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The Amazing Race – Jenna And Ethan Not Happy About How Elimination Happened

The Amazing Race kicked off with a double episode to ensure we are now up to the US series. The first leg went to Taiwan where the oldest team was given a reprieve with it being a non-elimination pitstop. However the bad news for the rest of the teams was that there was going to be a double elimination on the next leg.

However this resulted in two of the more interesting teams being eliminated. These were Ethan and Jenner, two former Survivor winners and now dating, and Ron and Bill who were domestic partners. Eight of the eleven teams were turned back at the pitstop to go back to the orphanage to give up ALL their money to them.

The instructions to do this were in a frame on the table where the kids were surrounding, which is why a lot of people missed it.

Now Ron and Bill were quite zen about their elimination, but Ethan and Jenner not so much and they may have a point.

In their interview with Reality TV World (warning – if you click link you may see spoilers for Survivor) Ethan and Jenner said the clue

 When you went to the orphanage, did you realize there was a sign on the table at all?

Jenna Morasca: Yeah. Basically in our clue — and we’re always told we have these clues and the information that we’re supposed to go by in our clue — we were told to turn in all our rupiah…

Ethan Zohn: From the dancing challenge.

Jenna Morasca: … from the dancing challenge and when we got to the challenge, it wasn’t underlined or marked in red like you guys saw, and it also wasn’t marked with any Race flags. So, it was just like any other sign. I mean, if someone was holding a sign that said that, was that a challenge? So, I figured it said, “Turn in all your money that you raised and any additional money.”

So we actually turned in all of our additional rupiah because on the clue, and I checked the clue, it didn’t say anything about your converted money. Everything that it said was only about rupiah. So we only had like 20 dollars that we didn’t convert.

Ethan Zohn: U.S. dollars.

Jenna Morasca: U.S. dollars. So we did turn in all our additional rupiah and we figured if we had gotten it wrong, we wouldn’t have gotten a clue like on all the other Race challenges. It’s like if you said the wrong words to the monk [during the Roadblock at the Taipei Confucius Temple], he wouldn’t have given you the clue.

If you don’t do a challenge right, you don’t get the clue. So, I figured that probably other people missed that, but we wouldn’t have gotten the clue if we would have gotten that challenge wrong.

So once you had given the children all your money, you weren’t given anything further right? You didn’t receive a different clue or something?

Jenna Morasca: No, we did not.

Ethan Zohn: Yeah. Even if you gave them like no dollars — gave them one penny off the floor — you would have gotten your clue, which doesn’t make sense.

Jenna Morasca: We checked with the secondary clue and it says nothing about extra American money. So, we figured since we were in Indonesia, we’d give them our rupiah and we did. We gave them all of our additional money.

We just figured, “Well, they gave us the clue, so they must have been okay.” And we came in ninth. We checked in before the Vegas girls [Kaylani Paliotta and Lisa Tilley]. We were safe at that point had we be allowed to check in.

How do you feel about the whole leg coming down to the confusing sign? Did you think that was fair?

Jenna Morasca: I don’t know. I guess if we say it’s unfair, we’re going to sound like we’re bitter. But I’ve just never heard about doing a challenge where they give you the reward if you do it right or wrong. And the teams that got it wrong, like they’re not stupid teams. These are really good teams.

Ethan Zohn: Eight out of 11 teams got the clue wrong, not that that means anything, but it was obviously very tricky. I think it was meant to trick you.

Jenna Morasca: Yes, you can tell by the way [The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan] was asking people. He was expecting them to get it wrong.




1 AnonyMousse { 10.08.11 at 2:27 pm }

The sign said ‘you must give all the money in your possession’, not all the rupiah, so they don’t really have a point to stand on. If it had turned out to be a bogus sign, I’m sure the producers would have either stepped in to stop it or would have reimbursed the contestants when they got to the finish line.

2 Richard { 10.10.11 at 8:23 am }

I don’t think the sign was hidden – I just think in the rush of it all that teams did not read the sign (or just skimmed through it). The outcome would have been very different if they had slowed down a bit and read it!

3 Suzanne { 10.10.11 at 4:13 pm }

If the snowboard dudes managed to get it right first time, as well as 2 other couples, then it was just challenging enough.

I think all the competitors are so used to having all the clues clearly sign-posted and virtually given to them, that they have forgotten to think outside the square. Good on the producers to mix it up a bit.

We also saw that on the clue in the square which had the yellow and red balloons – again not very Amazing Race looking.

Hilarious moments:
– the older couple being so excruciatingly slow in the first episode;
– the asian girl having a meltdown when she did something wrong
– the brother & sister fighting – actually that got a bit awkward
– hashtag #amazingracist on twitter when ever anyone said anything remotely racist

And did anyone else think the whole losing the passport at the service station was just very strange?
Obviously the film crew saw it. And asked a bystander to take it to the airport. And then the whole thing of the girls having to bungee jump in the shopping centre seemed like it was edited in afterward as well. Or I am turning into a conspiracy theorist?

4 AnonyMousse { 10.10.11 at 8:57 pm }

I wouldn’t be sure about the film crew having seen the passport loss – I’m actually pretty sure they ‘reconstructed’ (ie refilmed for dramatic purposes) that scene. You can tell, if you’ve still got the first episode, by comparing the in-vehicle to out-vehicle footage of the other vehicles you can see out the drivers window as she drives out of the pump station, to the vehicles you see as the car drives off – they’re completely different coloured vans sitting in the next pump. That indicates that they went back and filmed a car (probably not with the contestants) driving off.

5 Reality Raver { 10.10.11 at 9:30 pm }

There has been a couple of stories about this. One about it being a set up. The other about the guys who found the passport tweeting about it and that set the ball rolling. I will try and find the link to it.

6 AnonyMousse { 10.11.11 at 12:38 am }

Don’t get me wrong – just because I’m certain that they refilmed the drive-away scene doesn’t mean I don’t disbelieve that those guys found the passport and twittered it. Amazing Race refilms scenes all the time – handover of clues, reaching the pitstop (this one especially), and another one they seem to have to refilm or creatively re-use film for is cops pulling up as they’re about to say the racer is speeding/dangerous driving/acting like an idiot on speed. These re-films are just part of the storytelling – they’re not adding anything to the story that wasn’t there, they’re just filming ‘recreations’ of the events that happened because a cameraman didn’t happen to have his machine pointed in the right direction at the right time.

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