemed as if it was styled for pygmies – too small. So when comparing the purpose of the rooms that Nathan and Natalia did, I have to agree that the correct decision was made. :(

As for Jarrod, I too wanted to reach in and hug him. Less than an hour and still no paint? Surely whilst Michael was lying in bed “sick” the other night, knowing that his challenge would be on tomorrow, that an inventory check would not have been done whilst Jarrod was helping Mel win? Obviously quite a few of us has mentioned the crazy time lines. I think the 5 hours was to allow the judges to travel back and forth each house due to the double-header. Hey, when this was filmed, daylight savings hadn’t clicked in yet!

And yes, count me in as a “consultant producer” for next year if this series get green lit. We all know it has the potential to shine – we just need to kick out those idiots at Shine producer for quite possibly killing this show off with their idiotic decisions.

43 sue { 10.08.11 at 6:59 pm }

I agree that with the crazy edited timeframes, we have no idea when these actual challenges took place, or how far in advance the contestants even knew what they were…. thus any forward planning by a contestant may not even have been possible-sick or otherwise.

a lot has been left unexplained or unfairly portrayed- which is unfortunate for the contestants on there who did have some integrity. for all we know they may all have done really good and pretty bad things.

I think it is such a pity the a show with the beginnings of such a great idea/plan, fell into such an unweildy heap… :(

would love it if if someone with some nous is reading this blog and takes the reins for production next year- fingers crossed!!!!

and can the 5000 odd people out there in viewer land with the TV meters PLEASE watch the final shows- maybe then this pathetic % of our population can affect our TV viewing in a favourable way!!! I live in hope :)

44 Renocrazy { 10.08.11 at 6:59 pm }

Shine on Jstar :-). :-))
You’re right about blood boiling, you’d think at my age I’d be calmer (ain’t gonna happen though), but I might order oxygen tanks and Valium for 2012 series… there has to be one.

And Sue, I second your desperate plea.

45 JStar { 10.08.11 at 9:00 pm }

Hey Sue. My take on the timeframes of the head-to-head were that the Grey Team’s and the Orange Team’s were fairly close together. Then there appeared to be possibly up to a week before Luke and Jason went head-to-head. There seemed to be another break prior to the final three eliminations. It definitely looked (and felt – see tears from Natalia….again) that the Green Team’s elimination was held the day before the double-header (i.e. television time corresponding with real time). At least in my logic, it makes sense that the producers would have had a word with the Green, Khaki, and Navy Blue teams (after Keenan chose the Sky Blue team to go up head-to-head) and told them when their eliminations would be held in their houses and “banned” them from working on their designated rooms for the head-to-head. It might explain why we weren’t told how the order of the final three head-to-heads were decided. If the producers did “ban” the contestants from working on the rooms for the head-to-head, it might explain why Keenan left the fireplace intact prior to the challenge. Also, it might explain why Michael and Jarrad did not know there was only one can of paint left if those were the last two rooms that needed wall painting because all of the other rooms had the painting completed a while ago.

Finale is scheduled against the psychic show, “The One.” Pish posh. Go to the spoiler page if anyone is feeling “psychic.” Otherwise, I’d like to join Sue and add my viewing number to the ratings for this show’s finale. I’m also doing this in the hope that our long suffering contributor, Renocrazy, will either be a contestant next year or a well anticipated contributor on this blog for next season – typing on one hand and inhaling fresh oxygen with the other. :)

46 Brendan { 10.09.11 at 9:48 am }

Have to say, that late-game changer of Natalia going to 60’s Suburban ended Nathan’s chances a couple of weeks ago. Considering how many times he was the last man standing, and the whole having to work under the duress of flu, he deserved to be holding those keys.
After all, if it wasn’t for August understanding that retaining Natalia at The Shop would be bad for him, we probably would see Natalia with the keys for the shop and most likely either August or Christie w/ Nathan, which surely would have meant that Nathan would be holding on to those keys.
Just seems unfair that they decided on that so late in the game.

47 TammyS { 10.09.11 at 11:02 am }

@Kate…disagree. I thought Nathan’s room was more boring. It was typical and nothing really stood out in his room.

Natalia’s room had a lot more character. Even though she didnt use as much furniture, I agree with Robyn that the pieces she chose were perfect.

I love the show but hopefully next year they make a few changes. Its just not fair to base who the keyholder is on one challenge. Nathan probably deserved it more based on the fact that he had been there from day one but its not Natalia’s fault. I liked the fact that she was very apologetic when she won. She’s still my favourite to win.

