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Beauty And The Geek – Mackenzie And Troy Engaged

When Mackenzie was telling her geek Jimmy that she would not go near Troy if it was going to upset him may not have been entirely true, as the Sunday Telegraph has reported they maybe engaged.

Well that is if their Facebook pages are correct.

The article states:

In the new series of Channel 7’s Beauty and the Geek, the beauties – buff jock Troy Thompson and brunette beauty Mackenzie Gogo Smits – have fallen for each other.

The hook-up is sad news for Mackenzie’s partner on the show, Jimmy, who had initially been doted on by the busty glamour model before she set her sights on Troy, a chiselled, 21-year-old topless waiter from Sydney.

Sorry for the spoiler but the couple have taken to Facebook to declare their love for each other, announcing they are engaged.

That revelation is already proving a hot topic on the show’s online forums.

Beauty and the Geek is only a couple of weeks into airing.

However, the producers wrapped production on the Seven series about three weeks ago. So they’ll be wanting desperately to keep this one under wraps.

Troy and Mackenzie pashed on last week’s show after he scored her an 8.4 out of 10. Funny, though, that he’d scored another beauty, Sarah, a nine.

If they breed their kids are not going to be too bright. However it could just be a publicity stunt cooked up by the pair. I doubt they will make it to the altar.




1 Anonymous { 10.10.11 at 8:43 am }

“If they breed their kids are not going to be too bright…”.
No shit, Sherlock. They’d make great reality show hosts though.

2 Georgie { 10.10.11 at 11:22 am }

Such extreme dedication to the ‘Reality’ ethic. Someone should tell the producers that the days of ‘getting engaged because you’ve bonked someone’ are long gone.

3 brain dead dave { 10.10.11 at 12:11 pm }

It wouldn’t take long to **** Troy’s brains out.

4 Georgie { 10.10.11 at 12:17 pm }

Walking gonads.

5 getyafacts { 10.11.11 at 9:42 am }

first up troy is 23 and he doesn’t even have his own FB account. this is a load of shit.

6 Reality Raver { 10.11.11 at 10:10 am }

Well getyafacts that is the best news I have heard of all day.

7 Chook { 10.13.11 at 1:38 am }

If you check the website, it says there he’s 21 – so either he told them he was 21 or there’s been a typo. Also, his profile on FB was publicly visibly up until very recently.

8 trishfish { 10.20.11 at 10:28 pm }

i think they are engaged, check out her ring finger and “likes” of the comments in her fb fanpage

9 confidential { 10.27.11 at 1:25 am }

this is no publicity stunt, my friend is one of Mackenzie’s close friends and he has proposed to her, its not the medias business though so move on.

10 Georgie { 10.27.11 at 6:54 am }

Confidential – “so move on”.
If you check the dates on the posts above yours I think you could conclude that everyone already has!

11 G { 10.27.11 at 10:12 pm }

actually confidential, given their social media sites are supposed to be off til the show is over I think it is the business of several… including channel 7!

12 Greatest { 03.15.14 at 7:11 am }

I love them do much

13 Greatest { 03.15.14 at 7:12 am }

I love them so much i mean