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Celebrity Apprentice – Jason Coleman Intense or Unhinged?

Wow tonight was pretty tense with all the teams. I have to admit I think out of the exchanges I was on Team Julia and Team Jason? I mean this week Lisa Curry has been the clayton’s contestant, the contestant you have when you don’t have a contestant. She takes on the project managers role and then bales for the first day.  Where did Lisa Curry go? And we did not even see her in the previous two episodes.

The challenge was to present P&O cruise ship holidays to punters down at Darling Harbour. Lisa Curry took on the project manager role because she was an ambassador for them once, and I suspect she had to as she has not been PM before.

However due to her having to leave the challenge she was project managing over the phone. Jason gladly took over the role and made it his own. She was pissed when the next day she turned up and there was no palm trees or streamers. I think she had a point, but their billboard was clever and slick.

She was not happy with Jason taking over, but then wasn’t articulating what she wanted. Also to be fair to them they were in a dead zone at Darling Harbour, the other team had the better position outside IMAX.

Also five minutes of Shannon Noll was not going to bring the razzle back for them.

Meanwhile over on Team Ignite Julia was having to deal with a sulking Pauline Hanson, who was feeling she was not being listened to. She kept on saying she had been on three cruises and didn’t like how they were promoting the comedians on the cruise and they should be promoting fine dining.

Julia was taking what she said on board but was then discarding it. Julia was having a few Jasonesque moments by trying to make the promotion all about her, but in this case it was more appropriate.

Pauline was still sulking in the board room, and Julia arked up about being called aggressive. Jesinta just sat there letting the conversation go over her head. And they could all take a deep breathe when they were announced the winner and could leave the board room. At least Julia is honest when she said if she had been stuck in the board room she would have knifed them left, right and centre.

Anyway the battle was between Jason and Lisa. Shane again was a support player. Actually in all the challenges he has not really taken a leadership role.

But then how can he get a look in with Jason, who gave an academy award winning role when he head was on the chopping block. First he got upset when Lisa said he was setting her up. He also did the most amazing sychophantic act of telling Mr Bouris, Brad Seymour and Deborah Thomas that meeting them on that first day had been the most pivotal moment of his life. Also that when he had gotten home after he had met all the contestants he had looked in the mirror and wondered if he should be there.

Now he was either lying or completely unhinged. Maybe it was the lack of sleep. And then he gave his values and integrity speech.

It worked Lisa was fired, and she wept in the car that her integrity had been question. Did she think that Jason talking about values imply she had none of her own?

Who do you think should have been fired?



1 Georgie { 11.14.11 at 8:45 pm }

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