I like Peter, Michael, Natalia and Luke’s houses the most. I think it will come down to those 4. I dont this August and Mel’s are up to scratch (based on what I saw on Friday anyway)

48 Renocrazy { 10.09.11 at 12:04 pm }

@TammyS. Sorry :-( to disagree but re-watched twice and still can’t find any character in Natalia’s room…boring and looked half done, which considering the time frame makes me wonder why she couldn’t finish it better, she had so much less to do than Nathan.
Nathan’s room while looking empty really only needed the sofa’s to be brought away from walls and a couple of larger knick knacks to finish, however, he was advised (see earlier) by certain judge to put furniture against wall to emphasize space.

Out of interest do you still like (‘I’. ‘I’. ‘I’.) Natalia after her glory- hogging session last episode? I wonder if the word ‘we’ is in her vocabulary.

Think Luke and Michael will get only good result, can’t see why anyone would buy (St) Peters, so much work to do re-doing bathrooms and lounge room (ripping out raised floors to make it bigger… the current seating area is so small, and unsafe, as is main bathroom).

Agree about August and Mel. Nathan’s (refuse to give Natalia credit for what she didn’t do) should make profit but don’t expect it to.

So agree with unfairness of keyholders challenge.

Enjoy final episodes, and yes, I think we all want to see it return.

49 Diogenes { 10.09.11 at 12:38 pm }

“or how far in advance the contestants even knew what they were”

Obviously they must have known from the start – otherwise the Terrace guys would have done their front while they were waiting for approvals – also when the families visited the green team were cleaning up the front yard in preparation for the challenge. This must have really screwed schedules & budgets !

I have big problems with elimination challenges at the houses – I have no problems with other challenges in the houses EXCEPT they should not be timed (ie more like the block – room x to be finished) .

I feel a better and fairer way to get the last 6 would have been a big (double?) episode 12 white/panic rooms with the lowest 6 eliminated & if a keyholder was eliminated the “other” gets the key – if more than 1 winner picks key out of hat.

Rather than getting the eliminated 12 eliminated back for the pointless Qld trip – they could have been helpers (not just labouring but give advice as well) for the teammates in contest – keyholder can pick 1st . Panic/whiteroom to have criteria that may include say – include 1 piece flatpack, 1 item new build, x meters tiled, 1 wall papered etc to make it fair for builders vs designers. Include one guest judge who does not know the contestantswhich reduces the favoritism

My 2cents worth

50 Renoviewer { 10.09.11 at 1:28 pm }

Loved the show but would have preferred to see more ot the renovations on the actual homes.,
I believe all the challenges, have put a strain on the contestants health, You can see in their faces how much stress and weight they have all lost (and not in a good way). This seemed to be ever so more evident after their QLD Stint.
I have’nt commented on here before but I was just so livid when Mel won, I did not like the room and what did she do ? ‘Zilch , it was the others that did all the work while she fluffed around shopping.(Didn’t Jarrod make a comment when she came back asking if she had had a spray tan?), In fact the whole series you never actually saw her getting in and working, it was always Keenan’s hard work .At the beginning I thought she was one of the nicer contestants but then started noticing, just never seem to have any labour input. In my Eyes Keenan was robbed, his room had so much more work done in it. (yes I know that fireplace mm).
Reading comments, Ican see not many like Pete, I do,.I actually love his work . Comments about him not working for Keenan and that he was a disadvantage, He did what Keenan allocated for him to do ,.At the end of the day, Melissas did no more than Peter , throwing a few cushions on a bed and a rug on the floor, my gosh, the room lacked any personality and she won for this?, August & Natalia did all the work and Melissa just supposedly fixed the window after Natalia mentioned how bad they were. Notice the judges never gave that a closer inspection.
Jarrod and MIchael , two lovely guys and it was such a shame one had to go, I too for some reason started wanting Jarrod to win (and that was before the tears so that did not sway me) He was the quiet achiever. Even though Michael chose the furniture , I still liked Jarrod’s room however not totally disappointed that Mike won as they were always both worthy of being a winner.
Nat and Nat – liked Nathan but always loved Natalia , she can just about match it with the guys and her sence of style, creativety and focuis is great . I know there have been a couple of times she has not come across well, but credit where it is due , sooo talented.
Love Luke as well .
Personally , for me , it is out 4 that I will be happy with to win.
Pete, Natalia ,Luke Mike.
Well i got that off my chest and off course this is only my opinion. Everyone has different tastes and we all see things differently.