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Survivor South Pacific – The Boldest Move On Survivor Worked – Well Kind Of

Well the boldest or riskiest move on Survivor ever worked.

Ozzie’s move of getting himself sent to Redemption Island, beating Christine and hoping the merge occurred all occurred.

However the highlight of Redemption Island was Jeff Probst barely able to stop rolling his eyes whilst Ozzie gave a speech about how he was blindsided which had about the same level of acting skill as a scene from Bold and The Beautiful.

However once the teams Cochran was meant to be a double agent to find out what the other team was all about however he turned to the other tribe.

Coach thought he was the one who turned him giving him how victims will some how prevail, but Cochran had really done the numbers and knew he didn’t want to leave his fate on the show up to a rock draw if the votes came out even.

So the tribe was blindsided, and alpha male Keith was sent to Redemption Island.

So the geek prevailed over the jock, it must have felt good. However the tribe turned on Cochran in a major way, but he did do one right thing and gave the idol back to Ozzie before it all went down.

Here is Jeff Probst’s thoughts on the major plays in the episode, and here is an interview with Christine from Reality TV World, be wary of spoilers from other shows.


1 Calliegirl { 11.09.11 at 1:13 pm }

Thanks for finding the time to post on Survivor RR. I was stunned when Cochrane’s team started calling him a coward after he flipped – it was a brave thing to do. But of course they wouldn’t have seen that!

2 Fiona { 11.09.11 at 1:32 pm }

I think Cochrane made his move too early. He saw his chance and grabbed it, so now he is no. 7 of 7 where before he was no. 6 of 6 so he is no better off and he is a pariah now. He’d better hope that Coach’s group win some immunities or he will be gone soon.

I see why he did it and the Ossy & co didn’t really shore him up to stay on their side. Coach really laid it on thick though and flattered Cochrane about his intelligence etc and Brandon being all protective as if Cochrane was about to get beaten up was a bit sickening.

What’s with all the praying? Is the entire team really into their spiritual side or are they going along with Coach not to rock the boat? I kind of think God is a bit busy with greater matters than helping Brandon find an idol on a TV game show.

3 LolaLee { 11.09.11 at 10:46 pm }

Ozzy is p*ssing me off with his righteous game playing. I loved him last time around but he’s come back with an inflated ego. Thankfully Cochrane put a pin in it so hopefully reformed Ozzy will appear. Fiona – totally agree, Cochrane showed his hand too early. RR – great comment about Bold & The Beautiful, that ham acting was tragic!

4 Susan { 11.09.11 at 11:05 pm }

I knew I liked Dawn at the beginning for a reason – Cochrane should have listened to her and as you guys mentioned above, he played his hand too early.
The whole coward name calling was not cool, but to be honest something that I thought Jim would have been capable of (or Keith)- he seems a bit too cocky. I hope this doesnt turn into a huge bullying issue – and they nip it in the bud!
What happened with the whole Ozzy trying to infiltrate the other 6 strong, using his pathetic acting – obviously it was so bad the editing looked after that and the other 6 strong saw right through it – it was be embarrasing to watch indeed RR.
Loving this show – and was so careful not to get on any media sites today as I watched only this evening – hope they have a couple of double eps soon!

5 Chunks { 11.10.11 at 1:55 am }

I think Cochran has done his dash now but I was amazed at Brandon serving it up to Jim. This has been the most interesting Survivor in forever.

6 JStar { 11.10.11 at 10:30 am }

Highlight of the night definitely was Jeff suppressing his laughter at Redemption Island until the cameras stopped rolling. The most impressive of the night was Coach calling Cochran’s bluff. Coach never really had a social or strategic game when he played twice before. But with Cochran, he bonded with him with shared experiences and allegories of “Revenge of the Nerds” whilst simultaneously wedging Cochran in that tight spot of either flipping or drawing rocks as Coach told him that his tribe would not budge. Surprise of the night was Brandon acting all protective towards Cochran at the end of tribal council. (Is this the same Brandon that thought Mikayla was the Temptress of Sodom just by being young, single, and carrying firewood around camp? Cochran, with (new) friends like these, who needs enemies.) And ofcourse, most peculiarly off-putting moment of the night was seeing Coach, yet again, force/lead his team in yet another round of prayers.

Do I think Cochran is a coward as Jim put it? In terms of odds, I do think he is a coward. If Cochran did not flip at the re-vote, that meant only he and Jim would be eligible to draw rocks as opposed to Upolu who had five members who had to do so. Odds were in Cochran’s favour. BUT, in terms of gameplay and his social standing in his old tribe, Cochran did a very brave thing. He knew beforehand if he flipped he would be eaten alive. That’s why he was offered the Coach sandwich in terms of sleeping arrangements (presumably Cochran will be the toast between Edna and Coach that night). Still, he went along with it and we got an uncomfortable preview of the fallout from that vote for next week’s episode. The poor kid. Cochran, from his perspective, had to endure 18 days of being marginalised and treated poorly will now have to put up with open abuse for the next how many days he survives. Do I think he played his hand early? No. He really didn’t have much of a hand to play with to begin. Staying with his tribe meant he would be sixth as he was never going to muscle into the core alliance. Flipping may buy him some time to figure out the cracks in Upolu’s team (i.e. Edna and Brandon) and somehow work some magic with Dawn. It’s a longshot but at least for a student of the game, Cochran has some say towards his fate as opposed to leaving it to chance by drawing rocks.