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Foxtel Has A Good Reality Line Up Over Summer

Thankfully pay TV doesn’t go into hiatus once the ratings are over so if you need some quality reality TV viewing over summer this is what you can expect.

Here is the information about the reality shows coming up from the press release:

Cricket Superstar – FOX8 Wed Jan 4 at 7.30pm Hosted by Lee Furlong, CRICKET SUPERSTAR is a competitive new sports-reality series following 15 up and coming young male cricketers as they battle it out to become Australia‟s “next big thing” on the cricket pitch. Judging the boys at every step is cricketing legend Allan Border, while former Australian test cricketer Graham Manou helps mentor the boys. The 10-part series is an offshoot of the successful FOOTBALL SUPERSTAR franchise. ran for three seasons on FOX8.

Wife Swap Australia – LifeStyle YOU Mon Jan 9 at 8.30pm Have you ever wondered whether the grass is greener on the other side of the fence? From moody teenagers and spoilt children to errant husbands and trophy wives, this series gives a whole new meaning to domestic bliss and lifts the lid on what it means to be Australian in the 21st century. WIFE SWAP AUSTRALIA is a reality show unlike any other, where the battlegrounds are the kitchens and living rooms, child-rearing is a subject of intense and heated debate, and the outcome isn‟t a cash prize, but a couple‟s opportunity to re-discover why they love each other and decided to marry in the first place. With its mirror on Australian domestic lives, this series sees sparks fly as two wives from radically different families swap places for a week. It‟s not just the wives that need to get used to a new family, but the husbands and children are given a wake-up call too as they have to adapt to new house routines.

Bargain Hunt Australia – The LifeStyle Channel Mon Dec 5 at 7.30pm For the first time in its 11 year run the Bargain Hunt team travel to Australia to test out our eye for a bargain exclusively for The LifeStyle Channel. Combining all the excitement of competition, the fun of shopping for a bargain, the fascination of antiques and the drama of an auction, BARGAIN HUNT AUSTRALIA celebrates the history of Australia and examines the antiques that are in the country and their origins. Over five nights, two teams of two contestants – the Red team and the Blue team – are each handed a budget and let loose at an antiques fair. They have just one hour to trawl the stalls for items that they hope to sell later for a higher price. Each team is assigned an antiques expert to advise and tell them about the items which catch their eye. The BARGAIN HUNT AUSTRALIA team includes effervescent host Tim Wonnacott and two of his trusty antiques experts, David Barby and Paul Laidlaw.

11 Kids And Wanting More – LifeStyle YOU Thu Dec 8 at 9.30pm This new, locally produced special follows the incredible story of Australia’s most extraordinary family – Darren and Dale Chalk, who have 11 kids under the age of eight. They‟re the only couple in the world known to have conceived two sets of quads back-to-back.

The Aussie Way Up – Nat Geo Adventure Sun Jan 15 at 8.30pm 15,000 kilometres from Tasmania to Darwin and no petrol stations! When not hunting for recycled oils to power the next leg of the journey, these four Aussie boys – Justin the DJ, Oscar the banker, Chuck the welder and Bob the engineer – look at people and businesses that are moving in leaps and bounds toward a more sustainable, cooler future.

American Idol S11 – FOX8 Wed Jan 25 at 7.30pm Reality juggernaut AMERICAN IDOL will be back for an eleventh series this summer! Airing straight off the satellite on the same day as the US broadcast, the series will kick off in January.

The Stafford Brothers S2 – FOX8 Fri Jan 27 at 8.30pm After a successful first series, Australia‟s most unique dance music DJs – Matt and Chris Stafford – are back for another global tour filled with pumping music, exotic locations, pulsing crowds and glamorous parties.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills S2 – Arena Tue Dec 13 at 8.30pm THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS returns for a second season of glitz, glamour and high drama. All six original and over-the-top housewives are back including some unofficial housewives Brandi Glanville and Dana Wilkey.

Kourtney & Kim Take New York S2 – E! Entertainment Tue Jan 3 at 9.30pm The antics continue as the Kardashian sisters return. Kourtney and Kim return to the Big Apple, along with their men, and with both couples living under one roof, New York will never be the same.

Big Fat Gypsy Christmas – LifeStyle YOU Mon Dec 19 at 8.30pm Following the enormous and unrivalled success of the captivating five-part series, Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, LifeStyle YOU now offers a look into how the gypsy and travelling communities prepare for the biggest event on the Christian calendar; Christmas.

Christmas Lights Spectacular – The LifeStyle Channel Sun Dec 4 at 7.30pm Matthew Hayden takes us on an amazing Christmas journey to find Australia‟s most spectacular Christmas street lights. Throughout this 90-minute special event, Matthew will be helping one Aussie street achieve its ambition to become one of the best Christmas street light displays in the country.


1 sue { 11.12.11 at 8:36 am }

seeing as you have the contacts :), will we be seeing ANTM on Foxtel at all ???? :)

2 Lebay { 11.12.11 at 11:29 am }

a family I know was filmed for wife swap, I can’t wait to see how it goes. According to the kids, the new mum fit in quite well and the producers had to really try to stir up trouble.

3 Dakota { 11.14.11 at 10:22 am }

Hi Guys, do we know what’s happened to Come Dine With Me Australia? Normally there’s been two seasons a year but we haven’t had the 2nd one yet have we? Do we know when its due back? Love that show – wish they did more than 20 eps!

4 tam { 11.24.11 at 5:21 pm }

Does anyone else think it’s really odd Graham Manou is involved in Cricket Superstar given what an average player he was?

5 Manouki { 12.23.11 at 3:06 am }

hey tam, don’t you think its really odd that you never played for Australia??? I mean honestly I never saw you run out with a baggy green ya fukin idiot. He’s my 1st cousin and deservingly he played games for Australia, great bloke too so fuk off!!!

6 Reality Raver { 12.23.11 at 8:14 am }

Sue – Yes ANTM will be back.

Dakota – I don’t think Come Dine with me Australia is on in the near future.