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Celebrity Apprentice – Deni Hines V Polly From The Block Feuding?

Not sure if this is just a publicity stunt, however TV WEEK is saying Deni Hines was not a fan of Polly from The Block.

Deni clearly is not a fan of reality TV as she said she had never heard of her nor watched The Block. I find Deni’s criticism a bit strange considering her biggest hit was a cover song “Ain’t No Sunshine”. Also Deni needs to get with the reality of the 21st century that people from these shows are popular with TV viewers.

In fact the very popular US Celebrity Apprentice is normally stacked with reality stars.

The TV WEEK reports on the friction on set.

The article states:

With soul singer Deni Hines making a point to remember Polly Porter’s name by reciting “Polly watns a cracker” over and over again, it’s clear that if these celebrities were looking for a new best friend, they’ll be sorely disappointed.

We’re told the knives are well and truly out among the celebrities, with more backstabbing, bitching and enemies being made than during Pauline Hanson’s days in parliament.

“If anyone rubbed me the wrong way, it was Polly,” Deni tells TV WEEK. “I was bit like,’Stop telling me how a camera works – you’re 20 and I’m 41.’ I found her annoying at times.”

Being a “celebrity” is something that Deni feels people need to earn, and although Polly came out as a winner on the most recent season of The Block for her renovation work, she hasn’t achieved “celebrity status” yet.

“I said [in the boardroom] that I don’t refer to myself as a celebrity. I’m an artist and I sing. If you put something on YouTube you’re a celebrity,” she says. “People have to understand that [she] build a house – good on ya!”

Being new to the world of television, Polly was aware from day one she was going to have a target on her back.

“Some of the contestants thought I’d renovated a house and that’s all I had going for me. I think it was a bit of a shock that I showed I had a brain and some TV game,” the 24 year old says.

And Deni certainly hasn’t made life easy for the already-anxious renovator.

“I was an easy target,” Polly admits. “It’s almost a cheap shot to say, ‘She doesn’t have any contacts, let’s kick her out.’

But there’s a lot more to the game than having a black book – you need to have a brain and be able to talk to the public.”

While she’s happy to roll with the punches and prove that she’s a worthy contender for the big title, Polly says she’s had her weak moments.

“I was trying to exude confidence, but inside I was really nervous and not sure what I was doing,” she admits.

Unlike The Block where she had her boyfriend, Waz Jones, by her side to get through tough times, Polly has to cope with being solo for this project.

“It was so hard because he’s the one who calms me down and makes sure everything is OK,” she explains.

But despite the difficulties she faced winning over her teammates, the task she dreading most was walking into the boardroom to face her boss, millionaire businessman Mark Bouris.

“It’s so dark and gloomy and it feels like the end of the world. When Mr Bouris starts talking you think, ‘Oh my gosh – I’m only going to talk when spoken to,'” she says.

And although she loved the challenges, the intense pressure could mean this will be the last time she lets the cameras follow her daily.

“I don’t think I’ll do another reality show,” she admits. “It’s easier to renovate; [this show] was really tough.”

I have watched the first episode and it is great fun. For probity purposes I will state my car is in it and it is the first one washed at the car wash….

Celebrity Apprentice Australia commences tonight on Channel Nine at 7.00pm. I will be recapping.


1 Melly { 10.24.11 at 4:47 pm }

Um…I think Deni Hines forgets why she is “famous” in the first place – Her mother. Not to mention she was married to what’s his face from INXS. So I think she needs to take a good look at how she was able to get to where she is before she starts criticizing other people.

2 Mia { 10.24.11 at 4:51 pm }

If it weren’t for Marcia, would anyone have ever given Deni a singing career in the first place?

3 Wurstsemmel { 10.24.11 at 6:31 pm }

Melly, you said it all. Can anyone even remember anything Deni Hines has done that wasn’t riding on the back of someone else’s coat tails?
An artiste? Crap on. A D-list celebrity. Hope she goes home first (and with Pauline Hanson and Warwick Capper in the cast, that really is saying something).

4 seepi { 10.24.11 at 8:53 pm }

I watched tonight and Deni seemed to be really quite annoying. trying a bit too hard with all the jazzy talk ‘mamma P is in Da house’ ‘shake yo money maker’ etc etc.

5 PollyB { 10.24.11 at 9:48 pm }

I agree with you all regarding Deni.
But Polly needs to get real too. She is the daughter of a high-up nine staffer isn’t she? I doubt we would know her at all if it weren’t for that.

