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The X Factor – Australian Songs Tonight, And Exit Interview With YMS

Tonight on The X Factor the remaining contestants will being sing Australian songs. If Mitchell Calloway mangles Hunter’s and Collectors Throw Your Arms Around Me I am suing.

The list of songs are:

Declan Fall at Your Feet – Crowded House
Reece Joker and the Thief – Wolfmother
Johnny Lost Without You – Delta Goodrem
Christina Weir – Killing Heidi
Three Wishez You’re the Voice – John Farnham
Andrew Flame Trees – Cold Chisel
Mitchell Throw Your Arms Around Me – Hunters and Collectors

Also last week I got to interview Young Men Society (YMS) who were disappointed they had been eliminated from the show.

Here is the interview:

RR: You must have been disappointed about being eliminated. What is it like standing on stage each week waiting to find out if you are safe?

YMS: It is so nerve wracking. It is the night everyone does not want to get to. You are on a high from your performance that this just brings it back to reality about what the competition is about.

RR: I noticed last night that Christina Parie, that has had a bit of a golden run in the competition, that she was one later names to be called out, and during that time she really crumbled under the pressure and broke down. Do you think there is to much pressure being on a show like this, for the 16 year olds and younger to handle it?

YMS: I don’t know how they do it. They are so brave and so talent, and they hold themselves so well. It is a lot of pressure it really is. They have to do what they have to do at night, but they also have to go to school every morning. So much respect to them.

RR: Everyone gets the same amount of rehearsal time don’t they?

YMS: Yes.

RR: Natalie Bassingthwaite when she was doing her voting, appeared to have a mini meltdown and then threw the vote to deadlock. How did you feel when she did that when she did not want to make the hard call?

YMS: It wasn’t our time to go home. I honestly believe that. We weren’t ready to go home.

RR: What is next for you guys?

YMS: We believe we can work on a world class scale. Guy [Sebastian] really wants to work with us, Ronan has a few options for us. So we have a really strong team behind us already. And we want to work with the Chris Brown’s and the Justin Beibers – I believe we can work at that level.

RR: Do you have a My Space page or original stuff on YouTube?

YMS: We have a few things up on YouTube we did have more however we had to take it all down. However if you go to YouTube and search for Young Men Society you will see a few original songs up there.

RR: If you could go on another reality TV show, regardless of skills, which would it be?

YMS: Because it would be funny and a big massive fail, it would be Masterchef. We are the ultimate microwave and 2 minute noodle chefs.

The X Factor  is on Channel Seven at 7.30pm tonight.



1 BlackType { 10.24.11 at 5:32 pm }

It was time for YMS to go. If the people wont vote then isnt that a sign they wont buy?

2 brain dead dave { 10.24.11 at 5:47 pm }

Mitchell will transform that song into “Throw Up Around Me”,no risk.

Farnsy and Chisel are up for a right mauling ,too. I hope Her Majesty isn’t watching.