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The Beauty and The Geek Recap is coming

Sorry guys – I am trying to finish the post but I am having one of THOSE days which has included amongst other things a dead rat in the yard, and a cat puking. Everytime I sit down something happens, but I have not forgotten. Continue the conversation on another thread.


1 some random { 10.28.11 at 4:08 pm }

Cool, want to see what you reckon about gilly’s makeover. All the other recaps are written by guys who just skip over how hot he is… Also, what do you think about the preview for next week, what has Lachlan done that is soooo bad, apparently he did something that made sarah cry and Jordan get really mad at him…did he cheat do you think?

2 AJ { 10.28.11 at 5:48 pm }

Highly enjoyable episode, although stretched-out for no discerable reason.

I was glad to see Maddy leave. I don’t know what mystery illness she had, but it was pretty clear she had very low enthusiasm when it came to the challenges and interacting with Gilbert. Giselle seems like a much more enthusiastic participant.

I was also kind of glad to see Helen and Troy go. The female geek/male beauty idea was kind of interesting, but the challenges were either heavily weighted in their favour or near impossible for them – e.g. expecting Helen to “strip” for a room full of drunken, screaming, strangers. And after Gilbert’s makeover, they still have a male beauty in the house.

As for the make-overs, I don’t know why they had to make Julian a “skater boy”. Couldn’t they have just given him a regular make-over without making him look like a bad stereotype of a 12 year older skater? Bendy’s “bad boy” image was just as laughable, but since he comes across as completely fake anyway, I don’t really care how ridiculous they make him look – pre or post makeover.

3 seepi { 10.28.11 at 9:39 pm }

I thought those makeovers were ok. I mean JUlian and Bendy were never going to look amazing in jeans and a t shirt, so they had to do something a bit different.

Gilbert – I’m not sure how I feel. He still has the wierd dead fish gaze, but somehow it is far less noticable now…

Maddy – I want to know why she left?

4 par3182 { 10.28.11 at 10:02 pm }

Wow, Gilly – didn’t see that coming at all…but how did no-one in the house not notice his body during all the spa action in the early episodes? Well done, show, for that surprising reveal – although it did end up making Dolly look incredibly shallow.

5 some random { 10.28.11 at 10:36 pm }

She was what? Jordan and her both got jealous last ep on the dates, she was probably worried he is really hot and he will be getting a lot of attention, maybe she is scared that even a ‘geek’ could hurt her or cheat on her and that’s why she got jealous. Although the way she said it was a bit over the top…