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Celebrity Apprentice – Jason Coleman Must Be Please Deni Hines Was Back

Deni HInes was back and she was not redeeming herself, however the good new was we got to hear her sing. She  kept on going on about how well she sings, and that they are not paying her enough for her singing the lines, how she was so creative and that she never sings out of of tune.

So she gets in the studio and tanks. In fact I wonder if they needed to use autotune.

It was the final challenge and the four remaining celebrities were split into two teams, Julia and Jason versus Jesinta and Shane.

The challenge was to promote Yellow Brick Road, via an advertisement, posters and an event. The winner is to bethe person Mark Bouris picks out of the winning team. Apparently they have shot four endings so the winner could not leak out.

However, Julia Morris deserves to win Celebrity Apprentice just because of the strategy she used in picking her team. She realised the other team wouldn’t want Max so she picked Polly first, and so they were left with Max. Though she has to lose some points for not booking the film crew.

Just in case you missed it for the 100th time they told us on screen tonight, Jesinta and Didier are an item, seriously it started getting tedious and repetitive.

First was the brainstorming session with the advertising guys at Naked. Julia and Jason’s team did not shut up, not helped by Max who seems to think he is a marketing genius. The only person who appeared not to be contributing was Polly who used to work in marketing.

However in the other room the advertising guru was driving the conversation as no one appeared to be coming up with anything.

Then it was off to shoot the commercial, and Julia and Jason did not read their brief properly as they had to ring the film crew. Once they realised they had forgotten their location was not conducive for a speedy arrival.

On the other hand Deni and Shane were playing a married couple in love. This was clearly stretching Shane’s acting skills.

Also it is hard working with someone who is a diva, whoops I meant who is creative.

Deni flipped out when Jesinta came back with a white baby doll. Shane tried to placate her by saying it was half his, but this did not help.

Newsflash Deni there are probably no mulatto dolls in Australia. Then it was off to the studios for Jesinta and Deni where there was tension between the pair. I think Jesinta has a strong skill set for a 20 year old, but she should have not engaged with her as the conversation was going nowhere.

Once back with the other team mates they queried the sound of the ad. Deni protested and said if you had heard Single Ladies by Beyonce in its earliest form……

Didier Cohen who was clearly exasperated with her said to camera”We’re not creating a soul record, we are creating a 5 second jingle”.

Back to the other team and did you know Jason was not just a triple threat but a quadruple threat? He can dance, choreograph, stage huge $10 million live events in former communist republics, and he also does commercials.

However he does have more insight into his voice then Deni does. “I think I sound gay……I think I sound like me.” so he decided to get a voice over guy in to do the advertisement.

He inflicted Max on Julia Morris for the day, as he was irritating Jason with his perpetual talking and ADHD activity. The problem with Max he is not even that funny.

However Jason did say he preferred having Max on his team to Deni. However even though Jason was overshadowed by Deni in this episode he still was being a bit of a control freak. Bitching about some of the shots from the commercial. “If I had been there I would have got the shot”. Though he did have a point about the guy in the wetsuit in the bathroom whilst Julia was in the bath, badly edited and it could look creepy.

Also he said the photography guys had left a house out of the posters and he wasn’t real happy.

Back at the other camp after Deni had another dummy spit, Jesinta went and talked to her with no success, and she concluded “She can dish it, but she can’t take it”.

You have to wonder how much Deni Hines has ruined her brand over this. However she may not have had one to begin with.

Who do you want to win Celebrity Apprentice?


1 Georgie { 11.18.11 at 10:54 am }

Sad but true smauge – poetic licence for rhyming purposes only.

You never know, maybe he’ll read some of the feedback from his ‘performances’ on this and other sites/media. Goodness knows there’s a lot of people trying to enlighten him.

2 jord { 11.18.11 at 10:04 pm }

Go Team Shane!!

3 Georgie { 11.19.11 at 9:47 am }

I found Deni’s baby and it looks just like it’s mother right down to the teeth.

4 smauge { 11.19.11 at 12:31 pm }

Well it’s certainly the right colour. Does the back-stabbing come with, or is that sold separately?

5 Georgie { 11.19.11 at 12:59 pm }

No I think the knife is included. Also it’s so dark my guess is Shane had nothing to do with it.

6 littlepetal { 11.19.11 at 3:34 pm }

So Georgie, I wonder who is the father?

7 Georgie { 11.19.11 at 9:27 pm }

Darth Vader has been seen in town flashing his lightsaber – we can be assured it’s something without principles anyway.

8 Helen Robinett { 11.21.11 at 4:38 pm }

Deni is not all bad. she’s singing for our fundraising event at the Park Hyatt for Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Melbourne. Pretty good I reckon! This gal’s heart is in the right place for sure.

9 littlepetal { 11.21.11 at 5:12 pm }

Good on her for singing at the event. But is it a paid performance or a free performance?

10 Georgie { 11.21.11 at 5:25 pm }

Whatever you do Helen, don’t ask her to write and sing a jingle.

11 Helen Robinett { 11.21.11 at 5:44 pm }

oh we only need her to sing and entertain! no chicken, no jingles, no coddswallap!

12 smauge { 11.22.11 at 7:43 am }

I remain unconvinced Helen, and I’d be interested to hear about your experience after the event. I’ve heard that even for charity events that she acts like a complete diva. And as CA was all for charity, I think we got a preview for what you are in for. I wouldn’t hire her if she was paying me.