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The X Factor – Christina Parie Interview And Her And Reece Are Just Mates.

Christina Parie was the unlucky soul to be eliminated last week from The X Factor when her and Reece Mastin were a shock bottom two.

RR: Were you surprised when Natalie Bassingthwaite didn’t go to deadlock that she put the knife in basically sent you home?

CP: I was just thinking that if it went into deadlock how crazy and in love Reece’s fans are and how much they vote so I would have expected to go home either way.

RR: You play the piano, your obviously very talent, I did notice the couple of times you played the piano your vocals did slip a bit, did you notice that or did you think about that when you were considering whether to bring in an instrument?

CP: It think it did course a bit of a struggle thinking  because it is thinking about two things instead of being completely focused. I don’t know.

RR: Was it you that decided to play the piano? Or was it a group decision? Or did Mel B suggest it?

CP: Mel wanted to bring out the piano again, so we did. It was my last performance so it was good to have it out again.

RR: Well it definitely makes you more attractive to record companies in the long term, with you gone that means Mel B has no one to mentor does this reflect on her mentoring style?

CP: I don’t know, I don’t know what the public think, or whether they want boys or whether they didn’t like the way Mel was mentoring me or whether they didn’t like what I was doing. You don’t know what the public think.

RR: So what are you hoping for next? Are you going back to school? Or are you going to do a Jack Vidgen?

CP: I don’t want to go back to school, I just have to finish my exams, I want to start recording get an album and hopefully tour and stuff like that.

RR: What reality TV show would you go on, regardless of skill and please don’t say Teen Mom?

CP: I would like to go on something funny like Punk’d.

RR: I was wondering whether to ask this but I figure other people will are you and Reece a item?

CP: No we are just good mates,


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1 some random { 11.08.11 at 5:20 pm }

And please dont say teen mom haha