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Reality Tidbits – Saturday night Edition

Hamish and Andy again deny they will be hosts of Big Brother. (Source: Herald Sun)

Michael Lohan who has been on Celebrity Apprentice and is Lindsay Lohan’s stuffed up father has been arrested after jumping off a balcony. He was arrested for domestic violence. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Kim Kardashian tweets Justin Beiber’s “number” to get votes for her brother on Dancing With The Stars. This stunt by her has made is actually rather clever and amusing. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Kim also admits her living situation with her new husband was not idea. (Source: People)

Australia’s Next Top Model runner up Liz Braithwaite has scored a modelling contract with G-Star Raw Australian Women’s Night. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Winner of ANTM Montana will head to New York in December. All three of the finalists have been signed to Chic Management. (Source: Herald Sun)

The Renovators will it or won’t it return to our screens in 2012. A decision has yet to be made. (Source: TV Tonight)

Steve Tyler from American Idol injured himself when he fell in a shower, he claims alcohol was not to blame. (Source:

Boston Rob from Survivor will tweet a sponsored message for $149.50, this is why I don’t follow a lot of celebrities. Who needs ads in their twitter streams. (Source: All Your TV)

Jackie O talks to the Daily Telegraph about work and motherhood.


1 Injera { 10.30.11 at 2:16 pm }

Ugh, really, Boston Rob? You need $150 that badly? Neil Gaiman tweeted this morning that he’d been offered money (I think it was in the realm of $14,000, but I’ll check) to tweet about a restaurant and he wished he was the kind of person who was able to say “yes” to that! Another reason to love Neil Gaiman, I reckon…

2 brain dead dave { 10.30.11 at 8:17 pm }

Kim Kardashian will be at the races at Flemington next Saturday, not known if she’s bringing her husband over here.