6 DrT { 10.24.11 at 10:38 pm }

Deni obviously didn’t tune into Marcia on Australian Idol… I wonder if she was fearful that she’d be outshone…

7 Block Fan { 10.24.11 at 10:55 pm }

Didn’t think I would enjoy it but it was OK -although the actual washing time could have been edited down a little. Was it my imagination or was Lisa Curry a bit of a non-player? She was hardly shown on the screen. The men picked up within minutes that Max Markson is crazy. Is Caper seriously that simple and deluded or was he putting it on for the TV? Having always hated Pauline Hanson for her politics I have to grudgingly admit she came across as a good sport and was the only one who wasn’t keen on the inappropriate team name (glad they got pulled up on that). Ms beauty queen is abit of a nazi! She will have to work on her people skills if she wants to stay in the game. Will tune in tomorrow. Not sure about having more 1.5hr eps, thats a bit long.Surely Max will go?? (back to the asylum maybe?!)

8 Reality Raver { 10.24.11 at 11:12 pm }

Block Fan – I think the Mon and Wednesday night ones will be an hour from now on.

DrT – oh kapow on the Marcia comment so spot on.

Melly, Mia, Wurstsemmel and Polly B – from what I have seen of Deni Hines tonight she won’t be gaining too many new fans from this show.

9 jo { 10.25.11 at 3:01 pm }

Deni Hines is so nasty and clearly thinks she is a celebrity of note. She is not, she is a mediorce singer with a famous mother and from the looks of it, is a nasty little cow.

10 Demi? Deni? WHO? { 10.26.11 at 8:45 pm }

Demi? Deni? What’s her name? Is soooooooo arrogant! I can’t believe how she acted tonight saying how she couldn’t sing a jingle because music is her brand? Lmao! What a joke! And footy is wyndels fortay or brand but I’m sure he’d throw a ball around for charity! I don’t no why she’s on Pollys case.. I seem to recall her mum being on a reality show and that’s the only reason why any1 under 40 knows her! She’s ridiculous. Seriously felt like throwing my shoes at the tv.

11 Kris { 10.26.11 at 8:52 pm }

I can’t stand Deni Hines! She talks like an idiot
and seriously needs to grow up! What a no hoper, no wonder she hasn’t done anything worthy of raving about. Kick her off the
show she doesn’t deserve to be on it.

12 Georgie { 10.26.11 at 8:57 pm }

Deni is a total prima donna – “I have a very recognisable voice” she said when asked to sing a jingle. Yep, I’ll never forget her grating, rasping voice or what she said with it. Before this week I wouldn’t have recognised it though. She is sooooo up herself.

13 Demi? Deni? WHO? { 10.26.11 at 9:05 pm }

Good to see celebs real personalities tho! Lols and let me tel you there ain’t nothing special about Deni..

14 Georgie { 10.26.11 at 9:08 pm }

Loved the way Mr Bouris ticked her off with “I’m not honey”. She actually looked lost for words for a second.

15 brain dead dave { 10.26.11 at 9:23 pm }

Ain’t No Sunshine but that shining out of Deni’s arse. What a disgrace.

It’s not like songwriting runs in the family. Marcia couldn’t write a song to save her own life either. If it wasn’t for covers these two would have starved years ago.

16 seepi { 10.26.11 at 9:30 pm }

Also at the KFC she said she wouldn’t sing a jingle with her recognisable voice, but in the board room she said she wouldn’t write one, but would have sung one in a heartbeat…

Polly was ineffective at the til – not upselling or pointing to the charity bins, but Deni is toxic – why have a go at Polly in the car. She must be fairly insecure to feel the need to pick on someone else.

17 brain dead dave { 10.26.11 at 9:36 pm }

Deni had no probs singing the National Anthem at the car wash with her “recognisable”(sounds like a fart in a bucket) voice.

Maybe she’s suffering from PMT- pathetically mediocre talent.

18 Georgie { 10.26.11 at 9:43 pm }

Julia Morris is really enjoying this experience. Besides gathering a wealth of material for future routines she’s keeping us entertained with her blow by blow comic commentary. Loved her ‘serious business woman’ do tonight complete with glasses – precious.

19 Polly of the Block fan { 10.26.11 at 10:21 pm }

I couldn’t agree more about Deni. She really got up my nose from the start. I’ve always thought of her as a spoilt brat upstart on any interviews I’ve seen with her. Her mother Marcia is so much nicer. Polly is great and won a lot of fans on the block. I think either Shane Crawford or Jason Coleman could win this show. They’ve got good work ethics. Julia is good for a laugh and Pauline is a good sport. I’m glad wanker Warick has gone and I hope Max is next followed by Deni and then Wendell. Lisa Curry is a has been. The model girl did quite a good job of organising last nite considering her age. You go Polly!!!!! :-)

20 lynette { 10.27.11 at 12:43 am }

Go Polly….. Deni….who…I have never seen such a egomanic !!!!!! I don’t think she is a celebrity, just another one hit wonder…..riding on her mothers coat tails…no personality…… hit wonder….!!!!

