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The Voice – Are These The Judges For The Australian Version?

News in the Daily Telegraph states Keith Urban, Delta Goodrem, Joel Madden and Seal will be the judges on the Australian version of The Voice.

The judges  have two things in common – none are permanently based in Australia, and all of them have famous partners.

The selection I am most disappointed with is Delta as I don’t think she is that great in a mentoring role. Also she loses points for shagging a Jonas brother, however I don’t care enough to google to find out what the 18 year old boys name is.

Keith Urban is an interesting choice, however I know nothing about him except that he is a country singer and married to Nicole Kidman.

Love that Joel Madden will be on the show. He has been a mentor before on Australian Idol with his brother Benji and he was fantastic. The publicity department will be hoping his wife Nicole Ritchie joins him out here.

Finally Seal, Heidi Klum’s husband must be happy he has found gainful employment. The talented singer is certainly experienced to take on the role.

If this information is correct there will be a lot of disgruntlement from some Australian performers who were hoping for a shot on the show. Will keep you posted.

Also if you want to apply to be on the show you have until Sunday to do so at the official website.

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1 Jo { 10.14.11 at 2:58 am }

The good thing is that they’ve chosen four songwriters and not just pure vocalists so there’s a bit of technical knowledge into music which should hopefully be useful for a mentoring role.

I don’t think much of Delta as a mentor either. I don’t know much about Keith Urban or Joel Madden, but I do love Seal.