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Made In Chelsea – Ollie Comes Out And No One Is Shocked

Made In Chelsea is a ‘structured reality show’ on Lifestyle You. It is about a group of allegedly upper class young people in London.

The cast come with names like Spencer, Hugo, Rosie, Millie, Cheska, Caggie and Ollie. They obviously think they are classier then their cousins in reality TV than The Only Way Is Essex, but I am not convinced.

Like their Essex counterparts they have big hair (the girls), drink, party and hook up.

All the guys in Chelsea are a bit wet combine that with sense of superiority and it does not make them very attractive.

Ollie who is into straightening his hair, fake tanning and eyelash curling finally broke up with his girlfriend Gabriella, as he has decided to explore his sexuality. However this revelation left no one shocked in either the cast or the viewer.

Here is his coming out clip here:

However after doing some dabbling with guys he has been dating Chloe Green, daughter of billionaire owner of Top Shop Phillip Green. She said neither she or her father had any problems with him being bisexual. She has now joined the cast of the show. However they broke up recently because of the public scrutiny. (Source: Daily Mail)

How does he get the ladies? Well according to his ex-girlfriend Gabriella who is also on the show he is good in the sack.

She said to Metro UK:

‘You can’t ignore the subject, but it’s up to Ollie to talk about it,’ she added.
Gabriella also revealed that regardless of Ollie’s true sexuality, he knows how to satisfy a woman in bed.

She admitted the pair have slept together since their split, saying: ‘We’ve already had the ‘ex sex’ – I couldn’t resist. He’s amazing in bed.’

Gabriella was possibly over-sharing when she added: ‘Even though he’s feminine and camp, he’s all man in the bedroom. He’s wonderful.’

By the way if you think you want to know more about Made In Chelsea, or The Only Way Is Essex here is a good interview with Caggie from Chelsea, and Lauren from Essex. The show is a lot of fun.

Made In Chelsea is on Lifestyle You on Monday nights at 8.30pm.

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