21 CADDY { 10.27.11 at 4:38 am }

Deni certainly doesn’t like the young healthy got the whole world ahead of them ladies does she? Too late for her star to rise perhaps? I would have thought writing and performing a jingle for charity as a writer would be a brand builder myself… maybe she just doesn’t have the confidence or ability but couldn’t admit it. I’ll take 10 Polly’s over 1 Dummi – oops sorry it’s Deni or is it Dunni? well shoot, I mean Marcia’s kid anyday. Go get em Polly. Get your cracker ready Polly, ol’ crusty Deni gonna need your crumbs!!

22 Anonymous { 10.27.11 at 7:17 pm }

Who the hell is Demi???

23 Anonymous { 10.27.11 at 7:42 pm }

Wasn’t Deni a one hit wonder ????? … Love ya Polly :o))))

24 Dee Harrus { 10.27.11 at 10:38 pm }

I have to add my thoughts on Deni, I dont think I have ever heard a CD of hers and if she is such a ‘star’ wouldn’t she have a big following, so why pick on Polly who worked her butt off and at least added something.. I was disgusted to see her get fired.. Pauline should have got behind all the staff to get them fired up and get a theme. SHE failed and was lucky not to have got the bullit she too deserved along with Deni.. I thought that Polly had a target on her back from the start.. They are a bitchy lot, Julia is a treat and keeps the fun coming. What did Lisa do, where was her following!! Very strange outcome for my part..
Disappionted in Marks discision this time.. I love Warrick but I can see why he had to go tho Max M. is such a know it all and full of himself he was so sure they had it won… BUT!!!!.
Go Girls..

25 Dola { 10.28.11 at 10:44 am }

I would like to know….. Who the hell does Deni Hines think she is??? She is a nasty nobody with a semi famous mother!! Marcia Hines often talks about being a good person and doing your best, well, obviously she forgot to start her effort at home. Deni is a disgrace and should be ashamed of herself. I hope her mother is also watching so she can teach her some manners and common decency upon her return home. Regardless of who anyone is they don’t deserve to be spoken to or treated like Polly was. I really hope this opens the eyes of any existing Deni fans and they blow her off. She is not worthy of fan support, and definately needs a reality check. What a nasty horrible person. Hurry up KARMA!!

26 Iza { 10.28.11 at 12:57 pm }

Deni Hines, what a pathetic bit of trailer trash. Nasty, egocentric and talentless. Imaging what a big head she’d have if she was actually talented and famous! With such a brittle and shallow personality she sure hasn’t made a good career move by showing the public just what she is really like. keep thinking your “special” Deni, because your the only one that does!

27 Nick { 10.28.11 at 11:59 pm }

Who is Demi Hines?

28 Sandie { 10.29.11 at 2:59 am }

Don’t under estimate Lisa Curry- she is a real go getter and will give everyone; even the Footie boys, a run for their money later on when the teams are thinned down a bit. She is one TOUGH lady.

29 Anonymous { 10.29.11 at 11:28 am }

Deni Hines, So far up her self, she cant Walk Straight.

30 Block Fan { 10.29.11 at 2:44 pm }

Lisa Curry may be tough but she is also rude and insulting about younger team members.She comes across as old and bitter. I thought she would be great and was a nice person but I think like Deni her true colours are showing!

31 Anonymous { 11.02.11 at 6:08 am }

Deni, Drop the attitude and take that stick out of your ass.. And while your at it pucker up so you can kiss mine…

32 Anonymous { 11.02.11 at 6:22 am }

Beans means Deni Heins… She stinks

33 Pat Rolph { 11.02.11 at 8:52 am }

Unfortunately a lot of people have forgotten about how to be nice these days. Being nice instead of nasty leaves you feeling much more peaceful.

34 Anonymous { 11.02.11 at 6:12 pm }

I liked deni from the rockmelon days. Before her ego took over

35 lorraine { 11.02.11 at 6:16 pm }


36 lynette { 11.02.11 at 8:33 pm }

Well the right decision was made……at long last.! I loved the smirky look on demi’ s face when it she was in the board room,thinking mama P,going home. Then boom! YOUR FIRED DENI!….HER ENDING COMMENTS REALLY TELL YOU WHO SHE TRULY IS…..NO NICE AT ALL…I HOPE SHE DOESN’T BELIEVE IN KARMA CAUSE IF SHE DOES . SHE KNOWS WHAT’S COMING!!!!!!!@!

37 Rob { 11.17.11 at 7:20 pm }

Fuckin black nigga bitch who do u think you are? you would be prettier if you were white!!!!! get your head out of the clouds. she has lost it a longgggggggg time ago in the music bis.

38 Anonymous { 11.22.11 at 3:35 pm }

Not nice Rob! What a disgusting comment… I’ts not about the colour of her skin, it’s about her attitude and how she treats people!!!