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The X Factor – Mitchell Callaway Finally Bites The Dust

Well the work of the producers last night worked in ensuring Mitchell Callaway landed in the bottom two. In his pre-song package last night Mitchell was shown to be not 100% co-operative with the choreographers and was moaning about song choice.

He landed in the bottom two with Johnny Ruffo and neither of them should have been shocked.

Unfortunately it was not a double elimination. Johnny sang Billie Jean and did his Michael Jackson dance moves, and Mitchell sang a country song.

The vote went to deadlock so the public vote was the decider and Mitchell was gone.


1 christine { 10.26.11 at 1:42 am }

sooo shouldnt have been mitchell leaving 2nite !!!! as for johnny ruffo – he shouldnt have even been in the 12 from the start .. looks maybe, voice ? no !! mitchell = looks + the voice .. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA !!!

2 spit { 10.26.11 at 2:31 am }

Bye bye to a nasty piece of work.

3 Susan { 10.26.11 at 8:50 am }

Wish Mitchell the best of luck for the future and hope you get singing your country songs all around the Australia and overseas.

4 ruby { 10.26.11 at 1:53 pm }

Why is it that in every reality show there is always one contestant that hangs around way past their use by date & stinks the whole joint up??? I think Johnny forgot that this was meant to be a singing contest, not an MJ contest. How original is this guy?? I will miss Mitchell’s shy sneers. What choreography was he meant to do?? The don’t drop the soap one?

5 brain dead dave { 10.26.11 at 2:26 pm }

The producers had to get rid of him. They were about to be charged with aiding and abetting a criminal.

Johnny Ruffo could have his own show-“So You Think You Can Dance But You Can’t Sing For $hit”

6 Izobel2 { 10.26.11 at 11:53 pm }

Hey BDD, did u catch dinner date uk last night? I missed the end and was wondering if the couple lived happily ever after!

7 Lucy { 10.27.11 at 9:32 am }

Well i think Mitchell should have stayed.. Johnny Cant sing and totally wrecked an MJ song.. Im a BIG fan of MJ and Didnt like how Johnny sung it.. I have loved Mitchell from the start and has always backed him.. He has come so far since he first came on the show, and if johnny wants to dance he should go on a different tv show… Or stop the dancing and focus more on his vocals… It just seems like he runs outta breath because of his dancing..
I just really hope Mitchell continues his singing because he is Fantastic.. To all the teenages out there , its not about looks thats gunna win the competition its the voice..
ie; declan sykes has a good voice to but no one likes him because he doesnt look good… Some people just need to grow up and realise its not about looks… Love you Mitchell , so happy that you followed your dream.. :)

8 brain dead dave { 10.27.11 at 11:41 am }

Yes , Isobel 2, I did watch it but wasn’t paying attention at the follow up time. Lovely girl,beige guys. It’s going to air a bit late here. I’m guessing it’s not compulsory to have smoke alarms in UK.

9 Izobel2 { 10.27.11 at 11:53 am }

BDD – I know – I’m in SA too. The last guy was a great cook but too busy doing the darn dishes!

10 brain dead dave { 10.27.11 at 12:01 pm }

She went for the first guy. “Hand massaged chicken”, yeh right.

The guys were mean. Charlie was gorgeous and they all gave her two stars. If they’d rather get into soccer and doing dishes….

11 jaybeeez { 11.02.11 at 7:38 pm }

I really wanted Mitchell to sing Need You Now Lady Antebellum. That would have been amazing!!! It’s all about song choice guys. Some of these songs are not doing the contestants any favours!!! Mitchell you are an amazing country singer, love your voice. Hope you get the opportunity to go a long long way!! All the best!

12 lyla ridgway { 11.07.11 at 8:16 pm }

I feel mitchell was cheated by not being allowed to do country and western which is his forte. I feel that mitchell was sacrificed to let Andrew get ahead. Mitchell get out and show them what you have and I wish you every success.

13 geoff laawl { 11.10.11 at 12:49 am }

lyla you forget country music is a fail and the majority of the populace votes accordingly

ohhh noesss australia what have you become?! the latte sippers are durka deeeeeeerrrr jeerb

14 Diane { 02.05.12 at 10:01 am }

I think Mitchell was great with a fantastic voice. I only watched it to see him sing!!!!!! Johnny can not sing at all. And I think Mel was out to get Mitchell. Good luck for the future and hope you keep up the great singing.