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The Renovators – The Houses Revealed

Apologies about not blogging on Friday night, but I forgot to record it and went out, bumped into an old frenemy tequila and only just got my equilibrium today.

Good news about Michael winning the keys to the fibro cottage, but feeling a bit mixed about Nathan losing out to Natalia. However as the strongest woman in the competition she deserved to have the keys to a house.

Tonight on the show they show the finished houses. As has been written about on this blog by commenters, we have not seen enough of the transition of the houses. However it was like renovation fast tracking, they went from 75 per cent done last week, to fully done tonight.

The houses were good, however when Peter was vacuuming under that shelf you could see glue had leaked. But loved the ensuite bathroom. The sixties suburban was lovely, and the fibro cottage had a resort type feel. My least favourite would be the shop, however I did love their kitc

All the houses had positive aspects and were quite stylish.Unfortunately my recording clapped out before I could see who won. Twitter informs me it was Luke from the inner city terrace who won the holiday to Bali.


1 Renocrazy { 10.12.11 at 9:56 am }

Damn, won’t be home till 10-11 . so can’t watch till then…unfair!!! Can’t use ‘phone either..We have to find another show to pick on, but there’s nothing else as interesting. I say again… unfair!!

Eliza.. or anyone else with a facebook account, next time you’re on facebook can you ask this lady-Veronica-to join us? We want to know everything!! Don’t have an account myself, no time, but also heard there was another lass who worked in real estate that goes on there, might have info. :-)

I am soooooo jealous you’ll all be watching when I can’t. Have a great night, and good luck to all.

2 nanaliz { 10.12.11 at 11:57 am }

I am really going to miss the Renovators more for the post you guys and girls have made. Thank you all for the entertainment and info you give. I don’t think another show can give me as much enjoyment. Also great job RR. Enjoy the finale everyone.

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