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Celebrity Apprentice – Deni Hines You ARE On A Reality TV Show

NEWSFLASH: Deni Hines you are having a go at Polly for being a reality TV star and you are starring in a reality show yourself. I wonder if Deni can see the irony of that.

Her “brand” she is so badly protecting may be damaged by her being on the show. On the latest episode of Celebrity Apprentice it was the Deni Hines show and not in a good way.

In fact positive thing about this show is just possibly she or Max Markson may find some personal insight into themselves. Yes I know it is all about the editing however if there is a consensus amongst their team mates about what they are like then there must be some validity to it.

Anyway the challenge was to see which team could make the most money at KFC.

This time the Bouris’s Babes had changed their name to Team Ignite they were sent to KFC at Mascot, and the boys Team Unity were at Northmead. Both spiffy looking stores for the brand.

Project manager for Team Ignite was Pauline Hanson due to her past fast food experience, and no guy put themselves forward for the role in their team, so Shane Crawford ended up doing it.

There was friction on the girls team when Deni Hines was having issues that she was a vegetarian and the challenge involved meat.  Jesinta Campbell did well in putting her back in her box by saying it is about getting the job done.

Deni also was having a go at Polly Porter in the car  about her lack of celebrity. Which begs the question of why Deni Hines herself thinks she is a celebrity herself? Last time I heard of her was two decades ago, and I suspect she has been on the after dinner entertainment circuit since. Not that this is a negative thing we all have to make a buck, however that does not make you an “artist”.

The whole fiasco continued with Demi refusing to help with the jingle as it would “diminish her brand” nor would she sing. To say her team mates were getting pissed off was an understatement.

Particularly Lisa Curry who was sick of Deni Hines running around giving people hugs, instead of cleaning the floor.

Whilst this is going on Julia Morris just was watching on with amusement. She knows it is all a game and a show. Also she knows she is safe as long as she is not brought into the board room. Oh and great rapping skills.

Jesinta Campbell also appears to be a feisty personality, I am starting to like her, and am curious to know more about her. Though I did think she was rude to Pauline whilst she was on the phone, and like any 20 year old thinks she knows more then she actually does. Also I am not convinced those glasses she was wearing last night were real.

Out at the boys KFC things were starting off slowly with Shane Crawford having a very laid back management style. He sent Didier and Wendell off to get decorations and he did not want any input into it. Was this because if he lost he would be able to blame someone for something?

Lucky for them Shane’s charity was breast cancer so very easy to brand with the pink. They went much more for banners and decorations then the girls did.

Wendell thought it was rugby league heartland so he should be front of house, and some of the Parramatta boys did come down. In the end the guys did get a festive atmosphere going.

It should be noted Shane was smart enough to shove Max Markson, who is also a vegetarian, out the back to cook. The poor fifteen year old he was stuck with was probably wanting to pop him some of that ADHD medication you can now buy in the school yards. Max Markson is irritating, but he did not quibble about being pushed to back of house.

Once in the board room it all came down to the girls and they were convincingly beaten. They only raised $2,381 and Team Unity raised $21,929.

The problem for the female team about raising money is my gender economics theory in that they don’t have the contacts either business or sport to raise the big bucks that is required in these sort of challenges.

Who do you think will be eliminated tonight?



1 Andrew N { 11.22.11 at 6:02 pm }

Hey Deni ~ We just heard from Mr Bouris ~ and he DOES want you as part of Yellow Brick Road Finance ~ ” Under It”!!!!
You talentless hack….
Congratulations ~ you have won the “Most Anally Retentive Spoilt Bitch” award…. !!